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4 Tools To Help Streamline Your Podcast Production Process

Optimize podcast production! Explore our guide for effective tools you can use to streamline your podcasting worfkflow.
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
Last Updated:
March 5, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

There is a lot that goes into recording your podcast beyond just recording. From the scheduling, emailing, and researching required for pre-production to the editing, writing, and promoting needed for post-production, there are a ton of tasks that you need to complete before you press publish. 

Here, you’ll find a few time-saving tools to help you streamline the process. So you can go from planning to publishing easier and more efficiently.


Zapier is all about automating your tasks and allows you to set triggers to initiate any of those tasks. For example, you can set a trigger once you post any new episode to your RSS feed. You can use this to automatically share new episodes and videos to YouTube, and create social posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X. 

Try using Zapier to perform tasks like automatically sharing your podcast episodes and new videos to YouTube. You can also customize how your new episodes will appear on different social media platforms, as well as pull information such as the title of your episode or description, and have this content automatically added to each of your posts.

Shortcuts by Apple

Shortcuts are available on iPhones, iPads, or Mac products. And while Shortcuts might be easy to overlook as it comes pre-downloaded into your Mac devices, there’s a lot of power packed into this app for podcasters. 

You can create a Shortcut for any action you’d like to perform on your Mac. For example, you can create a new Shortcut so that any time you open up your Riverside studio, the Notes app on your computer will automatically open for easy note-taking. You can even use Shortcuts to format show notes for every new episode.


You can leverage ChatGPT in a ton of ways to make your podcasting process a lot easier. For example, you can take your AI-generated transcript that comes with any of your Riverside recordings and use that to prompt ChatGPT to generate episode titles, show notes, episode descriptions and more. 

But even before you begin your recording, there are plenty of ways to incorporate ChatGPT’s AI into your process. Try asking the AI platform for ideas for upcoming episodes, interview questions, guest research or even strategies to promote future episodes. 


Riverside has a few tools built right in to save creators time and effort in the post-production process. Edit out the time it takes you to identify and create social media clips to promote your show, and instead, try out Magic Clips, which uses AI to pick out any episode’s most engaging moments. Tools like Magic Episodes help build a full episode in one click, and Remove Silences allows creators to remove any long silences to create cleaner recordings. And there are many more updates coming up to streamline the entire editing process. 

Want more tips on streamlining your production workflow? Watch our webinar below:

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