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How to Video Record Yourself Presenting a PowerPoint

Learn how to record a PowerPoint presentation with video and audio in high quality! Perfect for keynote speakers, webinars, and executive interviews.
Kendall Breitman
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Last Updated:
February 29, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Are you trying to figure out how to record a video of your PowerPoint presentation? 

Though it might seem complicated to figure out, it’s not so difficult to record the audio and video of your presentations. All you need is the right tools, and to follow a few simple steps which we’ll outline for you in this guide. 

We'll explain how to craft a memorable PowerPoint presentation, how to turn your PowerPoint slides into a video, and how to record a PowerPoint presentation in HD.

What is a PowerPoint Presentation?

A PowerPoint presentation is a series of slides used to organize and share information. Microsoft’s PowerPoint program for Windows comes with a variety of customization options for creating a presentation. In addition to text, you can place images, tables, charts, videos, links, and other types of content in your PowerPoint presentation to really make it pop. The program has easy-to-use features and provides templates so you can create a professional-looking presentation even if you aren’t the most tech-savvy person. 

How Are PowerPoint Presentations Used? 

If you have to present a business proposal, report on your business budget, or complete a book report, create a Powerpoint presentation. Some of the most common uses for PowerPoint presentation include: 

  • Creating a digital portfolio 
  • Constructing guides and tutorials
  • Organizing a visual lecture 
  • Sharing vacation photos 
  • Sales presentations 
  • Creating videos 

How to Get Microsoft PowerPoint For Free

You’ll have to purchase Microsoft’s suite of products or subscribe to Microsoft 365 if you want access to the full version of PowerPoint. But if you only need to create a basic presentation, there’s a free web version available. 

Follow these steps to get Microsoft PowerPoint for free: 

Step 1: Go to and sign up for an account or log in to your Microsoft account if you already have one.

Step 2: At the top of the screen, select the Excel program 

Step 3: Create a PowerPoint and save your work on OneDrive 

How To Record A PowerPoint Presentation

After you’ve gotten the basics of PowerPoint figured out and you’ve created your slides, you’ll need to learn how to record your presentation. We’ll teach you how to record a presentation on PowerPoint and how to use video recording software to capture both you and your presentation at the same time. 

How To Record A PowerPoint Presentation With Audio and Video

Learning how to record a PowerPoint presentation with video and audio will set you apart from your coworkers and classmates and add a level of professionalism to your work. Use our step-by-step guide to record a presentation with the PowerPoint program. 

Step 1: Prepare Your PowerPoint Slides and Talking Points

Before you record your presentation, make sure your slides are organized correctly and are error-free. The function of your PowerPoint presentation is to act as a visual aid for the information you’re presenting, not to present all your information for you. Don’t put too much info on your slides so you won’t be tempted to read directly from them. 

Step 2: Select Your Audio and Video Sources

You can record video, audio, or just your slide show directly within the Microsoft PowerPoint program. After you’ve opened PowerPoint, select “Recording” from the top navigation bar. This will open a new navigation bar with the options of “Record Slide Show” and “Screen Recording”.

If you just want to record your slideshow without added audio or video, you would select “Record Slide Show”. Choosing “Screen Recording” will let you capture your slideshow while at the same time recording audio from your computer and any video on your computer screen.

Step 3: Open Your PowerPoint Slides and Capture the Screen

Choose “Screen Recording” and you’ll be given the opportunity to select the area on your screen you want to capture. Adjust the red box to fit your Powerpoint presentation. Once you have the box where you want it, you’re ready to record! 

Step 4: Press Record And Start Presenting

Make sure the “Audio” button appears gray before you hit the record button. Once you hit record, you’ll begin capturing everything in the area you’ve selected and any audio picked up by your computer’s mic. 

If you prefer, you can skip recording audio during this step and add it later. Use the “Audio” option from the PowerPoint navigation if you’re trying to find out how to record PowerPoint presentations with audio you’ve already recorded.

How Do I Video Myself and Use a PowerPoint at the Same Time?

The best way to record yourself and a PowerPoint at the same time is with video recording software. You can do this with PowerPoint’s screen recording feature, however, recording software will provide much better quality and professional polish. Keep reading to learn how to video record yourself presenting a PowerPoint presentation using video recording software.  

Use Riverside to Record Your PowerPoint Presentation

Riverside is our top choice for video recording software. It’s easy to use, and it’ll take you no time at all to figure out how to record a PowerPoint presentation. What sets this platform apart from others is the wide range of features available and the quality of the audio and video you can record. 

These Riverside features are a huge help when you’re learning how to record a PowerPoint presentation with video and audio that’s high quality:

Local Recording 

Riverside records locally and simultaneously uploads your audio and video. This produces better quality files and allows you to record comfortably without having to rely on the strength of your internet connection. You also won’t have to worry about losing any part of your recording if you get disconnected or experience technical difficulties. 

Quality Recording and Affordability 

Quality and affordability go hand-in-hand when you choose Riverside for your recording needs. You don’t have to pay a lot to get HD video recording capabilities. You can record 4k studio-quality video using Riverside with just a few clicks. 

Text-Based Editor Tool 

Riverside's Editor tool has automated editing features to improve the quality of your recording. You can edit your recordings, by simply editing an Ai transcription. It's as easy as deleting text to remove unwanted parts in your actual recording. You can also use our automated tools to edit out distracting background noises and adjust volume levels with a couple of clicks - no technical knowledge or experience required. 

Separate Tracks

With Riverside you can download separate audio and video tracks, but also a separate track of your screenshare recording. This means that you recieve a track just for your presentation, and you'll have more control to edit and repurpose your recordings as you want.

For all these benefits and more, start recording with Riverside.
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How to Video Record Your Screen in HD

Do you want your presentation to look really professional and stand out from the crowd? You can vastly improve the quality of your recording when you know how to video record yourself presenting a PowerPoint presentation in HD. You can’t achieve this high-quality recording through PowerPoint, so you’ll have to use video recording software. 

Riverside HD Screen Sharing and Recording 

Use Riverside’s HD screen sharing and recording features to capture your PowerPoint presentation in high definition. Host your presentation and invite guests to watch and interact with you live all directly in your browser. Viewers will see you and anything displayed on your computer screen, all in HD.

Other Options to Record Yourself Presenting a PowerPoint

Though Riverside is a clear standout for recording PowerPoint presentations, you can find other video recording alternatives. We’ve outlined how to use some other video recording programs to record yourself presenting a PowerPoint. 

OBS Studio to Video Record PowerPoint Presentation

Record a PowerPoint presentation in OBS Studio by taking the following steps: 

Step 1: Open your presentation in PowerPoint.

Step 2: Open OBS Studio and click the + icon to add a source.

Step 3: Select Display capture to record your desktop 

Step 4: Click the Controls Box and then select Settings. 

Step 5: Under Output, select your recording path and recording format.

Step 6: Under Audio, choose the audio device you’re using to record. 

Step 7: Start Recording!

Bandicam to Video Record PowerPoint Slides Presentation

You can record a PowerPoint in Bandicam in Screen Recording mode following these instructions: 

Step 1: Open Bandicam and select Fullscreen mode. 

Step 2: Open PowerPoint and start your presentation.

Step 3: Click the REC button to start and stop your recording. 

Step 4: Choose Home from the left navigation bar to play, edit, and upload your captured videos. 

How to Turn Your PowerPoint Presentation Slides Into a Video

After you’ve created a PowerPoint presentation, you can save it as a video that can be shared with others. Here’s how to record a PowerPoint presentation and then turn it into a video: 

Step 1: Choose File from the PowerPoint navigation, then Export, and then Create a video.

Step 2: Pick the quality of the video you’re going to export. 

Step 3: Select whether or not you want to use recording timings and narrations in your video. 

Step 4: Choose the amount of time you want each slide in your video to display in the “Seconds spent on each slide” box. 

Step 5: Click Create Video and then enter a name for your video and choose where you want to save it. 

Step 6: Click Save. 

It will take PowerPoint a little time to create your video. The progress of your video creation will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Pro Tips for Making Better Video PowerPoint Presentations

Knowing how to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio and video won’t get you far if your content isn’t put together well. These five tips will help you create a PowerPoint presentation that is informative and impactful. 

1. Make it Short, Sweet, and Concise

Keep your audience interested and your presentation focused by making your content brief but at the same time comprehensive. It’s okay to have a lot of ideas and many slides when creating your presentation but edit it down to focus on your narrative or key points. If you’re unorganized or present too much information, your audience will become disengaged. 

2. Don't Add Too Much Text to the Slides

It’s up to you to deliver the information to your audience and keep them interested. Avoid reading directly from your slides when presenting. Instead, use text to enhance your presentation. Your slides can have some information in bullet point or list format but avoid large blocks of text. 

3. Get to the Point Upfront

You want your audience to listen to what you’re saying. Format your presentation so you get to the point as quickly as possible. Once your audience understands where you’re going, they’ll join you for the journey. All of the information in your presentation will be easier to digest and understand for a listener who understands why it’s being presented. 

4. Make It Engaging (And Humorous if Possible)

Don’t forget to have a little fun with your presentation, your audience will appreciate it! PowerPoint is full of features you can use to make your slides humorous and engaging. Add photos, gifs, videos, charts, graphs, and more to present your information in an engaging way. Since you can embed videos from online sources, why not add a funny (and relevant!) clip from YouTube to make an impression on your listeners? 

5. Have a Memorable Ending

The best way to leave a lasting impression is to end your PowerPoint presentation in a memorable way. This can be achieved in a variety of ways that include: adding a famous quote that relates to your content, telling a joke, or sharing a video or image that encompasses the main points of your presentation. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your presentation stands out in a good way. 

How to Broadcast Your Presentation to Remote Audiences

You can also broadcast your presentation live to remote audiences with the right video recording software. Popular with content creators who regularly use live streaming, this feature of some video recording platforms is also useful for sharing presentations with remote audiences. 

Riverside Remote Broadcasting Features

Riverside’s remote recording platform is full of features that make it simple for you to present a PowerPoint presentation remotely. You can be online and present in just a couple of minutes. These are just a few of the reasons we love Riverside for broadcasting to remote audiences: 

A) Stream Across Multiple Platforms

While you’re recording your presentation, you can Livestream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn simultaneously! Reach your audience no matter where they’re watching from. 

B) Easily Connect With Your Audience 

You can easily invite guests to view your broadcast using Riverside. You can invite up to eight guests to view your presentation from their browser with just one click! Your guests don’t need any technical knowledge to access your broadcast. 

C) Engage Directly With Your Audience 

The Audience Link feature lets you share your recording live with anyone and provides them with the ability to call in and interact with you during your presentation. This feature works great if your broadcast relies on audience participation. 

Get Started Creating and Recording High-Quality PowerPoint Presentations 

Composing engaging and informative PowerPoint presentations takes time, practice, and some finesse. However, learning how to video record yourself presenting a PowerPoint presentation is simple. All you need is the right video recording software. Riverside offers a great option for recording PowerPoint presentations. It comes with many recording and editing features not available in the Microsoft PowerPoint program. Choose the right video recording software to enhance your presentations and add another level of professionalism. 

Start recording presentations professionally. Sign up to Riverside!

How to Video Record Yourself Presenting a PowerPoint Presentation FAQ:

Still unclear on how to record a powerpoint presentation with audio and video? Our FAQ section will provide some clarity! 

Can You Add a Video of Yourself to PowerPoint?

Yes, you can add a video that’s already recorded and saved on your computer or a video that you’ve uploaded online. 

To add a video from your computer, select “Insert”, then “Video”, and finally “This Device”. Locate your saved video and then select it. 

To add a video that’s online, select  Insert, then “Video”, choose “Online Video”, and then enter the embed code from YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Stream, or Flipgrid. Embed codes from other platforms are not supported at this time. 

How do you record a video of yourself while presenting a PowerPoint?

If you want to record yourself while recording your PowerPoint presentation at the same time, it might be best to use dedicated software to do this. For example, with Riverside, you can record yourself presenting your PowerPoint live with the following steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint and set up your presentation.
  2. Open a Riverside studio.
  3. Start a screen share and choose to capture the PowerPoint window tab.
  4. Start Recording your face and your Powerpoint presentation simultaneously.
  5. Stop recording and wait for your files to upload. 
  6. Download separate tracks of yourself and your PowerPoint presentation or merge them into one seamless video.

How Do You Record Audio on PowerPoint?

You can record audio on PowerPoint by first selecting “Recording” from the navigation bar. From here, select “Audio” and then choose “Record Sound”. You can also record audio and your screen at the same time by choosing “Screen Recording” instead of “Audio”. If you choose to record audio this way, just be sure the “Audio” button at the top of the screen is grayed out before you hit “Record”. 

What Are Alternatives to PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has been around for decades and though it may be the program most people are familiar with, it has spawned many alternatives you can use to create a presentation in slideshow format. Some of the top free PowerPoint alternatives include Google Slides, Canva, Prezi, Visme, and WPS Office. 

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