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10 Podcast Technology Companies Impacting the Industry Today

Find out what podcast technology companies are innovating the industry as we know it. We share 10 impactful podcast companies to check out!
Abel Grunfeld
Head of Marketing
Last Updated:
December 4, 2022
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Ortal Hadad

Whether you’re actively involved in the industry or not, it’s pretty clear that podcasting has exploded in recent years. The numbers don’t lie: in 2021, there were 383.7 million podcast listeners worldwide (expected to rise to 424.2 million this year), and 62% of Americans said they have listened to a podcast at least once in their lives. The momentum in the space comes not only from listener demand but from the continued innovation of podcast technology companies that are changing the way podcasts are made, managed, monetized, and enjoyed. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at the 10 podcast tech companies that are making their unique mark in the podcasting industry. 


  • Podcast technology companies refer to businesses building podcast-specific products, platforms and tools. 
  • The podcasting industry grows year on year and is only getting bigger. Podcast tech companies are a big part of that momentum. 
  • Riverside changed the face of remote podcasting with its innovate browser-based recording studio. 

What is a podcasting company?

The term ‘podcasting company’could refer to companies that specialize in producing podcasts on behalf of other business, that have their own podcasting network, or that create products and tools geared towards podcasters. 

In this article, we’ll be focussing on podcasting technology companies that have launched a specific podcasting product or businesses and platforms that are actively shaping the podcasting sector. 

What do podcast technology companies do?

Podcast technology companies develop tools, products and platforms that support or optimize any part of the podcasting process. For example, a podcast production software is focussed on the actual production of podcasts, whilst a podcast host or monetization tool looks at podcasts post-publication. 

Why are podcast technology companies important?

Podcast technology companies are important because they’re responsible for bringing podcasters’ creative visions to life, optimizing their experience, and making their lives easier. Platforms like Riverside are helping podcasters achieve their goals, exceed their expectations, and continue scaling their ambitions for their podcasts. 

Though podcasters drive the industry forward, podcast tech companies are responsible for answering creators’ needs, demands, and even changing the way they do things for the better. 

10 Podcast Technology Companies changing the industry

Though there are many companies out there making (sound) waves in the podcasting space, here’s a list of 10 companies we think are making a big difference: 


Riverside podcast technology company

What is Riverside? 

Riverside is a browser and app-based podcast production platform which makes it possible to record audio and video in studio-quality with remote guests anywhere and any time. Think of it like your high-powered online recording studio.

Riverside’s key features

To understand how Riverside changed podcasting, you need to know a bit about its key features: 

  • Local recording. Record video and audio directly on yours’ and your remote participants’ devices without worrying about internet connection affecting resolution. 
  • Studio-quality recording. Riverside defaults to HD recording, capturing audio into up to 48kHz WAV format and video in up to 4K quality. 
  • Automatic multitrack recording. Riverside automatically captures every participant, including screenshares and other media, on a separate track to give you the control you deserve in post-production. 
  • Browser based. No need to download a desktop app to start using Riverside. Access your account from any browser. 
  • Mobile app. Download Riverside’s iOS or Android mobile app to get recording on the go. 
  • Remote guests. Record with up to 7 remote participants anywhere in the world. 
  • Live streaming. Live stream direct to all major platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) directly from Riverside. 
  • Text-based video and audio editor. An in-platform editor tool that helps you get your pdocast ready for publication and posting quickly. 
  • Audio transcriptions. Automatic transcriptions that make your content as accessible, repurposable and SEO friendly as it should be. 

How Riverside has contributed to podcasting: 

Riverside took the podcasting world by storm with its high-powered remote podcasting platform. The ability to not only record with remote guests, but to record in studio-quality straight from your browser (and now your mobile) was unlike anything else on the market. And since the platform is available to use for free or via high-tier affordable paid plans, Riverside is accessible to any and all podcasters who want to try their hand. 

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Podchaser podcast technology company

What is podchaser? 

Podchaser is essentially a really in-depth podcast directory that helps both listeners and creators discover and connect with new content. According to Podchaser itself, it’s the most accurate and extensive podcast database around, somewhat of an ‘IMDB for podcasts’. 

How has podchaser changed podcasting? 

Podchaser gives creators in-depth insights and invaluable exposure and discoverability. With its serious focus on podcasts, it’s all about helping podcasts reach their target audience, and supporting listeners in finding new content that they like in intuitive ways that are unique to the platform. 


What is iHeartMedia? 

Though perhaps not as well known, iHeartMedia is a big name in podcasting. It’s a listening platform that calls itself the number 1 podcast publisher with 455,411,000 monthly downloads, a quarter of a billion monthly listeners, and more reach than any other media company in the US. Not only is it a place for listening, but it’s also heavily involved in the production of big-brand podcasts. It’s unique link to radio broadcasting makes it a big bridge between live and pre-recorded audio. 

How has iHeartMedia contributed to podcasting? 

Its solid contribution to the podcasting world make iHeartMedia a big influence. And it’s not done yet, according to Forbes, iHeartMedia is planning on taking podcasts into the meta world

Apple Podcasts 

Apple podcasts company

What is Apple Podcasts? 

Apple podcasts is Apple’s app that’s dedicated to podcasts. As one of the most popular platforms for tuning into podcasts - with more than 2.4 million in the catalog right now - it has a lot of sway in the podcasting industry at large. 

How does Apple Podcasts impact the industry? 

By virtue of being one of the most popular listening platforms, a podcast’s success on the app can make or break its scalability and future. This means that Apple Podcasts’ ranking algorithm is of huge importance to podcasters looking to hit it big with their show. Plus, as Apple introduces new features such as subscriptions, they change what podcasters are able to do with their content. 

Spotify & Anchor 

Spotify podcast technology company

What is Spotify? 

Spotify is perhaps better known as a music streaming platform and app, but it’s also become a destination for podcast listeners and creators alike. In March of this year, Spotify said they have around 3.6 million podcasts on their platform and counting, so it’s another big platform for podcasters to keep in mind. But to understand Spotify’s full influence on the podcasting industry, we need to take a look at its free podcasting platform, Anchor.  

What is Anchor? 

Anchor is Spotify’s free podcasting platform that helps podcasters create, distribute, and monetize their show. Intended as a one-stop-shop for podcasters, you can record, edit and upload your show directly from Anchor. Since it’s free to use (with unlimited hosting), it’s also taking big steps to open up to creators on a budget compared to competitors. Critically, the fact that it offers sponsorships or the option to monetize through subscriptions means that it’s an effective tool for beginner podcasters to start scaling up. 

How has Spotify changed podcasting? 

Though Spotify isn’t completely podcast-oriented, we had to mention it because of how much influence its gained over the space. In recent years, the platform has invested up to $500 million in podcasting with its recent acquisitions of Chartable, Podsights, and Gimlet. In addition, its recent partnership with Facebook to integrate within the social media platform to allow users to listen and share podcasts and music, show that the tech company has its sights set on playing a big role in the podcasting space. 

Plus, with Anchor innovating the creation to publication to management pipeline, Spotify is tightening its hold over the whole podcasting process. 


Tiktok company

What is TikTok? 

TikTok is a social media app based on short-form video creation and sharing that’s taken the world by storm in recent years. 

TikTok & Podcasting? 

You’re probably wondering why TikTok has made it onto the list when it’s a short-form video-based app. However, it’s recently emerged that TikTok is preparing to launch a podcast app, which would make huge waves in the podcasting world for sure - especially given TikTok’s huge worldwide audience.


Youtube podcast page

What is YouTube? 

YouTube is a free platform that allows users to create and share videos about anything and everything. You can find everything from video podcasts to music videos to lifestyle vlogs on the platform. It also acts as a sort of social media platform through the community-based features such as free subscriptions and the ability to join livestreams, and comment, like and share videos. 

YouTube & Podcasting? 

Again, the link between a video-based platform and the podcasting world may be unclear. But let us explain. Something which may surprise you is that YouTube has, in fact, become the most popular platform for podcasts without really intending to.

Having noticed this success, the platform is now making concerted efforts to support its podcaster community by recently announcing the launch of a dedicated podcasting homepage (currently only available in the US). YouTube also recently hired a dedicated podcast executive who will be tasked with developing their podcast-centric features and announced it would offer eligible podcasters grants to create and publish video podcasts. It’s clear that YouTube is going to continue expanding into the podcasting world and take control of its influence in the space.  


Transistor podcast hosting company

What is Transistor? 

Transistor is a podcast host that enables podcasters to distribute to the major listening platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. It’s well-rated amongst creators in the space and offers podcasters a number of features intended to make their lives easier. 

Some of its key features include: 

  • A built-in website for your podcasts. 
  • Unlimited number of podcasts. 
  • Automatic distribution. 
  • Embeddable media player. 
  • Detailed podcast analytics. 

How has Transistor changed podcasting? 

Transistor is a high-powered podcast host that is changing the face of podcast hosting. With its wide range of features and sleek interface, it’s making it easier than ever to get a podcast up and running. Currently the platform hosts 20,199 shows and counting. 


Castos podcast technology company

What is Castos? 

Castos is another podcast hosting platform which offers a full range of features to creators aimed at making podcasting a seamless and enjoyable experience. For one monthly subscription fee, you can post as much or as little as you want to. Here’s a quick look at Castos’ main features: 

  • Unlimited hosting 
  • Private podcasts (subscriber limit depends on subscription plan) 
  • Listener donations 
  • Wordpress plugin 
  • Podcast insights and analytics 
  • Automated YouTube republishing 
  • Podcast transcriptions 
  • Customizable podcast website 

How has Castos changed podcasting? 

Again, similar to Transistor, Castos is opening up the world of podcasting by offering more than just hosting, but a podcast management tool. With Castos, podcasters can not only upload their podcasts, but activate it and draw as much value as possible from it. And since the service only costs $19 a month, it’s open to everyone from amateur podcasters up to invested professionals. 


Captivate technology company

What is Captivate? 

Captivate is a podcast host that aims to ‘give you the freedom and flexibility to make podcasting yours.’ You can not only host your podcast with them, but manage and monetize it. Here’s a brief summary of its key features: 

  • Automatic distribution. 
  • Transcription. 
  • In-built marketing suite. 
  • Simple podcast website. 
  • Captivate Growth Labs (podcasting resources and tips) 
  • Unlimited podcasts and storage 
  • Collaborative working & team members 

How has Captivate changed podcasting? 

Affordable podcast hosts that come loaded with additional features are invaluable to all podcasters. Since a podcast host is essential for publishing your podcast to any major directory, having access to one like Captivate that is not only budget-friendly but totally geared towards podcasters needs cannot be underestimated.  

FAQs on Podcast Technology Companies

What is the biggest platform for podcasts?

It depends on what type of platform you’re talking about. In terms of where listeners access their favorite content, a recent report found that YouTube is now the most popular podcast platform in the world, with 78% of all Americans that listen to podcasts heading to YouTube to find their favorites. 

What is the best podcast company?

As we touched on earlier, the term ‘podcast company’ is actually fairly vague and covers a broad set of different types of companies that all operate within the podcasting space. Though we may be a bit biased, Riverside has definitely made huge impact on podcasting and is just getting started. 

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