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How to design eye-catching podcast logos

A podcast logo is essential for effective branding. Here’s why your podcast needs a logo and how you can design an eye-catching one.
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
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August 10, 2021
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Podcasts are designed to be listened to, so we don’t blame you if podcast logos and artworks are the last things you’re thinking about.  That being said, your podcast branding is a crucial element that should not be overlooked. A unique podcast logo instantly elevates your production value, makes it easier to promote your podcast, and keeps your branding consistent and recognizable. 

Designing a podcast logo is not as simple as it sounds. Somehow, you have to encapsulate your podcast’s mood, tone, personality, and themes in a single icon. Though this may sound like a lot to ask, the design process does not have to be too overwhelming. In this article, we break down exactly what you should be thinking about and how you can go about designing your very own podcast logo. 


  • Podcast artworks and logos aren’t the same things. 
  • Podcast logos help you build out your brand and take advantage of marketing opportunities. 
  • Good podcast logos are versatile, eye-catching and capture your podcast’s personality 
  • You can choose to design your podcast yourself using the logo templates offered by Canva, Adobe Spark, or Snappa
  • If you have a smaller budget, consider hiring a freelance designer using Fiverr or Upwork
  • If you have more to spend, you could consider hiring a design agency

What is the difference between podcast logos and artworks?  

Before we look at podcast logos in-depth, we should address the difference between your podcast logo and your podcast artwork. Although they are not the same things, they are closely related. 

Think of your podcast artwork like an album cover. It comprises the artwork itself - whether that’s a photo or graphic - as well as your podcast logo. So your podcast’s logo is only one element of your overall artwork. This doesn’t mean that it’s not important, however. While your podcast artwork may change episode-to-episode or series-to-series, your logo will be consistent across the board. 

Why do I need a podcast logo? 

You may be wondering why on earth you need a podcast logo. In general, there’s not much of a visual element to most podcasts, so your confusion would not be misplaced. Though this might be to your surprise, there are many reasons your podcast needs a logo: 

More professional and elevated production value

A logo immediately lends some credibility to your podcast. Regardless of whether your podcast is a lighthearted comedy or an incisive political analysis, a logo shows you’re serious about what you do. The small details really do go a long way. With a professional podcast logo, artwork, as well as a catchy intro and outro, we can guarantee your listeners will keep coming back. 

Podcast directories require a logo/artwork for publication 

On a practical level, if you want to publish your podcast to many major directories, you’ll need a podcast artwork to satisfy their requirements. As we mentioned, although podcast artworks and logos aren’t the same things, they are mutually exclusive. Your artwork should include your podcast’s logo, so you’ll need to have one prepared in order to publish your podcast! 

Effective podcast marketing and promotion 

Don’t forget that a logo is a versatile marketing tool. Once you’ve settled on your logo, you will find yourself using it over and over again. Including your podcast logo across all your advertising materials not only reinforces your brand image but is an extremely effective marketing strategy. You can use it across all your social media channels and make the most of new opportunities for branding (think podcast merchandise!), so your listeners can rep your podcast. 

Find out how to promote, grow and monetize your podcast with our guide

Helps you build a brand

Even if you’re just starting out, building a podcast brand is important for keeping listeners engaged and growing your audience. Designing a unique logo will help you to build brand recognition. If you choose to branch out beyond podcasting, your logo will also provide brand cohesion and help bridge the gap between your original and new ventures. 

What makes a good podcast logo? 

Your logo should represent your podcast’s personality

At the end of the day, a logo is an icon that should encapsulate your podcast. Whether your podcast is humorous, dark, educational, feminist, creative, you name it, your logo should reflect that. 

In fact, newcomers should be able to gauge at least a little bit about your podcast’s personality from your logo alone. 

Your logo should be eye-catching 

With the abundance of podcasts out there, you want your logo to draw attention to what you’re offering. Since a logo will help you take advantage of various branding opportunities. you want an icon that is versatile and looks good in a number of contexts. 

Simple, but effective 

Don’t be afraid of going for something simple. Often, simple and sleek logos are the most memorable, and most effective. Plus, simple doesn’t mean boring - you can always change things up using different colorways, for example. 

What to consider when designing a podcast logo 

You may already have a small idea of what kind of logo you’d like for your podcast. Before finalizing your concept, here are a couple of things to consider: 

Your podcast aesthetic and visual identity

Your logo is representative of your overall podcasting brand, so it should fit into the rest of your overarching brand aesthetic. If you’re yet to determine your podcast’s visual identity, your logo will help to dictate the tone. If you’ve done substantial marketing to date, you may want to consider how your logo will complement or conflict with your existing brand identity. 

Dimensions and image quality 

Your podcast logo's image size and quality are extremely important. Given the different screen sizes, merchandise, and marketing materials on which your logo is going to make an appearance, you should ensure that it will always maintain its quality and correct dimensions. 

In addition, you may find that certain directories or websites stipulate specific dimensions and file formats. 

For reference most major directories follow Apple Podcasts’ specs: 

  • File format: transparent PNG
  • Size: 3000 x 750 pixels
  • Resolution: 72 dpi 
  • RGB colorspace


As we’ve said, a good logo should be versatile, dynamic, and ideally will age well. There’s nothing worse than investing time, money, and energy in a logo that looks dated within a matter of years. Try and come up with something timeless and unique that looks good no matter where you see it. 

Type, graphic, or a combination? 

You will need to decide whether you want a logotype or a logomark, or a mix of the two. 

A logotype is a logo that revolves around your podcast name or its initials. 

A logomark consists of an icon or image to represent your podcast. 

The decision ultimately comes down to preference. Both types are equally evocative, and you can play around If you can’t decide, you could go for a mix of the two types, with an icon and your podcast name combined to form your logo.  

Color or Monochrome? 

Although there’s scope to change the color of your logo up depending on when and what you’re using it for, you may want to consider whether the color (or lack thereof) is a central component of your podcast logo. 

Think of the Twitter logo, for example, in its iconic blue, or the Google logo with its eclectic mix of colors. If you have a color that represents your podcast already, think about how you could integrate this into your logo. 


If you opt for a logotype or a combination logo that includes your podcast name, the typeface you choose will make all the difference. 

If working with a graphic designer, you may be able to commission a custom font. However, if you’re designing your logo yourself, think about which font fits your podcast the best. 

Professionally designed or self-made? 

If you have the budget, you may consider contracting a professional designer to create the logo of your dreams. Alternatively, if you enjoy flexing your creative muscles, or don’t have the financial capacity right now, you can design your logo yourself. 

How to design a podcast logo

You can either design your podcasting logo yourself or with the help of a professional designer. As we said, this is ultimately a question of how much time and money you have on your hands. 

  1. Look for some inspiration 

Regardless of whether you’re flying solo or enlisting a designer, step one is the same. Looking for some inspiration will give you a better idea of what you want your logo to look like. Often, this can help your designer to understand your vision too. 

Try looking at some of your favorite podcasts for inspiration. You can get a feel for which kinds of logos you like and which you don’t. 

Design your own logo  

  1. Use a design tool

Once you’ve got a vague idea of what you’re going for, try using a design tool to make it a reality: 

  • Free online design tool with premium membership option 
  • Easy to use with pre-made templates and stickers 
  • Work collaboratively with your team on the same design 
  • Free online graphic design tool for non-designers
  • Basic and foundational design tools for designing a logo
Adobe Spark 
  • Adobe’s free app and browser-based design software (with a paid version available) 
  • Easy-to-use for entry-level designers
  • A wide selection of customizable templates to use 
Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator 
  • Adobe’s professional-grade design tools 
  • Slightly pricey, starting at $20.99/month 
  • Extensive design capacity that requires some foundational knowledge
  1. Ideate and consider different options 

Don’t feel under pressure to land on the ideal podcast logo immediately. Designing a logo is a process. You’ll find yourself refining your idea and tweaking it to get something that feels right. If you’re working collaboratively, you’ll be bouncing ideas off each other at this stage. 

If you’ve got an audience base already, you could include them in the process by asking for their opinion or for ideas they might have. 

  1. Finalize your concept 

Once you’ve settled on the overarching design you will have to finalize all of the small details such as color, formatting, and spacing. 

  1. Export your design and start using your logo! 

Congratulations, you’ve designed the logo of your dreams. Now to start using it. As we mentioned earlier, ensure your design meets any dimension requirements. 

Some other good tips are to: 

  • Make sure you optimize your logo for mobile (try compressing the file size)
  • Leave adequate margins around your icon to ensure your logo does not get awkwardly cropped!

Hire a professional designer 

If you’ve got a bigger budget or simply can’t imagine designing a logo yourself, you should consider hiring a professional to do it for you! 

  1. Settle your budget 

Before you consult any freelancers or design agencies, it’s advisable to have a good idea of what you’re willing or able to spend on your podcast logo. 

  1. Freelance Designer or Design Agency? 

Once you’ve settled on your budget, this will give you a good idea of who you’re able to hire. Design agencies tend to be pricier, so this might not be an option for all podcasters. For those with less to spend, you will definitely be able to find a freelance designer who can work within your budget. 

To find a freelance logo designer try: 


What is it? Fiverr is essentially a freelance marketplace where you can connect with freelancers offering all kinds of services. 

How does it work? Browse their database to find a freelancer who you like the look of and connect with them to commission your logo. 

Navigate to the ‘Graphics & Design’ tab, where you’ll find an option to search for designers specializing in logo design. 

How much does it cost? This depends on the freelancer, but as the name suggests prices start at $5. 


What is it? Upwork is an online network of independent professionals looking for freelance projects. 

How does it work? There are three options:

Post your project (e.g. Podcast Logo Design) and you’ll receive pitches from freelance designers. You can then choose the designer you feel is the best fit. 

Browse the marketplace. Many freelancers are already offering logo design services, so you can browse and see if anyone catches your eye. 

Get connected to a freelancer. Upwork offers a ‘Talent Scout’ service, where they’ll help to link you up to a freelance designer who meets your needs. 

How much does it cost? This depends on the freelancer and can vary depending on the service offered and the experience they have. 


What is it? 99designs is a graphic design service by Vistaprint. 

How does it work? First off, you provide a simple brief to outline exactly what you’re looking for. 99designs then connects you with a designer who works with you directly to produce your design. 

How much does it cost? 99designs offers a 4 tier pricing structure, so they have something on offer for every budget. Each different package corresponds to how many design concepts you will receive, which designers they’ll connect you to, and so on. Essentially, you get what you pay for. 

Prices start at $299 

To find a design agency try looking in your local area or ask friends and industry colleagues for recommendations.

When choosing a design agency it’s good to look out for their past clients, their portfolio, and how regularly they update their socials and their website. 

  1. Start using your logo 

Once your designer has sent you your logo, you can begin using it right away. Upload it to all your socials, and start brainstorming unique branding opportunities to really make the most of it.                   

Examples of the best podcast logos 

The Joe Rogan Experience 

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts out there. The logo, for obvious reasons, revolves around Joe Rogan himself. The logo is super effective because it’s so recognizable and captivating. Even if you’ve never listened to the show before, you get a feel for Rogan’s personality and an idea of what the podcast is all about. Plus, you can imagine the logo looking good on everything from a t-shirt to a mug. 

This American Life


This American Life’s logo is a clever interplay between the US flag and a speech bubble, paying tribute to the show’s introspective chat show focussing on the average American. 

Their logo is effective because of how simple yet recognizable it is. It’s also versatile, working well on its own, and in combination with the show’s logomark too. 

My Favorite Murder


My Favourite Murder’s logo is a playful ode to the show’s theme: murders and murderers. The jumbled and eclectic cut-out letters immediately evoke images of whodunits and mysteries, perfectly capturing the podcast’s personality. 

Final Thoughts 

Once you’ve recorded your podcast the hard work might feel like it’s done. That’s true, for the most part. However, your podcast’s branding is an essential ingredient for its success. Dedicating some time and energy to designing a unique and eye-catching logo is definitely a good investment for the future. It’ll help you to elevate the production value of your podcast and grow your brand as you grow your community. A win-win, if you ask us.

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