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15 Best Relationship Podcasts for Flourishing in Love

Check out these 15 best relationship podcasts for expert advice on navigating the ups and downs of love.
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
Last Updated:
December 26, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

Finding a great relationship podcast means more than just having something new to listen to. The very best dating and love podcasts can guide you through the toughest times in your romantic life, and help you build amazing connections with the person you love. 

Relationship podcasts are not just for those looking for pickup lines or dating tips. Whether you’re single, married, or going through a breakup, there’s a podcast that can help your love life prosper – and we’ve compiled a list of the very best of the bunch.

Are relationship podcasts helpful?

Relationship podcasts are a great way to pick up tips and advice on dating, maintaining relationships, and working through couple issues. Listening to relationship podcasts can give you a different perspective on your own marriage or dating life. These podcasts can be extremely helpful if you want to learn how to share finances, improve communication, manage cohabitation, and more, with your partner.

Where can I listen to the best relationship podcasts?

Large podcasting platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts provide some of the best relationship podcasts for free. If you’d like to try out a different app, Audible and Google Podcasts are also home to a variety of great podcasts around the topic of relationships. You can even find this type of content on YouTube, where podcasts are accompanied by video content so that you can watch as well as listen.

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15 Best Relationship Podcasts in 2022

If you’re looking for podcasts about relationships, you can do no better than reading our list of the very best relationship podcasts available. We cover everything from sex podcasts to those about dating, marriage, and modern love. There’s truly something for everyone, no matter what your romantic situation looks like. So jump right in and read our curated selection – you might just find your next favorite listen! 

1: Love Life with Matthew Hussey

Love Life with Matthew Hussey relationship podcast

Host: Matthew Hussey

Rating: 4.7 Stars

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

Matthew Hussey, New York Times bestselling author of Get the Guy, is an expert relationship coach. In this popular podcast, Matthew discusses insecurities, mixed signals, and navigating tricky breakups. Aimed at women at any stage in their relationship, Love Life explores everything from the single life to dating and marriage. 

What you’ll learn: 

In each episode, Matthew gives reasons for why we might feel insecure, unattractive, or nervous in relationships, as well as advising on how to overcome these issues. The episodes give practical answers to common questions, such as which types of guys you should avoid dating, why you might be a people pleaser, and how to understand confusing text messages. Matthew’s clear way of speaking makes his advice easily understandable. 

2: How to Stay Married (So Far)

Host: Nadia Sawalha and Mark Adderley

Rating: 4.7 Stars

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

Nadia and Mark talk through all the ups and downs of their married life together, sharing everything from mental health to sex in long-term relationships. This conversational podcast takes a casual approach to deep and personal topics. The couple isn’t afraid to bring a little humor into their discussions and share intimate details about their lives.

What you’ll learn: 

Nadia Sawalha rose to fame on the UK TV show Loose Women. Just as on TV, in this podcast she voices her opinions with humor, confidence, and openness. Together with Mark, the pair provide advice, insight, and discussions around the questions we are often afraid to ask. How do you deal with resenting your partner? What should you do if you are in a controlling relationship? Mark and Nadia will teach you how to navigate even the trickiest of marital situations with their honest answers.

3: Modern Love

Modern Love relationship podcast

Host: Anna Martin

Rating: 4.8 Stars

Listen on: Spotify

This podcast created by The New York Times brings stories of love, heartbreak, and self-healing to light. In each episode, host Anna Martin narrates real stories of long-distance relationships, losing a partner, young love, and divorce among others. With such a diverse range of topics covered, each episode is a window into a stranger’s love life.

What you’ll learn: 

Listening to Modern Love is a lot like listening to an audiobook of short stories about real relationships. This format encourages self-reflection, rather than giving outright relationship advice. By hearing about the loves and losses of others, we inevitably look inside ourselves and examine our own history. If you are a fan of Humans of New York, you’ll likely love this storytelling format and the variety of human experiences it showcases.

4: Romance Road Test

Hosts: Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg

Rating: 4.9 Stars

Listen on: Audible

Romance Road Test is a unique take on a relationship podcast, where hosts Kristen and Jolenta try out new intimacy techniques with their husbands. Follow their journey as with each episode they test daily sex, writing love letters, recreating first dates, and more!

What you’ll learn: 

Romance Road Test is the best marriage podcast to learn practical tips from. Kristen and Jolenta don’t simply talk about relationship advice, they actually test it in their own marriages and report the results right back to you! This makes choosing new habits to form in your own relationship much simpler. You can learn which ideas, from reading out erotica to surprising each other, worked best for the hosts and their husbands.

 5: Girl Chat

Girl Chat relationship podcast

Hosts: Tara Lepore and Chloe Trayford

Rating: 4.3 Stars

Listen on: Apple Podcasts 

Best friends Tara and Chloe are used to spending hours on the phone, sharing their experiences of love, sex, and relationships. This podcast invites you to be a fly on the wall, listening to them bare their souls as they chat on the phone about their love lives.

What you’ll learn: 

In this very casual podcast, you’ll feel like the invisible third member of a phone call between best friends. Chloe and Tara hold nothing back and are always ready to joke and tell stories about their past relationships. You’ll learn all about the best (and worst) types of one-night stands, how to choose the right contraception, and what makes the perfect summer holiday fling. 

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 6: Where Should We Begin?

Host: Esther Perel

Rating: 4.7 Stars

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

Esther Perel is a psychotherapist, relationship expert, and New York Times, bestselling author. As if that wasn’t enough, her podcast Where Should We Begin? provides access to her best advice for free, as she counsels real couples on their most intimate relationship struggles.

What you’ll learn: 

Each episode of this podcast highlights the story of one specific person or couple struggling with their romantic life. This format means that a huge variety of topics are covered by Esther, as she analyses why infidelity begins, balancing motherhood and marriage, and the foundation of a great relationship – friendship. Learn about all of these topics and more in weekly episodes.

 7: Lovers and Friends with Shan Boodram

Lovers and Friends relationship podcast

Host: Shan Boodram

Rating: 5 Stars

Listen on: Spotify

This highly-rated podcast is hosted by sexologist and intimacy expert Shan Boodram, who is unafraid to explore every corner of sexual relationships. Alongside friends and special guests, Shan fills this podcast with candid discussions around pleasure, protection, and pregnancy.

What you’ll learn: 

For anyone with questions, concerns, or just plain curiosity about sex, this is the perfect podcast for you. Learn how to make things more spontaneous and rewarding in the bedroom by listening to advice from Shan and the expert guests who join her in each episode. No question is too personal and no topic is off limits when it comes to this tell-all sex podcast.  

8: The Endless Honeymoon Podcast

Hosts: Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero

Rating: 4.8 Stars

Listen on: YouTube and Apple Podcasts

Married comedians Moshe and Natasha make for hilarious hosts as they dish out relationship advice on their podcast. The pair take questions from their audience about all things love, dating, and marriage, and give their honest advice. Drawing on their own experience, this couple is an open book about the reality of married life.

What you’ll learn: 

Moshe and Natasha can teach you not only how to compromise and communicate with your partner, but how to keep things fun in long-term relationships. The questions they receive in each episode are quirky, lighthearted, and sometimes bizarre! So get ready to laugh at their sarcasm and witty responses as they discuss the world of dating and romance.

 9: Coupledom

Coupledom relationship podcast

Hosts: Idris and Sabrina Elba

Rating: 4.8 Stars

Listen on: Audible

It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Idris Elba, the star of hugely popular shows Luther and The Wire. But did you know he has his very own relationship podcast with his wife Sabrina? Together they sit down with a different celebrity couple each week to discuss what makes the best relationships tick.

What you’ll learn:  

This interview-style podcast is a great way to learn about many types of healthy relationships. Idris and Sabrina talk to both romantic couples and business partners, and their conversations contain great advice for making sure your own relationships flourish. You’ll learn from big celeb names including Rita Ora, Seth Rogan, and Tom Daley. These special guests answer questions about their biggest challenges and the things they love most about their partners.

10: Queer In Love

Host: Diego Amado

Rating: 5 Stars

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

This warm, funny, and sensitive podcast is all about queer relationships, and the real experiences of people in them. Diego is a charming host who interviews queer singles, couples, and families in each episode. This podcast gives a platform for discussions about sex, discrimination, and the bonds of family.

What you’ll learn: 

Both queer and straight listeners can benefit from this podcast, which explores all the ups and downs of authentic queer experiences. Every one of Diego’s guests brings something unique and informative to the discussion. They give open advice and opinions about the roles of race, sexuality, and politics in queer relationships. 

11: Two Hot Takes

Two Hot Takes relationship podcast

Host: Morgan Absher

Rating: 4.9 Stars

Listen on: Spotify 

Morgan and her team have scoured the internet for the juiciest relationship drama to discuss in this gripping podcast. Sex, the ‘ick’, and wedding vows are all debated in this podcast that analyzes the lives of anonymous strangers. The chatty, informal hosting coupled with special guests make this podcast the perfect platform to tune into for relationship drama.  

What you’ll learn: 

Do you love a bit of gossip? Are you fascinated by other people’s relationships? Two Hot Takes is a great lesson in what not to do to make your relationship the best it can be, as well as how to approach even the stickiest of situations in your love life. Listen as Morgan and her guests cover all kinds of crazy internet confessions, including a bride’s cold feet and suspicions of a cheating partner. For those who love to learn from other people’s mistakes and dilemmas, this is the best podcast to listen to!  

12: Millennial Love 

Host: Olivia Petter

Rating: 4.4 Stars

Listen on: Apple Podcasts 

Olivia Petter is the senior lifestyle writer for The Independent. In this podcast, she interviews celebrity guests on the love and heartbreak they have experienced. This heartwarming and down-to-earth podcast focuses on real stories of dating in the modern world.

What you’ll learn: 

Olivia Petter is a fantastic interviewer, and her podcast creates a safe space for guests to expose the emotional rollercoasters of their romantic lives. Each episode discusses love and dating in the modern world, making it a great place to learn about sex, summer flings, and one-night stands. With celebrity guests including Amber Gill and Rebecca Humphries, this funny and sensitive podcast will hit home for any millennial.  

13: Jillian on Love

Jillian on Love relationship podcast

Host: Jillian Turecki

Rating: 4.9 Stars

Listen on: Apple Podcasts 

Jillian Turecki is a relationship coach with years of experience counseling couples. In this podcast, she voices her advice and perspective on everything from attraction to infidelity. The first episode of Jillian on Love aired in September of this year, but already this budding new podcast has become a firm favorite of listeners seeking expert relationship advice.

What you’ll learn: 

If you have questions or concerns about your own relationship, Jillian is here to help you. Each podcast tackles a different element of the romantic experience, including how to decide when to break up with your partner, and what you can do to bring a spark back into a long-term relationship. With her clear and reassuring tone, Jillian can help you decide what step to take next in your love life.

14: Relationship Advice

Host: Chase Kosterlitz

Rating: 4.1 Stars

Listen on: Spotify 

Relationship Advice is an interview podcast, with every episode featuring guests who are relationship experts. Host Chase guides the conversation to focus on the best features of the most successful relationships. The goal of this podcast is to leave you feeling one step closer to having the most rewarding relationship possible.

What you’ll learn: 

If you’re looking for the best relationship podcast to inspire and uplift you, Relationship Advice is the one for you! With this podcast, you’ll learn about the significance of being spontaneous and giving compliments, as well as many more life-changing tips. Chase does a great job at asking just the right questions to get his guests to reveal the most important advice for a happy, loving, and long-lasting relationship.

15: The Naked Marriage

The Naked Marriage relationship podcast

Hosts: Dave and Ashley Willis

Rating: 4.6 Stars

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

Dave and Ashley Willis host this marriage-centric podcast in the hopes of helping and inspiring other married couples to feel fulfilled and purposeful within their relationship. Dave and Ashley approach even the most intimate concerns within marriage with honesty, vulnerability, and a sprinkle of good humor.   

What you’ll learn: 

Many married couples find it hard to address the long-standing issues in their relationships. If this sounds like you, then The Naked Marriage podcast can help by getting to the heart of some of the main concerns faced by married couples: how can you maintain a great sex life in marriage? What impact can children have on your relationship? Dave and Ashley approach these topics from a truthful and open perspective, often informed by their Christian beliefs.

Bonus: Best Relationship Podcasts for Guys

Any man looking to enhance his romantic life would benefit from listening to Modern Love, a podcast created by The New York Times. Anna Martin is the clever and gripping host of this unique podcast, and with each episode, she narrates the true story of an anonymous person’s experience with love.

The Modern Love podcast is the best way to gain some perspective into the different types of romance, struggles, and relationships that people have experienced. Modern Love is an amazing learning opportunity to find out why other people’s relationships have failed or succeeded, and to bring this knowledge into your own dating life.

How do I improve myself with relationship podcasts?

Bettering your romantic life with relationship podcasts does not just mean listening to content. To improve yourself and see real change in your personal life, it’s important to put into practice the healthy communication habits that you hear about in podcasts.

After you’ve listened to an episode of a podcast, try to choose one key behavior that the host discussed to practice in your own life. For example, being more spontaneous with your partner. Making the effort to follow through with the suggestions you hear about in podcasts is a great way to develop your relationship skills. 

FAQs on the Best Relationship Podcasts 

What do you talk about in a relationship podcast?

Are you thinking of starting your own relationship podcast? The great news is that there’s no shortage of topics to talk about: dating advice, communication tips, date night suggestions, keeping romance in long-term relationships… the list goes on!

The most important thing to consider when deciding what to talk about in a relationship podcast is your own experience. Unless your podcast will revolve around interviewing other people for their knowledge, make sure you stick to topics that you understand well and can talk about with ease and confidence.

When you do decide what to talk about in your relationship podcast, why not get started by recording it with Riverside? Our recording process is simple and streamlined to fit your needs, with inbuilt editing software and the opportunity to invite up to 8 guests to join you in the recording studio.

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Where can I get the best relationship advice from a podcast?

You can find relationship advice that will enhance your life and romantic experiences with any of the amazing podcasts featured in this article. The majority of them can be accessed through Spotify and Apple Podcasts. If you prefer visual content, head over to YouTube for fantastic relationship podcasts such as The Endless Honeymoon Podcast.

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