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10 Best Zoom Alternatives & Competitors for Call Recording (2024)

Check out the best Zoom alternatives and competitors for higher-quality online recordings. We cover free & paid options, & how to choose the right one.
Kendall Breitman
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June 13, 2024
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  • Consider a Zoom alternative for higher-resolution recordings, easier video editing, or more features for a better price. 
  • The best overall Zoom alternative is Riverside.
  • The best free Zoom alternatives include Skye and Jitsi Meet.
  • The best video conferencing Zoom alternatives are Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. 
  • The best Zoom alternative for recording quality includes Riverside and Vimeo.
  • The best Zoom alternatives for webinars are Demio or Livestorm.
  • The best business calls Zoom alternatives are Dialpad and Ring Central.

Searching for a strong, user-friendly Zoom alternative? You’ve come to the right place!

While Zoom remains a popular video conferencing tool, it does have its limitations. Zoom isn’t known for high-quality recordings and if you’re looking for more editing or webinar tools, you may need to try something else. 

Check out our top 15 Zoom alternatives and what they can offer. We cover free alternatives, options for video conferencing, webinars and even screen sharing.

Table of Contents:

Why should you consider a Zoom alternative?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, by October 2020, Zoom was worth a whopping $159 billion! Since then, the platform’s market value has dwindled to $20 billion. 


Because there are so many great alternatives available!

Zoom pros and cons

Today, Zoom offers a variety of advantages, but it also has its limitations. Here are some of the pros and cons you should consider before you log in and start creating content. 


  • Trusted brand: Zoom is a well-known platform, earning a high level of consumer trust. With Zoom, you know who you’re working with and what’s on offer.
  • User-friendly interface: The Zoom platform is designed for easy usability. This means that the system is easy to navigate, even for complete beginners. 
  • Easy communication: Zoom makes remote communication simple. You can access a wide range of collaboration tools all in one convenient place. 
  • Great accessibility: Whether you’re an experienced user or a video conferencing newbie, Zoom prioritizes accessibility for everyone. 


  • Lower quality: Zoom is built more for meetings and recordings. It doesn’t offer 4K resolution and its recordings aren’t the best quality. 
  • No local recordings: Zoom does not provide local recordings. This means your recording resolution depends heavily on your internet connection.  
  • Doesn’t offer separate track recording: If you’d like to capture each participant’s video and audio individually, you can’t. You can only download separate audio tracks which might make editing and repurposing your meetings quite challenging.
  • Costs add up: While Zoom has a variety of features, many of them come as add-ons. This means your overall cost can be a lot, depending on what you need.
  • Features on offer: In some scenarios, Zoom’s features may be limited compared with the functionality offerings of other platforms. 
  • Subscription costs: In order to access Zoom’s full suite of tools, you’ll need a paid subscription. This can quickly become expensive.

Best overall Zoom alternative: Riverside

Price: From free to $24 / month 

Riverside is a studio-quality virtual conferencing, recording, and editing software.  

You can record in up to 4K video and 48kHz audio. Unlike Zoom, Riverside offers local recording. Everything records on each user’s own device so your internet connectivity won’t affect your resolution. 

You’ll get separate video and audio tracks for each participant, making editing quicker and easier. And you can edit your whole recording directly in our AI-powered editor. You’ll find tools for captions, audio enhancement and customizing your layout.

If you’re hosting a live, you can capture your slides with our presentation recorder. Invite audiences to call in live, and you can also keep track of everything with our teleprompter. 

Finish off with AI transcriptions and summaries of all your recordings. 

Best overall Zoom alternative Riverside

Key features:

  • Excellent quality: Record video content in up to 4K resolution and 48kHz sound quality. 
  • Separate tracks: Record separate video and audio tracks for more comprehensive production control. 
  • Local recording: Everything records directly on your device instead of relying on the quality of your internet connection. 
  • AI transcription: Download highly accurate AI transcripts in SRT or TXT formats.
  • Summary generator: Receive AI-generated summaries including key takeaways, chapters, titles and descriptions.
  • AI Clips creator: Turn your key moments into short-form social media videos at the tap of a button with Magic Clips.
  • Live call-ins: Connect with guests in real time using in-built live call-in communication features.
  • Presentation recorder: Capture all presentation elements, including slide displays, with a purpose-built presentation recorder.
  • Custom branding: Apply custom branding elements in the editor to make your content easily recognizable.
  • Built-in video editor: Trim your recording with text-based editing or a color coded timeline. Add captions, text, or images, plus touch up your audio with AI.
“Riverside is far better than Zoom for recording interviews.” - Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur and marketing leader.

Riverside vs Zoom

  • Riverside delivers higher video and audio quality, including higher resolution, than Zoom. 
  • Riverside provides local recording, while Zoom relies on your internet connection for quality. 
  • Zooms AI tools are more oriented towards summaries, scheduling and admin tasks. Riverside’s AI tools are catered to streamlining your editing workflow (although they do offer summaries too).
  • Riverside captures separate video and audio tracks, while Zoom only captures audio.
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Best free Zoom alternatives

Many Zoom alternatives are available for free – perfect for users just getting started. Try these helpful software options. 


Price: Free

Skype is a long-standing video-conferencing tool with a large user base. 

The platform offers easy integration with other Microsoft programs. It also allows you to combine both video and text-based conversations, all in one place. 


Key features:

  • Effective communication: Combine video calls with text-based instant messaging for comprehensive communication capabilities. 
  • Microsoft integration: Easily link your Skype account to other management tools in the Microsoft Suite. 
  • User-friendly system: Navigate the basics of video calling with ease thanks to a streamlined beginner-friendly interface. 

Skype vs Zoom

  • Skype can be glitchy and therefore less seamless than Zoom.
  • Skype lacks the organizational tools available with Zoom and Zoom’s AI companion. 
Read more: How to Record Skype Calls (For Podcasts & Video Content)

Jitsi Meet

Price: Free

Jitsi Meet is a simple video communication platform. 

You’ll find a range of basic features on the platform. This includes screen-sharing and call quality management, as well as supporting end-to-end encryption. You can even link the system to support YouTube live streams!  

Jitsi Meet zoom alternative
Jisti Meet

Key features:

  • Range of features: Access screen-share tools and easy communication features, all at the press of a button. 
  • App-based options: Download the Jitsi Meet application for iOS and Android devices alike. 
  • Stream content live: Link your meeting to YouTube to quickly and simply broadcast live-stream content. 

Jitsi Meet vs Zoom

  • Unlike Zoom, Jitsi Meet’s full suite of features are available 100% free of charge.
  • Zoom has more additional features on offer than Jitsi.
  • Jitsi Meet’s customer service is much more limited than with Zoom.

Best Zoom alternatives for video conferencing  

What about the best video conference software? These Zoom alternatives make it easy to host a call! 

Google Meet

Price: From free to $7.99 + / month

Google Meet is Google’s native video conference software. 

The software allows you to host video calls for up to 250 participants. You can access a wide range of controls and functionalities, even syncing your calls with other parts of your Google Workspace.

Google Meet Zoom alternative
Google Meet

Key features:

  • Large-scale communication: Host a conference for up to 250 live participants, and stay connected with ease. 
  • Streamlined host controls: Access screen-sharing and attendee management tools that help you stay in the driver’s seat. 
  • Google Workspace integration: Sync your Google Meet calls with contact details and calendar information stored elsewhere in the Google Workspace. 

Google Meet vs Zoom

  • Google Meet provides integrated access to video conferencing, while Zoom’s integrations are more limited. 
  • Google Meet offers more in-built management capabilities than are available with Zoom.
Read more: Check our guide on How to Record a Google Meet on any device!

Microsoft Teams

Price: From free to $12.50 / month

Microsoft Teams is a simple video conferencing solution providing you with access to seamless hosting and recording tools. You can rely on built-in chat features and use tools designed to help you connect directly with your audience. 

Microsoft Teams Zoom alternative for video conferencing
Microsoft Teams

Key features:

  • Large audience scope: Host calls capable of accommodating up to 10,000 users at once. 
  • App integrations: Easily integrate your Microsoft Teams calls with other Microsoft software offers. 
  • Engagement features: Share your screen, and set up breakout rooms, along with other real-time engagement options. 

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom

  • Microsoft Teams provides a range of engagement tools beyond Zoom’s capabilities.
  • Microsoft Teams is more limited than Zoom in terms of meeting length. 
Learn How to Use Microsoft Teams with our full step-by-step guide.


Price: From $12 to $16 + / month

GoToMeeting is an online video meeting platform. 

You can record high-definition video in up to 720p. Alongside this, you’ll find crisp, clear screen-sharing and automatic transcription features. This platform makes it easy to manage your calls from end to end without ever compromising on quality.  

GoToMeeting Zoom alternative for video conferencing

Key features:

  • Range of features: Access automatic transcription, integrated chats, and Cloud-based recording tools. 
  • Visual communications: Easily share your screen and take notes during live calls and meetings. 
  • Presenter mode available: Take control of your call using advanced and intuitive presenter controls. 

GoToMeeting vs Zoom

  • As a Zoom alternative, GoToMeeting provides superior quality results. 
  • GoToMeeting lacks some of the engagement tools available with Zoom. 

Best Zoom alternatives for recording quality

If you want to prioritize higher-quality recordings, you need to choose your software accordingly. Try these tools. 


Vimeo Zoom alternative for high-quality recordings

Price: From free to $79 / month

Vimeo is an advanced video and audio recording platform. 

This platform lets you capture high-quality content, even integrating team collaboration and slide presentation materials. This makes it easier to work with a team and enhance production value. 

Vimeo offers up to 8K resolution, plus intuitive editing controls and customized branding.  

Key features:

  • Screen-sharing functions: Share your screen in high definition, and effectively showcase visual communication aids. 
  • Interactive tools: Drive engagement with on-screen quizzes and clickable buttons.
  • Improve video quality: Produce high-definition video and high-quality audio content consistently. 

Vimeo vs Zoom

  • Vimeo provides high resolution up to 8K, exceeding Zoom’s functionality.
  • Vimeos offers more in-depth interactivity, such as quizzes and links, than Zoom does. 

Best Zoom alternatives for screen sharing

Need to share your screen? These best screen sharing software can help you!


Price: Free with paid plans starting at $12.50

If you’re not interested in video calls at all, and just want to capture your screen then Loom is the Zoom alternative for you. 

You can record your screen in up to 4K, depending on the plan you’re on. On the paid plans you can even add custom branding to your screen captures. 

Loom screen sharing alternative for Zoom

Key features:

  • AI tools:  Use AI to to create CTAs, summaries and remove filler words.
  • Video messaging:  Create videos with your webcam, screen and send them to team members or clients.
  • Video analytics: Check your videos’ engagement metrics and viewer insights.
  • Easily integrations: Integrate your Loom to Slack, Gmail and a variety of platforms.

Loom vs Zoom

  • Loom’s focus is more video messaging and async communication, Zoom’s focus is live video conferencing.
  • You have more control in customizing your screen shares with Loom than you would with Zoom.

Best Zoom alternatives for webinars

Getting ready for your first webinar? Try these webinar-friendly Zoom alternatives. 


Price: From $42 to $734 / month

Demio is a high-level webinar platform. With Demio, you can host huge webinar events with up to 3000 participants.

Through polls and question tools, Demio provides unique opportunities for conversation and engagement. You can also track your content’s performance and measure return on investment.

Demio Zoom alternative for webinars

Key features:

  • Engagement tools: Set up real-time engagement tools, including polls and Q&A sessions for webinar attendees. 
  • Advertisement functions: Use built-in tools to remind attendees about your webinar and reach out to event participants. 
  • Data analysis: Access detailed data reports and performance-tracking metrics to understand your webinar’s success.

Demio vs Zoom

  • With Demio, unlike Zoom, you can manage all elements of webinar setup in one convenient location. 
  • Demio has more tools for behind-the-scenes support where you can allocate up to 50 admins. 


Livestorm Zoom alternative for webinars

Price: Price upon request

Livestorm is an advanced webinar software solution. 

You can ntuitively host live webinar events that support high levels of engagement and participation. Customize registration pages and send automated emails, all in favor of getting your audience involved.  

Key features:

  • Large audience support: Reach an audience of up to 1,000 live participants with engaging webinar content.
  • Interactive tools: Create polls, Q&A sessions, and other participatory activities to get people interested in your content. 
  • Multi-purpose communication: Rely on the same system for webinar communications as for business meetings and company seminars. 

Livestorm vs Zoom

  • Compared to Zoom, Livestorm offers more webinar controls. 
  • Livestorm’s easy customization options make it much easier to keep your content on brand than with Zoom.

Best Zoom alternatives for business and sales calls


Dialpad Zoom alternative for business calls

Price: Price upon application

Dialpad is an AI-powered platform designed to make capturing content simple – perfect for business calls. 

You can manage sales and engage with customers in the same place as hosting calls and video conferences. You can also access a variety of AI offers, including automatic transcriptions. 

Key features:

  • All-in-one tools: Manage all aspects of your customer communications and sales journeys in one convenient location.
  • AI capability: Access automatic AI-powered transcriptions and other communications features. 
  • Cross-platform integration: Integrate your content with Salesforce, Zendesk, and Google Workspace instantly. 

Dialpad vs Zoom

  • Dialpad provides advanced AI features that just aren't possible with Zoom. 
  • Dialpad makes it easier to streamline content production and automate basic processes.


RingCentral Zoom alternative
Ring Central

Price: Price upon request

RingCentral is built for high-level communications and video productions. The platform supports AI communications tools, including options for hybrid and virtual events. You can easily capture advanced video materials and detailed event summaries, all without leaving the app. 

Key features:

  • Event and webinars: Explore dedicated offerings tailored for webinar and event production.
  • Engagement offers: Set up conference rooms where remote attendees can engage in real time. 
  • AI functions: Access AI technology capable of curating event summaries and transcripts quickly and accurately. 

RingCentral vs Zoom

  • RingCentral offers unique AI and communications features not offered with Zoom.
  • RingCentral can automate recording functionalities beyond the scope provided by Zoom.

Best Zoom alternatives for podcasting

Zoom is far from being the only choice for podcasters. We'd say Riverside is your best choice for podcasting. It's got everything you need from high-quality studio recordings, a seamless editor, and a direct integration with Spotify for Podcasters.

That said, another option you can try is Waveroom.


Waveroom zoom alternative

Price: From free

Waveroom is an intuitive remote recording tool, ideal for complete beginners. You can use the system to set up podcast recordings and collaborate in real-time with other uses. Plus, the platform provides up to 2K video resolution, alongside AI noise removal to enhance audio quality. 

Key features:

  • User-friendly system: Take control of your recording, even with limited video production skills.
  • Browser-based controls: Access the full suite of recording and production features with no download required. 
  • Work with guests: Invite guests globally, and collaborate on recordings within a secure virtual environment.

Waveform vs Zoom

  • Waveform provides podcast-specific features, including multi-user instant collaboration potential. 
  • Unlike Zoom, Waveform allows you to automatically eliminate silences and remove unwanted background noise from audio tracks.

FAQs on Zoom alternatives

Still unsure about the best Zoom alternatives? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions!

Is there a free service like Zoom?

There are several free services like Zoom available! We recommend checking out Skype or Jitsi Meet.

Who is Zoom’s biggest competitor?

Zoom has many major competitors, with different options applying depending on the use case. Some of the best known are Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Riverside, which each offer their own unique advantages. 

Final thoughts

If you want to create better-quality content, Riverside is the answer! Get started with our intuitive video conferencing, recording, and editing system today.

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