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10 Best Professional Video Production Services in 2024

Find out whether it's worth hiring a video production service. We share types of production services and top 10 video production houses to consider.
Stephen Robles
Video & Podcast Creator
Last Updated:
March 19, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

Videos can be a great way to promote your business, increase brand awareness and increase your credibility within your field. 

But even if you agree in theory, creating these videos is a huge investment of time and energy that may not be realistic when you’ve got other things to think about. That’s why a lot of businesses turn to professional video production services, relieving themselves of all the hard work but still reaping all the benefits. 

In this guide, we’re looking at the best video production services in 2022, how they work, and what kinds of businesses they’re best for. 


  • Video production services are a great solution for enterprise-level videos of any kind
  • Video production services handle everything from A to Z, including ideation, recording, post-production, and editing
  • You can choose to create your own videos with tools like Riverside that help you to produce studio-grade videos from wherever you are. 

What are video production services?

Video production services are companies or teams that produce high-quality videos on behalf of a client. Typically these videos are made for a tightly-defined marketing purpose, but this has also extended into, training materials, video podcasts, and other formats too. 

The reason that video production services are so popular is because they cover every aspect of the video production process, from ideation, concept, creation, and post-production. All you need to do is weigh in with any ideas and approve the final version. 

What do video production services include?

Producing a video isn’t an instant process, it takes time, ideation, and collaboration. Let’s take a look at what video production services include: 


Pre-production will include ideation and research. They’ll soundboard their ideas and listen to yours, producing different video concepts and running them by you. There will also be some logistical considerations to sort such as inviting guests and scouting shooting locations where relevant. 


The actual production is relatively straightforward. This is when your video production team will actually shoot your video and record any relevant audio. This could be on-location or remote, depending on the nature of your video. 


Finally, your video production team will edit the video together ready for publication. This will include stitching together different segments (where relevant), editing out any irrelevant sections, adding branding and any other media to enhance the final product. 

Types of videos services produce

Once you enlist the services of a video production company, you can pretty much call the shots. They can produce essentially any type of video that your business might need across marketing, internal resources, and other content:

  • TV commercials
  •  Social ads
  • Long-form product intros
  • Employee onboarding material
  •  Video podcasts. 

How much does it cost to get a video produced?

This will depend on the company you choose to work with as well as the type of video(s) you want to get made. For example, 90 Seconds charges from $1,072 to $5,882 for a Standard Video Shoot.  

Is it worth hiring a video production service?

It depends on your budget and capacity. If you have a dedicated video budget but don’t have the time or resources required to produce your own, it makes a lot of sense. But at the same time, producing your own professional-grade videos doesn’t have to be as time-intensive or costly as you might imagine. 

10 Best Professional Video Production Services

Now let’s look at the best professional video production services out there right now. 


Casual professional video production service

Casual is an international video content production agency that is based out of London, NYC, LA, Chicago, Barcelona, Sydney, San Francisco, and Hong Kong - a truly global operation. They describe themselves as high-value, high-volume, high-quality video-makers. They’ve worked with companies like BMW, Adobe, Rolls Royce, Google, and Chanel. It has also been recognized as the UK’s official No. 1 brand and corporate production company. 

Of particular interest is their Smart-Casual platform that helps to streamline their production process and help them deliver to key deadlines. 

You can see some of their recent work on their website. 


Available on inquiry. Fill out their contact form and they promise an executive producer will be in touch in 24 hours. 

According to a blog post, they averaged out at $18k per Casual Films project in 2019. 

Best for: 

Businesses with a big budget looking to create sleek and professional-looking videos with high-production value. 

Light Switch Digital 

Light Switch Digital is a commercial production company and content house that works with businesses to produce high-quality digital content. They not only produce traditional content on-location, but use Riverside to help big-names like Kerry Washington produce professional remote content. 


Get in touch with Light Switch Digital directly to get a better idea of how much they charge. 

Best for:

Brands that are looking for versatility and the ability to produce content remotely and on-location without ever compromising on quality. 


Kyro is a video production service based out of Southern California. Though they’re based on the west coast, they work with an international range of clients including Nike, Amazon, BeatsAudio, and more. 

Their 2022 showreel showcases their work from the past year. 


Their pricing is only available on inquiry.

Best for:

Judging by their previous clients, Kyro will be best for businesses with a big budget and ambitions. 


QuickFrame is used by BuzzFeed, Lyft, Square, Subway, Uber, and more to cover all their video needs. They pride themselves on being able to deliver any kind of brief, use case, audience and objective. It’s important to note that QuickFrame acts as a sort of video production agency because it is driven by a network of international video creators who you’re matched to depending on your needs. 


QuickFrame creates custom pricing depending on the project. But you can choose between a one-off ‘pay as you go’ structure or an ongoing ‘subscription’ deal. You can get in touch with QuickFrame to better understand your options. 

Best for:

This service is best for businesses that have a vision or sense of what they’re looking to create and need to be matched with a team to bring it to life. The flexible pricing options also work well for companies that have a one-off need or are looking for an ongoing relationship. 

7 Wonders Cinema 

7 wonders cinema professional video production service

7 Wonders Cinema is an Emmy Award Winning video production company. They’ve worked with the US army, Expedia, Make-a-Wish foundation, US Bank, and The Atlantic. They do animations and live-action videos across industries, ‘striking the balance between agency and production company’. They create corporate videos, explainer videos, testimonials, social assets, motion graphics, and more. 

They call their approach ‘human oriented’ and work with both fast-growing startups and established conglomerates alike. They’re based out of Philadelphia, LA, and Miami. 

Watch their portfolio video to get a sense of their style.


You can get a quote for pricing by filling out this form. 

Best for:

7 Wonders Cinema seems to tick the boxes for a range of clients across several industries and profiles. Their portfolio showcases all kinds of different videos which means they’ll be able to deliver whatever your vision. 


Umault describes itself as a B2B video ad agency. Not only do they create your video, but they help to distribute it too. Their notable clients include Samsung, James Hardie, and Dell Technology. 

They work with their clients to make sure that their videos are actually seen by their target audience. This means they get involved with designing your media strategy, optimizing your SEO profile, and managing any paid media campaigns that you choose to run. 

You can browse Umault’s portfolio here.


You can work with Umualt in three ways: 

  • One video ad
  • A video ad campaign consisting of 3 videos
  • An annual campaign with 12 videos 

You can get a proper idea of pricing by getting in touch with them directly. 

Best for:

Umault is a great choice for businesses looking for live-action promotional videos. Their production turnaround typically takes a quarter, so this is an investment and long-term relationship.


StoryTailors video production services

StoryTailors is another video production agency of sorts. They can connect you with production services in over 100 locations worldwide, helping you to create corporate videos wherever you are. 

They’ll help not only with the actual creation of your video but also with sorting key logistical issues like getting film permits, local access permission, scouting locations, and handling any other practicalities. They’ve worked with several international companies like National Geographic, Panasonic, and DHL. 


Get in touch for a better idea of pricing. 

Best for: 

One branch of StoryTailors’ service is corporate videos, but they also work on creating documentaries and feature films. For this reason, they’re probably better suited for businesses that are committed to creating high-quality long-form videos related to their business. 


DreamTek is a global production company that offers support with virtual events, video production, studio builds, and rental - anything a company might need to fulfill its video needs. 

Interestingly, DreamTek also offers help with expanding into the metaverse with augmented, mixed, or virtual reality content. 


You’ll need to get in touch to find out about DreamTek’s pricing. 

Best for: 

DreamTek offers a full range of services that is likely to tick many business’ boxes. Their XR (extended reality) services are likely to pique a lot of people’s interests as businesses look to diversify their presence. 

90 Seconds 

90 professional video production service

90 Seconds is a video production company that helps businesses to create videos around the world. Using their services, you can get your video shot anywhere and edited. Their network of creators includes over 13,800 creatives based in 160 locations and they’ve worked with brands like TripAdvisor, Accenture, and Salesforce. 


You can pick and choose which services you want, selecting from full project video production, remote shoots, standard video editing, and shooting anywhere.  

A standard project will cost between $1,999 and $10, 080. For a full project studio service, it will range from $2,882 to $10,250. 

Best for

The wide range of budget means that 90 seconds can suit a lot of different businesses with varying resources. Since you can also tap into a global network of creators, the world is your oyster when it comes to creating a video with 90 seconds. 


Cue by Podcast Pro is a full-service podcasting agency that works with businesses to develop a production strategy, create high-quality podcasts, and help them to distribute, promote and track their performance. Though a lot of their work is audio-based, they do also do video. 

They have a few samples of their work on their website. 


You can only get an idea of their pricing if you get in touch with them. 

Best for:

Cue is emphatically for enterprise podcasting. So it’s best suited for businesses that are looking to create a branded video podcast as opposed to other types of promotional videos. 

Lower street

Lower Street, one of the best professional video production service

Lower Street is a podcast production service for businesses. They work with several well-known businesses like Hewlett Packard and Cadence Bank, helping to craft an effective strategy, create high-quality content, and market it well. 


You need to get in touch to confirm their pricing based on your particular needs. But it’s worth noting that Lower Street offers a variety of services including: 

  • Podcast launch service
  • Narrative podcast production service 
  • Podcast editing service 
  • Private podcast production 
  • Podcast promotion service 

Best for:

Lower Street is another podcast-oriented production service. It’s best for businesses that are focussed on creating an enterprise podcast and want to hand over every part of the production process to a trustworthy team. 

Producing your own videos remotely with Riverside

Hiring a video production service isn’t your only option for creating enterprise videos. Though it’s often time-efficient and you’re guaranteed professional-grade results, some businesses may not have the budget to spare. Additionally, not all corporate videos require such investment or the support of an external production company. Platforms like Riverside empower you and your internal team to create your own remote videos for a fraction of the price. 

Local recording for high-quality video

Just because you’re recording yourself doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality. Riverside records each participant locally. This means that you and your guests will be recorded automatically on your own device, rather than over the internet. This means  so you don’t need to worry about bad wifi connection affecting your recording because you’ll each be captured in the highest-quality possible. 

Record in up to 4K video and up to 48kHz WAV audio resolution. 

Integrated text-based video and audio editor for seamless post-production

Riverside has an integrated text-based Editor that transforms your recording into a publication-worthy video in no time. Video editing and trimming, literally becomes as easy as editing a text document. You can also customize your recording with your brand, and automatically fine-tune your audio. 

Magic Clips tool for quick short, shareable videos

Make the most of your recordings and turn one long-video into multiple short clips, all at the tap of a button. Magic Clips uses Ai to repurpose your long-form videos into short, shareable clips ideal for promoting your content and brand via social media.

Automated transcription for easy captions and content repurposing 

Additionally, Riverside’s automatic transcription tool means you can make your content as accessible as it should be, whilst also opening up options for repurposing it. 

Business plan for an efficient shared workspace

Riverside has a specific enterprise-oriented plan that lets you work collaboratively with your team, track project progress, and set permissions and access. 

You can also include your production team behind the scenes using producer mode. This way, your producers can toggle the recording settings during your live session without being picked up on your final recording. 

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FAQs on Video Production Services

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about video production: 

What services do videographers provide?

Videographers are involved in the actual production of videos, so they’re the people who shoot your video. 

How much does a professional video cost per minute?

It depends on the company you choose to work with. 

What are the 3 stages of video production?

The three stages of video production are pre-production, production, and post-production. 

How do I plan a video production?

If you’re creating your video yourself, the preparation process can look however you want it to be. But generally speaking, you’ll need to dedicate time to conceptualization and ideation to really refine your idea. Then you’ll need to move to proper storyboarding, scouting locations, and sorting other logistical considerations like equipment and cast/guests. Once you’ve got all those boxes checked, you can move on to shooting your video. And once that’s wrapped, you’ll need to edit your recording and get it ready for publication.

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