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Best Political Podcasts for Listening to Current Affairs in 2024

Want to stay up to date with all the latest political news? Here are some of the best political podcasts you should start listening to in 2024!
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December 26, 2023
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Political podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with the latest news from around the world, and access information as it becomes available. There are so many great shows to choose from!

The top political podcasts are designed to keep listeners informed about current events. From news updates to political commentary, there truly is something for every listener who wants to learn more about what’s happening in the world and its political spheres.

Wondering where you should begin when it comes to choosing a good political podcast to listen to? We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best political podcasts you can tune into right now!

What are political podcasts?

Political podcasts are podcasts about politics and political issues. Covering a range of political topics, these podcasts provide listeners with access to detailed, nuanced information relating to current affairs and the global political climate, as well as social justice causes and progressive ideas. 

Within the political genre, there are podcasts that specialize in many different topics and niches. Some podcasts focus on a particular cause or a specific region of the world. Others may align with a certain political viewpoint or offer conversations and commentary to dissect political events and ideas. 

What to look for in a political podcast?

When searching for a political podcast to suit you, there are a few things you can look for to ensure you’re choosing a show you’ll enjoy and learn from. 

First, consider what kind of podcast you want to listen to. Are you interested in the news told with just the facts, or are you looking for something with a more subjective, communicative approach? Do you want to learn about current events or broader political concepts?

It’s also a good idea to consider what political topics you’re interested in and what your own political beliefs are. This can help you select a podcast that will align with your belief system and provide you with new information that you’ll care about and be able to use to facilitate ongoing learning and discussions.

Best political podcasts in 2024

In 2024, there are many popular political podcasts available, all offering unique approaches, perspectives, and benefits. Here are 15 of the top political podcasts you should try listening to. 

1. The Rachel Maddow Show 

The Rachel Maddow Show political podcast
The Rachel Maddow Show

Host: Rachel Maddow

Hosted by MSNBC panelist Rachel Maddow, the Rachel Maddow Show offers an analytical approach to US politics. This podcast examines the January 6th hearings in detail, providing extra information and a topic breakdown that explains what’s really happening around the January 6th US Capitol riots.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast analyzes current events and provides fresh political and legal insights for listeners.

2. Pod Save America 

Pod Save America political podcast
Pod Save America

Host: Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy Vietor

Pod Save America is all things political commentary! Hosted by four former aides to US President Barack Obama, this podcast presents a unique insider’s perspective on political events, as well as analyses of the most recent news stories. As if that wasn’t enough, the show often welcomes special guests, including celebrated journalists, politicians, and activists. 

Why it’s worth a listen: This show offers a unique perspective with inside knowledge of the US political system.

3. The Daily 

The Daily poltical podcast
The Daily

Host: Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise

Sharing a new 20-minute episode every weekday, The Daily podcast is a one-stop shop for all the latest news. Covering stories from around the world clearly and succinctly, this podcast offers up-to-date information that helps listeners stay informed about current affairs and what they mean for global conditions.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast is a regular and accurate source of the latest global news stories. 

4. The NPR Politics Podcast 

NPR Poltiics podcast

Host: NPR

The NPR Politics Podcast offers a discussion on all the latest news events relating to Washington and the US political campaign trail. Breaking down political mishaps and information, this podcast goes beyond the facts to offer explanations that provide clarity often missing from mainstream media channels.

Why it’s worth a listen: This show explains the latest US political news so that listeners can understand current events more clearly.

5. Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast podcast
Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

Host: Molly Jong-Fast

Designed to offer a comedic approach to political news, Fast Politics with Molly Jong Fast gets straight to the point. This podcast asks real questions and gets real answers, all while breaking down complex political topics so that they are clear and comprehensible. Three times a week, author and host Molly shares a new episode, where she discusses political topics with the world’s leading political thinkers. 

Why it’s worth a listen: This show simplifies complex political topics and answers the questions no one else is asking.

6. Left, Right & Center 

Left, Right & Center poltical podcast
Left, Right & Center 

Host: David Greene

The Left, Right & Center podcast is home to meaningful political discussions that take a variety of viewpoints into account. Talking about major political events, from elections to trials, this podcast includes the voices of the left-leaning, the right-wing, and the middle-of-the-road voters. This makes for a nuanced conversation with plenty of room for political debate.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast includes multiple viewpoints, offering a fair and civilized political debate from the perspectives of different party lines. 

7. FiveThirtyEight Politics 

FiveThirtyEight Poltiics
Five ThirtyEight Politics

Host: Nate Silver

Covering game-changing issues and the most recent political news, the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast is a great source of political information. This show offers a discussion of hot topics in US politics, including elections, legal proceedings, and news stories. Regular episodes keep listeners informed of the latest developments. 

Why it’s worth a listen: This show is rich with details and always up to date with the latest news in the US political arena.

8. Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar 

Breaking Points with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti poltical podcast
Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar 

Host: Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti

Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar is a fearless podcast with plenty to say! Gaining popularity based on its questioning of political forces and major events, this podcast takes an anti-establishment approach. Every episode analyzes the most recent news developments from around the world while asking the kinds of questions you won’t hear anywhere else. 

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast offers a unique perspective that calls popular political narratives into question. 

9. The President’s Daily Brief 

The President's Daily Brief poltical podcast
The President’s Daily Brief

Host: Bryan Dean Wright

Hosted by former CIA operations officer Bryan Dean Wright, The President’s Daily Brief is all about the most important issues faced by the United States. Every day, this podcast addresses major political concerns affecting American people, offering a unique version of the President’s daily briefing available for public listening. 

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast includes a former CIA operations officer’s point of view on the latest, most important political events affecting the US.

10. Democracy Now! Audio 

Democracy Now! Audio political podcast
Democracy Now! Audio

Host: Amy Goodman and Juan González

The Democracy Now! Audio podcast is an independent daily program designed to provide global news headlines alongside in-depth interviews and investigative reports. With no ads or government funding, this is focused on the truth of news and politics as they relate to listeners in the US and around the world. 

Why it’s worth a listen: Completely independent, this podcast offers an honest approach to political commentary. 

11. In the Thick 

In the Thick political podcast
In the Thick 

Host: Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela

The In the Thick podcast focuses on what’s missing from mainstream news. This show asks questions and starts conversations about complex topics, including race, identity, and politics. Providing a fresh point of view and nuanced discussions, this is a great source of information you won’t hear from other reporters.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast introduces conversations about complex topics, including race and identity politics. 

12. The Weeds 

The Weeds political podcast
The Weeds 

Host: Dyland Matthews and Dara Lind

Talking about the political news that might otherwise get lost in the weeds, The Weeds podcast provides an overview of important issues that spark policy change. From housing affordability to healthcare services, immigration policies, and more, this podcast covers a little bit of everything affecting the political landscape right now. 

Why it’s worth a listen: This show covers topics that might otherwise be missed, sparking conversations about policy reform.

13. The Problem with Jon Stewart 

The Problem with Jon Stewart political podcast
The Problem with Jon Stewart

Host: Jon Stewart

The Problem with Jon Stewart walks the line between politics and comedy, bringing real, raw commentary to the latest political news. Covering a range of topics, from extremism to election campaigns, this podcast includes nuanced discussions and special interviews with expert guests, all while using humor to make politics interesting for listeners.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast brings a human approach to real, authentic political conversations. 

14. Reasons to Be Cheerful 

Reasons to be Cheerful political podcast
Reasons to Be Cheerful

Host: Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

A flagship podcast offering ideas on how to fix the world, Reasons to Be Cheerful brings optimism to political discussion. Home to progressive ideas and hope for the future, this podcast offers the expert opinions of policymakers, political campaigners, and subject experts on climate change, income inequality, systemic bias, land reform, racial injustice, and other important political issues. 

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast provides progressive solutions-focused discourse on major political challenges. 

15. Pantsuit Politics 

Pantsuit politics podcast
Pantsuit Politics

Host: Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

The Pantsuit Politics podcast prioritizes curiosity over conflict. Instead of arguing about political issues, hosts Sarah and Beth discuss recent political developments with respect for a variety of viewpoints. In every episode, listeners are invited to learn more about what’s happening in politics, asking questions and discovering new perspectives.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast is politics without the fighting, making it easy for listeners to find out more about political issues. 

Most popular political podcast

There are so many popular political podcasts with loyal listernships! Currently, one of the top-ranking political podcasts is Pod Save America. However, also high on the list are The Daily, The NPR Politics Podcast, and Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar.

Best unbiased political podcast

While many political podcasts do contain some degree of political bias, it is possible to find some podcasts that take an unbiased approach to sharing information. One such show is The Daily, hosted by The New York Times, which delivers news information based on facts, not opinions.

Best podcast for political beginners

If you’re new to political discussions, podcasts can help you learn more and begin to feel more confident in your understanding of major political issues and events. Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast is a great place to start, providing a quick, comprehensive overview of current affairs using easy-to-understand language and structures. 

Start your own political podcast with Riverside

With so many political events happening and causes to care about, you might be feeling inspired to create your own political podcast, sharing your ideas and offering your unique political perspective. 

If you’re interested in launching a political podcast, get your idea in order, and get ready to start recording! Riverside provides studio-quality recording tools that can help you capture content and produce your show with ease. 

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