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10 Best Online Voice & Audio Recorders for 2024 (Free & Paid)

Discover the 10 best online voice recorders for all budgets. We'll review each and show you how to choose the best one for high-quality audio recordings.
Stephen Robles
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October 18, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

Online audio content is quickly growing in popularity. Research shows that an estimated 209 million people listen to online audio every month in the US alone.

A high-quality online voice and audio recording tool can help you create better content that resonates with your audience. This can give you the boost you need to build your following and achieve your goals. 

Wondering where to begin when it comes to capturing better audio content? Here are some of our top tips, along with 10 incredible software tools to get you started. 

Can you record your voice online?

Thanks to the advent of digital technology, recording your voice is easy, no matter where you are or what tools you have access to. There are many web-based software programs available that can help you record high-quality voice content online, all without requiring you to download an application. 

How to choose an online voice or audio recorder

There are a few things you need to consider before selecting an online voice or audio recorder. 

Sound quality

Sound quality is a top priority when choosing an online audio and voice recorder, especially if you plan to share your content with a large audience. 

The minimum you should aim for is 44.1kHz, but for crystal clear audio we’d suggest looking at a recorder than can capture 48kHz audio. Better sound quality makes easier to hear your voice. You can also look for additional features that remove background noise, or normalize your audio for an even smoother listening experience. 

Required integrations

Next, you need to think about the additional tools and integrations you’ll rely on in order to meet your content goals. This might include editing functionalities or even audio and video syncing tools. 

When you understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your audio content, you can select an online software program that provides the features you need. Look for editing options, noise reduction, multi-track recording, and more. 

Software pricing 

In many cases, it will also be important to consider how your budget aligns with your chosen software system. Luckily, there are many great free and paid options to choose from.

Before you decide on an online recording tool, determine your maximum budget, and allot money to accommodate any relevant subscription fees. Try to choose a software system that offers what you need while remaining an affordable ongoing investment. 

5 best free online voice & audio recorders

Searching for a free online voice and audio recording tool? Here are our 5 top recommendations! 

1. AudioPal 

Ease of use: Beginner-friendly

AudioPal helps make online voice recordings easy! This software tool allows users to natively record simple audio tracks before embedding them as part of a blog or website. The program is 100% free with a beginner-friendly interface and no-host embedding options. 

Key features:

  • Text-to-speech functionality built-in
  • Option to record or upload an existing recording
  • Recording link delivered via email for embedding 

Best for: Adding audio-only content to your personal or business website.

2. Vocaroo 

Ease of use: Beginner-friendly

Vocaroo is a simple recording tool designed to provide free web-based recording options. With Vocaroo, users can quickly and easily capture basic audio content before accessing tools to auto-adjust volume and remove excess background noise. With no ads and no fees, this site is a great choice for novice recorders!

Key features:

  • Automatic volume and background noise adjustment tools
  • Tools to support audio file uploading and sharing as needed
  • Widget available for embedding the recorder on a blog or webpage

Best for: Easy sharing and embedding of audio tracks.

3. Voicecoach 

Ease of use: Beginner to intermediate

Voicecoach is a web-based MP3 recording tool with a user-friendly interface and great recording features. The system allows users to start capturing voice content quickly and simply. The program’s intuitive design makes it a great choice for beginners, all while protecting file security as much as possible.

Key features:

  • Recordings are kept private unless manually shared to server
  • Access to additional resources on enhancing voice and sound
  • Fast, effective recording functionality available 100% free

Best for: Recording audio content securely and cost-effectively.

4. Apowersoft 

Ease of use: Beginner to intermediate

Apowersoft free online audio recorder is a web-based tool with intuitive recording features. The program makes it easy for users to create good-quality recordings and also offers effective file storage solutions, including ID3 tags. These tags are metadata used to store digital information. Apowersoft supports multiple formats for a comprehensive audio capture approach.

Key features:

  • Supports multiple audio file formats as required
  • Online library with ID3 tags for storing recorded content
  • High-quality sound capture across both Windows and Mac 

Best for: Saving recordings across a variety of formats. 

5. Audio Recorder 

Ease of use: Beginner-friendly

Audio Recorder is a simple, no-download audio recording tool with easy-to-use web-based features. With this system, users can natively capture basic audio content before directly downloading recorded materials to their device. Recorded files from Audio Recorder are available in WAV format.

Key features:

  • Simple, intuitive recording tools with a user-friendly interface
  • Easy downloading to allow for fast file sharing and distribution
  • No downloads or sign ups required to use the system 

Best for: Easy, intuitive recordings without compromising quality.

5 best paid online voice & audio recorders 

Looking for extra features or a more technical audio recording solution? Try these 5 paid online voice and audio recording options. 

1. Riverside

Price: From free to $24 / month

Ease of use: Beginner to intermediate

Riverside is a video creation platform with studio-quality audio and video recording. You can record in up to 48kHz audio (and up to 4K video) without worrying about your internet connection getting in the way. This is because Riverside uses local recording and captures everything directly on each persons’ device instead of relying on your internet connection.

Our recorder also includes a script and teleprompter to help you stay on track. Record with up to 8 participants and you’ll receive separate audio and video tracks  for each. This gives you better editing flexibility, as you can edit one track without effecting the others. If you want to record and edit on one platform, then you can use Riverside’s built in text-based editor. With our editor trimming your video is as easy as editing a text transcript. Our editor works with AI transcriptions where any text you delete in your transcript, removes the matching video and audio from your recording. 

You can download these transcriptions, or you can burn them as video captions with the editor. You can also fine-tune your audio, adjust your layout and customize your video using our automated tools. 

Key features:

  • Up to 48kHZ audio quality for the best listening experience
  • Video recording and multi-track functionality for better editing
  • Highly accurate AI transcriptions available in up to 100 languages straight after recording
  • AI Magic tools including a button to automatically remove silences in your recording
  • Automatic background noise removal and audio noise normalization to keep your audio crystal clear
  • Text-based editing features to support comprehensive editing control

Best for: Achieving professional results across both video and audio. 

2. VirtualSpeech

Price: From free to $399 / year

Ease of use: Beginner-friendly

VirtualSpeech is an online recording tool with great functionality, especially for beginner users. The system includes intuitive audio capture tools alongside more advanced features, from AI-enhanced exercises to a comprehensive content library that helps users improve their skills.

Key features:

  • Access to a community forum with engaging discussion boards
  • Learning paths available to help users improve recording ability
  • Courses on offer for users interested in learning more

Best for: Learning more about how to improve recording skills.

3. Soundtrap

Price: From $10.99 to $$19.99 / month

Ease of use: Intermediate

Soundtrap is a web-based studio recording tool designed for musical use. The platform offers in-built beats and loops alongside vocal tuning and audio automations. Soundtrap also includes pattern makers and instrument options. The system even automatically stores recordings in the Cloud!

Key features:

  • Music tools, including beats, loops, and backing tracks
  • High sound quality with native vocal tuning and automations
  • Capacity to connect external microphone or another instrument

Best for: Musicians recording songs and vocal tracks.

4. Soundation

Price: From free to $29.99 / month

Ease of use: Intermediate to advanced

Soundation is designed for music producers, offering great online voice and audio recording options. With Soundation, users can use bits and samples to compile comprehensive audio recordings. The system also includes Cloud storage and a range of in-built editing functionalities.

Key features:

  • Native editing tools and features
  • Cloud storage for easy file saving
  • High-quality audio recording tools

Best for: Capturing high-quality musical recordings.

5. Flixier

Price: From free to $30 / month

Ease of use: Beginner-friendly

Flixier is a high-quality audio recording tool with great content creation options. The system includes in-built editing capability, as well as compatible video recording integrations. Flixier allows users to add sound effects as needed, all without requiring an application download. 

Key features:

  • Comprehensive native editing capabilities
  • User-friendly interface suitable even for novice users
  • Built-in access to backing track and sound effects

Best for: Easily creating and collaborating on audio recordings.

Tips for recording your voice in top-quality online

Choosing the right software is critical if you want to achieve the highest-quality results for your audio recordings. Here are our top tips for optimizing quality!

Consider your goals

When recording using an online software tool, make sure to consider your options and your content goals carefully. Always aim to select a program that supports great sound quality and effective integrations and features, from editing controls to file saving and sharing options. 

Reduce background noise

Excessive background noise can distract listeners, compromising the overall quality of your audio recording. When capturing audio content, try to set up a quiet environment with few distractions or background sounds. Stay away from noisy disruptions that could interrupt your content. When eliminating background noise isn’t possible, look for software options that can automatically reduce excess noise. 

Use effective equipment

High-quality equipment can make a big difference to content quality! While it is possible to record content using your existing devices, you’ll likely achieve better, clearer results with more professional tools. If you’re serious about improving your audio content quality, consider investing in a good studio microphone and headphones. 

Edit your content

Sometimes, the key is to edit the content you capture! After you have captured an audio recording, don’t be afraid to revisit it and edit what you hear. Eliminate long pauses or unclear dialogue, and use tools that help you enhance clarity as much as possible. This can help to ensure that your final content is as professional as it can be!

FAQs on best online voice recorders

Still unsure about how to choose the best online voice recorder? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions. 

Is online voice recorder free?

There are many online voice recorders to choose from! Many of these software solutions offer free features that can help you capture high-quality audio content at low or no cost.

How can I record my voiceover online?

You can record your voice content using any of the online voice recording tools listed in this article! Simply launch the software tool you want to use and follow the relevant instructions to start a new audio recording. 

Can I use my smartphone as a voice recorder?

You can use your smartphone as a voice recorder! You may be able to capture audio-only content using your device’s in-built voice memos application. Alternatively, you can access an online recorder using your mobile browser, or you can download a recording app, like Riverside. 

How do I record audio from my computer?

You can access any of the above voice recording tools using your computer! All you need to do is navigate to the relevant website using your internet browser. 

Want to get started with studio-quality audio recording? Try Riverside today!

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