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The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts for Laughing Out Loud - Riverside

Check out our list of the 10 best comedy podcasts that are sure to give you a good laugh. We've reviewed them and share why they're funny podcasts.
Lisa Harroy
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December 26, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

Comedy podcasts are one of the most popular types of podcasts out there, pulling in a massive 35% of listeners. Part of the reason they have been so successful is because of the number of amazing, laugh-out-loud podcasts available. So how can you get involved in the fun?

Well, whether you’re looking for a way to get into comedy, or you’re a well-established fan searching for your next great listen, we’ve got you covered. Our list of the 10 best comedy podcasts covers a range of comedy genres, hosts, and styles so that whatever your taste in comedy, you’ll find the perfect podcast to entertain you.

What to look for in a comedy podcast?

Choosing the right comedy podcast can boost your day with an injection of humor and have you cracking up over hilarious jokes. But what should you look for in the best comedy podcasts?

Compared to other podcasts, finding a show with hosts that really appeal to you is even more vital with comedy podcasts. After all, humor is subjective and what someone else finds funny might not get even a chuckle out of you. So first of all, think about your own comedy taste. You should look for a podcast that gets as close to this as possible, for example, one with sarcastic hosts, live stand-up, or with special guests sharing comedic stories.

For comedy podcasts with more than one host, look for a good sense of chemistry between the hosts. The more comfortable they are with their conversations, the more jokes they are likely to make.

Most of the amazing podcasts in this list involve storytelling, interviews, and the element of surprise. This last feature is perhaps the most important. Great comedy usually catches you off-guard, so try out a few podcasts with this in mind. The more you listen to, the more you will develop a sense of what you really love in a comedy podcast.

10 Best Comedy Podcasts in 2022

There are so many entertaining comedy podcasts available that it’s hard to filter them down to the very best ones. However, we have accepted this challenge, and bring you this list of the 10 best comedy podcasts that we think will have you laughing out loud. This list contains podcasts from various categories of comedy, with tones ranging from sarcastic and lighthearted to roasts and dark humor. There truly is something for everyone, so we hope you’ll read on to find your perfect podcast match.

1. Whiskey Ginger with Andrew Santino

Whiskey Ginger
Whiskey Ginger

Host: Andrew Santino

Rating: 4.8 Stars – Apple Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by the hilarious Andrew Santino, a comedian known for his roles in Sin City Saints and Dave. Andrew, a well-connected comic ready to get stuck into conversation with anyone, interviews his comedian friends and uncovers funny stories about their past. Over a glass of whiskey, guests including Annie Lederman, Andrew Shulz, and Paul Virzi share experiences that are sure to make you laugh.

Why we think it’s funny:

Andrew Santino is a charismatic host, always ready to poke fun at himself and his guests. This podcast is packed with sarcasm, hypothetical scenarios, and reflections on the crazy lives of fellow comedians. Santino and his guests tell hilarious stories about misunderstandings, strange social situations, and bizarre childhood experiences. From Paul Virzi’s memories of living next door to Yannis Pappas to Pauly Shore’s stories about the famous London comedy club The Comedy Store, the conversations in this podcast are hysterical. If you’re looking for a podcast with unique conversations that will have you laughing with each episode, you really should check this one out.


Kill Tony comedy podcast
Kill Tony

Hosts: Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban

Rating: 4.7 Stars – Apple Podcasts

KILL TONY is a podcast recorded live every week from Pour Choices bar in Austin, Texas. Every episode puts the spotlight on a different line-up of stand-up comics. They each have one minute to perform a set to impress not only the live audience but judges and comedy legends Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban. 

Why we think it’s funny:

KILL TONY is the perfect podcast for anyone looking to hear from refreshing new comics each week. Its format as a broadcast of live, stand-up sets adds an exciting and gripping edge to the podcast - anything could happen, so you won't want to miss an episode! This podcast is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud with the variety of talented comics who perform, and the charged atmosphere of the audience laughing along. One consistent feature is the roasting by Tony and Brian at the end of each comic’s sketch. This adds an extra layer of entertainment, as Tony and Brian hold nothing back and hilariously roast any comedian in the firing line! 

3. SmartLess

Smartless comedy podcast

Hosts: Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett

Rating: 4.7 Stars – Apple Podcasts

This podcast consists of comical interviews and conversations between the main three hosts. Each episode also features a special guest that one of the hosts has invited, but the other two don’t know the identity of. When the special guest is revealed an entirely unscripted, off-the-cuff, and hilarious interview takes place. 

Why we think it’s funny:

It’s no wonder that SmartLess is consistently at the top of the Apple Comedy charts, with three hilarious celebrity actors hosting each episode. The friendship and chemistry between Jason, Sean, and Will carry the show as they are comfortable enough around each other to crack jokes and poke fun at the stories they tell. The idea of a surprise guest only one of the hosts knows about in advance is incredibly entertaining and adds an element of surprise and improvised comedy to the podcast. The guests featured in this podcast are huge names, including Katy Perry and Ethan Hawke! Listening to these global celebrities tell entertaining, unheard stories about their life is a very amusing experience.

4. Ear Biscuits

Ear biscuits comedy podcast
Ear Biscuits

Hosts: Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal

Rating: 4.9 Stars – Apple Podcasts

Rhett and Link, creators of the hugely successful YouTube show Good Mythical Morning, turn their talents to podcasting with Ear Biscuits. Tune in for weekly episodes where the pair reveal hilarious stories such as their ‘dad vacation’ which went horribly wrong or react to crazy confessions from their audience.

 Why we think it’s funny:

The chemistry between Rhett and Link which propelled their YouTube channel to greatness shines through in this podcast. Their candid and laid-back approach allows them to tell the most ridiculous stories about their past experiences openly, revealing embarrassing details about themselves. Rhett and Link’s no holds barred attitude means they dive into topics like song lyrics they misheard and people they are jealous of with hilarious honesty.

5. Teachers Off Duty

Teachers off duty comedy podcast
Teachers Off Duty

Hosts: Lauran Woolley, Rebecca Rogers, and Briana Richardson

Rating: 4.8 Stars – Apple Podcasts

Made world famous by their popular TikTok channel Bored Teachers, the hosts of this comical podcast spill the beans on life as teachers and the funniest things they’ve ever experienced at school. Tune in for stories about ridiculous parent-teacher conferences, and learn the truth about what teachers really get up to on spring break with the candid confessions from these teachers.

Why we think it’s funny:

Have you ever looked back on your time at school and remembered some crazy experiences? Then you’ll love the stories from Lauran, Rebecca, and Briana, who reveal their wildest teaching stories in this relentlessly funny podcast. What makes this podcast laugh out loud hilarious is its brutal honesty. You might think of teachers as being serious, and maybe even boring. But this trio proves all of that to be wrong with comic stories the most chaotic children they’ve ever taught and their most embarrassing teacher fails.

6. Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Your Mom's House with Tom Segura Christina P comedy podcast
Your Mom's House with Tom Seugra * Christina P

Hosts: Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Rating: 4.8 Stars – Apple Podcasts

Married couple Christina and Tom share all the funny highs and lows of parenthood in this podcast. Both comedians, this hilarious couple talk through messy port-a-potty situations and parenthood fails as they reveal all the weird situations parents find themselves in. They are often joined by special guest comics such as Danny Brown and Brian Simpson.

 Why we think it’s funny:

Christina and Tom are a comedy powerhouse, it’s hilarious to listen to them feeding off each other’s energy and jokes. They bare their souls in every episode, even going into secret kinks and parenting fears. Their observational comedy is side-splittingly funny, as they reflect on their judgments about gross dads and angry moms. The pair often dive into reaction comedy by responding to TikToks which really get them chuckling. Conversations with guests take funny, unpredictable tangents as they reveal surprising stories about their pasts. 

7. Normal Gossip

Normal Gossip comedy podcast
Normal Gossip

Host: Kelsey McKinney

Rating: 4.9 Stars – Apple Podcasts 

Kelsey McKinney responds to the most outrageous gossip sent to her by her audience in this confessional podcast. Kelsey judges, unpicks, and laughs at the hilarious secret lives of strangers, getting invested in all the scandals and stories sent her way. She even invites special guests to join in the fun with her.

Why we think it’s funny:

Listening to this podcast feels like eavesdropping on the secret and funny conversations between close friends. The rapport between Kelsey and each guest she has on allows them to really dig into the gossip they have been sent. They give hilarious reactions (and sometimes bad advice!) to what they read out. Under the cover of anonymity, you’d be shocked about ridiculously embarrassing stories people are willing to reveal…

8. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah comedy podcast
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

Host: Trevor Noah

Rating: 4.7 Stars – Apple Podcasts 

Trevor Noah has made a name for himself as the hilarious and brutally honest host of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. For those looking to laugh at the best moments of this famous show, or experience a slice of Trevor’s comedy without tuning into a full episode, this podcast is the perfect solution. Check out this podcast for highlights and bonus content from The Daily Show With Trevor Noah that are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

 Why we think it’s funny:

These short podcast episodes are perfect for those little moments in your day when you need something funny to lighten your mood. Trevor Noah has a talent for finding comedy in the news. His successful TV show, from which this podcast gets its entertaining highlights, examines the biggest headlines from the day’s news with wit and sarcasm. Noah’s dark and clever sense of humor makes this the best comedy podcast for fans of wild and creative one-liners.

9. Office Ladies

Office Ladies comedy podcast
Office Ladies

Hosts: Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

Rating: 4.9 Stars – Apple Podcasts

Despite the hostile relationship between their characters on The Office, Jenna and Angela are real-life best friends! They bring you this podcast with every funny detail about filming The Office that you could ever want to know. Each episode of the podcast dives into one episode of the show, with special guests and untold stories from the set.

Why we think it’s funny: 

This podcast is essentially comedy on comedy, with Jenna and Angela’s hilarious reactions to the incredibly funny episodes of the office. A perfect watch for fans of the TV show, this podcast isn’t simply a retelling of the episodes but provides a candid and comedic look behind the scenes. The podcast is charmingly lighthearted and features their celebrity ex-co-stars as guests! From Ed Helms to Nancy Walls Carell, these brilliant comedic guests recall their own memories and off-screen antics in each amusing episode.

 10. Small Town Murder

Small Town Murder comedy podcast
Small Town Murder

Hosts: James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman

Rating: 4.9 Stars – Apple Podcasts

Each episode of this unique podcast holds up a magnifying glass to a small town with a dark past. Comedian hosts James and Jimmie take a look at the people and history that make up each place, and the terrible tragedy that happened there. Putting their comedic spin on true crime, the hosts mingle darkness with laughter in their conversations.

Why we think it’s funny:

If you enjoy both comedy and true crime, you’ll love this mashup podcast which brings you the best of both worlds. The sarcastic hosts fixate on hilariously small details in the stories they discuss, such as why the victim would eat fish sticks over any other snack. Often spinning off from crime stories in very funny tangents, the hosts make for amusingly unpredictable narrators of crime drama.

The Top Funniest Podcasts for Everyone

Now that you’ve read through our top ten best comedy podcasts, you may have chosen a brilliant new show to listen to. On the other hand, you might still be feeling stuck - with all these great options, how can you make a choice? 

Have no fear, we have identified some podcasts that we feel are best suited to different comedy preferences. Scroll through the podcasts below to find the ideal listen in each specific category.

Best Stand-Up Comedy Podcast

If stand-up comedy is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with KILL TONY. Hosts Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban, both renowned comedians themselves, judge a different set of stand up comedians on their one-minute sets each week. Much to the amusement of the live studio audience, Brian and Tony are both experienced comedy roasters ready to criticize the comics with exaggerated and sarcastic comments.

Best Improvised Comedy Podcast

I Don’t Know About That is a podcast hosted by Australian actor and comedian, Jim Jefferies. This brilliant podcast is rated 4.8 Stars on Apple Podcasts, and we can see why with its original concept. In each episode, Jim must answer questions about a topic sprung on him by surprise, and which he knows hardly anything about. Naturally, this creates hilarious results. Even better – he is often up against special guests with real experience about each topic. Listen to Jim try to talk his way around professional rodeo or meteorology while professors and athletes review his answers, and laugh at the hilarious results! 

Best History Comedy Podcast

Want to laugh out loud while learning a bit of history? Go and listen to You’re Dead to Me, hosted by the brilliant and ridiculously funny Greg Jenner. Each episode of this podcast takes a look at a different historical person or event, and all the silly details surrounding that piece of the past. Greg Jenner’s witty observations will have you chuckling along to every episode. Greg is an expert at unpacking the lives of historical figures from royals to pirates, and finding comedic details about them to make you chuckle while learning weird new facts about the past.

Best New Comedy Podcast

British couple Sophie Habboo and Jaimie Laing found fame - and love - on the popular TV show Made in Chelsea. As the engaged pair look ahead to their wedding day, they reflect on the past in their podcast NearlyWeds. Sophie and Jaimie reveal ridiculous stories about their most embarrassing moments, dating misfortunes, and each other’s funniest habits. This pair is ready to share everything, and their ability to make fun of each other makes for endless entertainment. Despite only starting in March of 2022 and with 25 episodes so far, this podcast has already built up a serious following of fans who love Jamie and Sophie’s antics.

Best Comedy Podcasts for Teens

Few people have led a life more varied, chaotic, and ridiculous than YouTube sensation David Dobrik. Hear stories about his crazy friends and stunts that went wrong on his tell-all podcast, VIEWS. David hosts the show together with Jason Nash, the self-titled ‘old man’ of the famous Vlog Squad group of YouTube creators. The chemistry and banter between these two will have you laughing out loud as they delve into unbelievable stories about pranks, funny celebrity interactions, and their most embarrassing moments.   

Where can you find the best comedy podcasts?

The two best listening apps to find great comedy podcasts on are Apple Podcasts and Spotify. They contain a huge variety of content you can access from a computer or smartphone, and you have the ability to filter their podcasts by genre. You can even read reviews on Apple Podcasts and Spotify to find out more about a podcast before you commit to listening. Alternatively, you can also find great comedy podcasts on Youtube, Google Podcasts, and Audible. 

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