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7 Top Internal Communication Video Examples to Learn From

Learn how to create internal communication videos that boost employee engagement. We share 7 effective examples, show you how to create your own.
Abel Grunfeld
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March 3, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

“Let’s turn this email into a meeting!” Said no one, ever. But what about “Give me a dense handbook instead of a few short videos?” (crickets)

There’s a perfect format for everything, but let’s face it: most things work better as a video. Whether you’re training new employees, reinforcing company culture, or holding organizational town halls, internal video communication can be an effective and engaging way to get your message across. 

In this article, we’ll show you why you should consider implementing an internal video communication strategy. Then, we’ll look at a few internal video examples to inspire you.

What are internal communication videos?

Instead of being made for the general public, internal communication videos are for sharing information or updates with members of your organization.

These videos aren’t made for marketing purposes or for updating external stakeholders; they’re intended for a more limited, internal audience. You can use internal communication videos for training, announcements, recruiting, and more.

Why should you implement an internal video communication strategy?

Internal communication videos are a valuable and engaging format for cultivating company culture and streamlining communication across time zones, learning styles, and language. In fact, 48% of employees consider video to be the most engaging communication channel. The benefits of using video for internal communication include:

More engaging 

It’s hard to break through the information overload in modern workplaces—which is why video can often do more than an email or newsletter. Internal videos can pack a lot of information into a short clip, and keep your audience’s attention throughout.

More accessible

Not everyone is a visual learner. Video communication accommodates more learning styles by providing a flexible way to consume information. Some employees retain information better from hearing it, while others may be able to benefit from a video’s subtitles or translated captions.

Adds a human touch

The larger your organization, the more risk of sounding cold and distant in corporate communiques. Video helps add a human touch by showing a real person, making it feel more like a conversation than a memo. Internal videos can help bridge the gap for remote teams by cultivating a sense of connection and community.

Allows for asynchronous communication

While video meetings or live webinars require every participant to be present in real time, you can view internal communication videos asynchronously. This means you’re still conveying complex and vital information to your team, but every audience member can absorb it at a time most convenient for them.

Lets you be more creative

While there are always ways to be creative with written text, video messages bring in a whole new range of options. You can experiment with different formats, styles, and effects to help make your videos more entertaining and engaging. The dynamic nature of video content lets you capture your audience’s attention better—and in turn, convey messages more effectively.

Types of internal communication videos

Video for internal communications can take many forms, such as:

Internal newsletters

These mass emails sent to every employee or department member could also include videos to better communicate an announcement or policy change.

Training and onboarding

 Videos make great resources for new hires seeking to learn about your organization, core values, and how to do their jobs effectively. By adding a human touch with video, you help improve the onboarding process and increase employee morale.

Town hall meetings

Organization-wide meetings and town halls are another way to connect, reinforce company culture, and communicate important information to employees. 

Recruitment videos

While these videos technically go to external viewers, their intention is to build an internal team. It can be easier to stand out from the crowd with dynamic, engaging video content in your recruitment materials rather than text alone.

Company culture and values

Periodic videos about organizational values can reinforce your brand culture for new and existing employees alike. 

Announcement videos and leadership comms

If you’ve ever played the telephone game, you know how quickly a message can become garbled. That’s why company announcement videos help ensure each employee receives the same update as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Employee recognition

Featuring a video of your high-performing employees in your internal newsletters can help boost morale and engagement. These quick and simple videos are a great way to show your team how much you value their contributions.

7 Internal communication video examples to inspire your strategy

Now that you have a general idea of why and how internal video can be useful to your organization, let’s look at a few quality examples from large and small brands alike.

1. Emory University: Working at Emory 

Best for: Employee recruitment

This video is a fairly straightforward recruitment video from various Emory University employees discussing what they like about working on campus. Speakers discuss perks, activities, team culture, and job flexibility. The video is also intercut with scenes from campus, whether it be students lounging on the quad or a musical performance.

This video isn’t anything flashy or especially creative—but it focuses on authentic contributions from real people. Many of the testimonials focus on team culture and the satisfying nature of the work at Emory.

2. Vyond: Etiquette for Conference Calls 

Best for: Animated training video for teams

This two-minute educational video is a great example of using animation to get a point across. It has upbeat music and pleasing colors, with effective use of text in combination with cute graphics. 

You’ll notice that the animation style isn’t overdone or too detailed; keeping things simple reduces distractions. 

3. wayForward: Effective Communication

Best for: Company culture and values

This video mixes animation with a whiteboard presentation style. A hand “draws” the elements of the video as the narrator speaks about them. The content includes actionable tips organized into an easily digestible presentation.

Companies can use videos like this one to communicate company culture and values, just a few minutes at a time.

4. Zendesk: This is Zendesk

Best for: Company culture and recruitment

Here’s another example of a recruitment video that adds a bit more production value and creativity. In this video, a single narrator speaks over an upbeat, modern music track. 

The theme of the video is “This is Zendesk,” where the narrator shows all the different ways to describe the company and its employees, products, culture, and values. The video effectively mixes useful information, aspirational features, and dry humor to draw in the right prospective employees.

5. Grammarly: Culture Video

Best for: Company culture

This video from Grammarly showcases the company’s culture by taking talking head snippets from its executive team, including the CEO, VP of engineering, product manager, and more. It uses upbeat music (that swells and changes with the emotional beats of the video) and intermixes talking head snippets with b-roll of employees working at the company.

Also, as participants are speaking, the video adds graphics to correct their grammar as if you’re using Grammarly’s tool. This simple addition is a fun and creative way to stay on-brand and demonstrate the core nature of the company’s product.

6. TrueCar: CEO Welcome Video

Best for: Employee welcome and onboarding

This video comes directly from the CEO—and it adds a human element and humor from the start. The video starts in a typical way; the CEO is dressed in a suit, introducing himself. Then he calls “cut” and asks if he can be more himself. He appears in a casual outfit and begins talking in a down-to-earth manner, welcoming new employees to the business.

This video is a great example of how a little creativity and levity can set new employees at ease and set the tone for what it’s like to work at your organization.

7. Actimo: Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Best for: Employee recognition

This short video is a simple yet effective employee recognition video. The background music is emotional and driving, while the main format of the video is simple but effective. Each employee is handed a note and asked to read it aloud—and each note is from an anonymous coworker, listing the things they like about the employee. 

This format is a great way to showcase real employee reactions to receiving praise and positive feedback. It’s a heartwarming and emotional video that brings a smile to any viewer’s face.

How to create your own internal communication videos with Riverside

If you’re considering establishing an internal video communication strategy, it’s important to invest in a quality recording and editing setup.

Riverside is an all-in-one recording and editing studio that makes it easy to create professional-quality videos. Whether you’re recording a branded podcast, social media marketing content, or internal videos for employees, Riverside can get you there—all in up to 4K video resolution and uncompressed WAV audio.

Riverside internal communication

Riverside’s key benefits include:

  • Remote recording with up to 7 guests so you can create internal videos worldwide
  • High quality with up to 4K video and 48kHz audio resolution
  • Separate audio and video track recording to give you more editing flexibility
  • Asynchronous recording for ease and convenience
  • Teleprompter feature for easy and professional recording in one take
  • Separate tracks for easy editing
  • AI transcriptions for quick and accurate captions and text-based editing
  • AI summaries to keep your team in the loop when in a rush
  • Editor to perform basic post-production workflows with just a click
  • Live streaming with the option to push your stream to social media platforms or any custom RTMP.

To get started creating your own library of internal videos with Riverside, follow these steps:

  • Create a studio. First, click the “+” icon in the top left of your dashboard to get started. Give your studio a name and customize the settings.
  • Invite guests. Once you join your studio, click “Copy link” to easily invite webinar guests or remote collaborators with a single click. Guests can join with a click too, with no downloads or installations needed.
  • Hit record. Once every guest has entered the studio, start recording. With Riverside’s built-in teleprompter, producer mode, and media board features, you can easily create professional videos with minimal retakes and editing hours.
  • Edit the recording. Riverside’s video editor automates your editing tasks, like audio normalization, background noise removal, and video layout and design. You can also navigate the timeline or make edits using the AI transcription, and the Magic Clips feature turns long-form video content into bite-sized clips for social media.
  • Download and share the video. Each video is available for download in WAV or mp4, and Riverside also supports exporting to editing platforms like Descript and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Best practices to make your internal video communication strategy effective

Get creative

Your employees are used to bland corporate videos—and they’ll likely tune those out. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when designing and recording your videos. Try incorporating interesting music, graphics, humor, and even animation to keep the viewers’ interest.

Don’t cut corners on equipment

While you don’t need a Hollywood-level setup for your internal comms videos, having the basics is important for creating quality content. After all, your staff won’t want to watch grainy footage or listen to muddled audio. Check out our guides on the best microphones and video cameras to get started—and don’t forget to invest in quality recording and editing software to really make your videos shine.

Make internal communication part of the routine

For best effectiveness, your internal videos shouldn’t be few and far between. Make internal communication a regular event. This communication method is a great way to incorporate more transparency and cultural cohesion within your organization—and it works best when employees expect it on a regular basis. 

Every video should have a clear objective

While it’s a good idea to create a regular internal communication schedule, don’t create a video just to create one. Every video—and piece of communication in general—should have a clear purpose and goal. Establish your objective before doing anything else, whether it’s writing a script or choosing a video style.

Learn more: Corporate Communication in a Virtual World (Best-Practices) 

FAQs on Internal Communication Video Strategies

How can I make internal communication videos fun?

Corporate videos don’t have to be dry and boring. Spice yours up with interesting music, graphics, and even animation—and don’t be afraid to sprinkle in a little humor! Adding a human element goes a long way in both capturing interest and sticking in the viewer’s memory.  

How long should an internal communication video be?

For the sake of your staff’s attention spans, try to keep your videos under two minutes. For longer or more in-depth videos, aim for five minutes or less. If you need to convey a lot of information, consider breaking your videos down into a series.

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