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7 Innovative Corporate Interview Videos Ideas to Boost Your Brand

Enhance your marketing strategy with these 7 innovative corporate interview video ideas. Highlight your company brand and engage with your audience.
Abel Grunfeld
Head of Marketing
Last Updated:
March 10, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

There’s a reason that 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool: high levels of engagement, great ROI and a chance to humanize your brand. You can create compelling marketing materials through corporate interview videos that showcase real people from your business. 

The key to creating corporate interview videos that do your brand justice is knowing which tools to use and the right questions to ask. 

In this article, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to creating professional corporate interview videos. We’ve also compiled a list of ideas and questions to ask to get you started. 


  • Corporate interview videos are where you interview someone from your business (or a customer) about a certain topic. 
  • You can announce product launches, highlight employee experience, or talk about your business’s story in a corporate interview video
  • This kind of video is easy to make, compelling, and promises great engagement 
  • Use Riverside to record studio-quality remote corporate interview videos, quickly and seamlessly. 

What is a Corporate Interview Video?

You might be wondering what a corporate interview video is. Though it sounds like a recording of a job candidate interview, it’s actually a type of corporate marketing content. 

In typical corporate interview videos, someone from the business - whether an executive or an employee - sits down to talk about your business’ work, in an interview format. 

Corporate videos are an effective medium for humanizing your business, spotlighting a particular aspect of your work, and connecting with your target audience, amongst other things. 

Why Should You Use Corporate Interview Videos

If you’re deciding whether you should include corporate interview videos in your business’ marketing strategy, let us convince you: 

Diversify your marketing 

A great reason to use corporate interview videos is to diversify your marketing content output. This will ultimately build brand awareness and reach new audiences. 

Deep engagement 

Corporate interview videos promise a great level of viewer engagement, since people absorb 95%  of the message while watching videos, compared to 10% of information while reading text. 


The best reason to create corporate interview videos is because it’s easy. Tools like Riverside make the recording process intuitive and straightforward. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Interview Videos

Advantages of Corporate Interview Videos

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of creating corporate interview videos: 

Humanize your business 

A corporate interview video is a perfect way to add a human touch to your business. Though written marketing and advertising material is effective, video's audio-visual power is unique. This is especially true because of the conversational nature of an interview.

Platform key messaging 

As a core part of your marketing strategy, your corporate interview videos should highlight key messaging about your business.

Address concerns directly 

If you want to answer concerns or common questions, a corporate interview video lets you address these directly.

Reach a wider audience 

In the same way that corporate interview videos are an excellent way to diversify your marketing material, it’s also an essential way of expanding your reach. 

Disadvantages of Corporate Interview Videos 

Time commitment 

A big concern is the time commitment a corporate interview video requires. Carving out the time to record a marketing video in a fast-paced business environment can be difficult. Although, the ability to record remotely and quickly with tools like Riverside minimizes the time-investment needed. 

Logistical Considerations 

If you’re recording with an executive or employee from your company, you’ll have to find time in their schedules. Equally, if you want to record a customer testimonial-type video, you’ll need to contact and coordinate with those customers to find a time that suits everyone. You’ll also need to think about how and where you’ll be recording and who will be in charge of the whole process. 

7 Best Corporate Interview Videos Ideas (With Questions You Can Ask) 

We’ve put together a list of video ideas to inspire you. 

Product/Service Launch 

A corporate interview video is perfect for announcing a new product or service launch. You can record your own employees or executives talking passionately about your new product, its key features, and how it works. 

A good example of this is Shopify’s Markets Pro launch video. In an interview format, Jelani Lewis, a support advisor at the company, talks us through what Markets Pro is and why Shopify launched it. 

Business Introduction 

It’s a good idea to produce a ‘boilerplate’ type corporate interview video introducing new customers to your business. This should give viewers a basic overview of your product or services, what you do, and your core business values. 

Uber introduces itself to its customers through this video talking about what it is, how it works, and why it exists. 

Thought Leadership 

An interview video is the ultimate medium to establish your credibility and expertise in your field. You can choose to interview a particular founder or employee from your business or gather a group together to delve deep into a topical issue that relates to your business. By demonstrating an intimate understanding of your field and establishing yourselves as thought leaders, you’ll strengthen your business’ credibility and reputation. 

Simon Sineks’ content is the perfect example of thought leadership. Take this video called ‘you are only competing against yourself’ which succinctly explains Sinek’s take on what it really means to be a leader. 

Founder Story 

Why not sit your business’ founders to talk about their story? This could include why and how they launched the business, and its foundational values and aims. This is an effective way of communicating your business history through a relatable voice. 

TechCrunch has a ‘Founder Stories’ series where they sit down with and interview CEOs and Founders to find out about their journeys. 

Insight into Life at Your Business 

Interview different employees from various departments in your business about what it’s like working with you. This insight will give potential recruits a valuable touch point for your company culture, the realities of working with you, and the kinds of people they’ll be working with. 

Patagonia put together a company story video in collaboration with Deloitte US. The video includes the company’s VP of HR, Finance and Legal talking about Patagonia’s core values and culture with B-roll footage showing what it’s like to work there. 

Customer Testimonials

Nothing is more compelling than genuine customer testimonials. Asking your customers to sit down for a short interview and share their experience using your product or enlisting your services is a great way of promoting your business without having to self-promote. 

Direct Agents sat down with their client, Belkin International, to ask them about why and how they use their services in this customer testimonial corporate interview video. 

Customer FAQs

If you often get the same kinds of questions from your clients and customers, why not address them in an ‘FAQs’ type corporate video. 

VPN pro answers all the most common questions about using VPNs in this talking head interview video:

Questions to Ask in a Corporate Interview Video: 

Once you’ve chosen your video’s format, you’ll need to start planning. Here are some ideas for the kinds of questions you can ask. 

Product/Service Launch 

  • Can you explain the new product/service? 
  • How does it work? What is the fee/pricing structure? 
  • What are the key USPs of this new product service? 
  • What market gap is this product/service filling? 
  • How did you develop this new product/service? 

Business Introduction 

  • Can you explain what the business does? 
  • What’s different about what you do? 
  • What are the business’s core values? 
  • What are the next steps for the business? 
  • Can you share some of the business’ key milestones and achievements? 

Founder Story 

  • Tell us about how you came up with the idea for the business
  • What is your background? 
  • Tell us about what it’s been like to grow this business 
  • Can you share some of the business achievements you are most proud of?
  • What’s next for your business? 

Insight into Life at Your Business  

  • Why did you choose to work at the business? 
  • Describe what it’s like working at the business. 
  • Why do you enjoy working at the business? 
  • What does your day-to-day look like? 

Customer FAQs

  • Instead of coming up with your own questions, ask your customers on social media to share their queries with you. Pick from the entries and answer these in your corporate interview video. 

How To Film A Corporate Interview Video With Riverside

Choosing Riverside to record your corporate interview video will ensure your whole workflow is as seamless as it should be. The most significant advantage is that you can record all your videos remotely, which will minimize all the logistical considerations you need to consider. 

Here’s a quick look at Riverside’s key features:

  • Local recording. Riverside records each participant on their own device rather than over the internet. This means that your final recording will be as crystal-clear as you see it on your own device. You don’t have to worry about weak internet connection affecting your video quality. 
  • 4K video & high-quality audio. Record high-quality remote video and audio straight from your browser. 
  • Business plan. Riverside’s Business plan caters directly to corporate accounts. Enjoy collaborative working & user permissions so that your whole team can get involved. 
  • Mobile app. Join from your Android or iPhone and record on the go.
  • Multitrack recording. Each guest audio and video record automatically onto an individual track for maximized control during post-production.  
  • Guest device controls. If you’re on a Business plan, you get the ability to manage your guests’ audio levels and their input/output devices. You can also control the temperature and exposure of your guests’ camera (when they join from the iOS app). 
  • Custom branding so you can brand the whole recording experience 
  • Up to 7 guests. Record with up to 7 remote guests.  
  • Progressive upload. Riverside uploads your recording during your session. This minimizes the risk of losing your data and you don’t have to wait long for files to download after recording. 
  • Text-based video and audio editor for easily trimming and navigating through your recording. Any text you delete in your recording transcript automatically removes the matching content in your actual video.
  • Automated editing tools. Get your recording ready to upload with quick automated tools for fine-tuning audio, and customizing your videos with your logo.
  • Riverside's Magic Clips lets you create short-form social-media promotional videos as part of your recording workflow. Clips are the perfect way to engage your audience on social and drive traffic to watch the whole interview. 
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How to record corporate videos with Riverside 

Recording with Riverside is easy for both a host and guests. Here’s how it works: 

Step 1: First, you’ll need to create your Riverside account if you haven’t already. Once you’re logged in and In your Riverside dashboard, hit ‘+ New Studio’. 

Step 2: Give your new studio a name and make sure to choose ‘Audio and Video’. When you’re ready to go, click ‘Enter Studio’

Creating a new studio for recording corporate video interviews on Riverside

Step 3: Don’t worry, you don’t end up in your recording studio straight away. Here in the Lobby, you get the chance to add your name, check how you look, and make sure that you’ve selected the correct mic and camera. When you’re happy with everything, hit ‘Join Studio’

Checking equipment before recording a corporate video interview on Riverside

Step 4: Now you’ll find yourself in your recording studio. At this point, it’s time to invite your remote guests. You’ll find the ‘copy link’ or ‘invite by email’ buttons on the right hand side of your recording studio. Your guests can join from desktop or using their mobiles. 

Recording a corporate video interview on Riverside

Step 5: When everyone is in position and ready to go, click the red record button at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 6: When you’ve wrapped up your recording, head to the bottom bar and click the red ‘hang up’ button to ‘end the session for all’. 

Step 7: You’ll be taken automatically to your Recordings page where you can see each participant’s individual recording tracks. Either export them or head to the in-built editor. 

Read more: The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Video Production

FAQs on corporate interview videos

What should you avoid in a corporate video interview?

Here are a few pointers about what to avoid in your corporate interview videos: 

  • Looking unprofessional. Your video needs to represent your business. This means maintaining professionalism in the look and tone of the video. 
  • Videos that are too long. You should produce videos that are to the point to engage your audience. 
  • Bad quality. Your corporate videos must be produced to a professional standard. This is important for conveying a strong and sleek brand image.

What can you use corporate video interviews for?

As we’ve seen, corporate interview videos are versatile marketing material. You can post them on your business socials as well as your own website. 

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