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UStudio Review & Walkthrough: Private Podcasting for Businesses

UStudio is a private podcasting, livestreaming, & on-demand streaming solution for business. Read our uStudio review to find out what the platform offers.
Stephen Robles
Video & Podcast Creator
Last Updated:
October 23, 2022
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

UStudio is more than just a podcast host. Rather, it’s a business-oriented software that supports podcasting, livestreaming, and more. UStudio is based on the claim that using media to convey internal communications is 500%  more effective than email. Obviously, uStudio’s target audience isn’t podcasters, but businesses looking to change up their in-house communication strategy, record podcasts, town-hall meetings and interact with their workforce in a different way. This review and walkthrough will look at the ‘ins and outs’ of the platform and show you how uStudio might be able to help your business. 


  • uStudio is a private podcasting, livestreaming and on-demand streaming solution for business. 
  • You can create private secure RSS feeds that are only available to your internal network. 
  • uStudio integrates directly with your existing IT infrastructure for seamless implementation. 

What is UStudio 

UStudio offers businesses a private podcasting, livestreaming, and recording solution that is easy to use and highly secure. Essentially, UStudio aims to equip corporate clients with everything they need to deliver their multi-media internal communications. 

How much does UStudio cost? 

In order to get a full picture of how much uStudio costs, you’ll need to get in touch with the platform. 

Advantages of UStudio


UStudio caters to a very focused and specific audience: businesses. Though podcasters may need to look elsewhere, if you’re a business looking for software to cover all of your internal communication needs, then UStudio certainly is a strong contender. 

Varied functions

UStudio isn’t only for internal podcasting. Users can make use of UStudio’s live streaming audio and video features, interactive video players, and analytics. 


UStudio ensures that users can deliver their content as securely and privately as possible. You’ll have the ability to implement as much security as you ended and whatever authentication protocols you see fit. That includes what uStudio refers to as ‘security checkpoints’ and multi-tier authentication. 

Intuitive user management

uStudio has several user management features that are designed with businesses in mind. You can manage, add, edit and remove your employees programmatically and segment your audience so that your workers can only access the content that’s intended for them. 

Web and Mobile App 

UStudio has a web and mobile app, which means your employees can access your content straight from their browser or from their device when they’re on the go. 

Supports real-time & on-demand streaming 

UStudio makes sure that your employees can access your content everywhere and anywhere. They can download and stream your podcast when and where they want to or tune in to your live town-hall meeting. 


You can access in-depth stats and analytics about how your podcast is performing and whether your employees are tuning in as much as you want them to be. 


UStudio allows its users to customize their interface to ensure it aligns with your corporate branding. 

Choose between app-only & full stack 

You can choose to only use the UStudio app or opt for the full-stack package depending on your needs. Either integrate UStudio seamlessly into your pre-existing IT infrastructure or get fully kitted out with UStudio’s whole range of features. 

Disadvantages of uStudio 

Business audience

This is only a disadvantage if you’re a podcaster looking for a podcast host. Since uStudio is totally geared towards a business audience, its features probably won’t fulfill podcasters’ expectations. 

No creation function 

Though uStudio does allow you to live stream events and then save the recording as a podcast, it doesn’t appear to have a native podcast creator as such. This might be an issue if you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution. 

Key features of uStudio

Private podcasting & bespoke app

uStudio allows you to create private podcasts that can be delivered securely to your workers’ devices. With uStudio, you essentially get to create a podcast that’s purely for you and your employees to use and enjoy. 

Live streaming 

You can use UStudio for more than just podcasting. Livestream your conference calls, client meetings, town-halls, or updates, and allow your workers to tune-in directly from their uStudio app. 

Plus, your employees don’t need to navigate complex dial-in codes or passwords. All they need to do is tap their app and start listening. 

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On-demand Video Channels 

You can create a browsable catalog of corporate videos which uStudio likens to ‘Netflix’ for enterprise. Your employees will be able to access your video content anywhere and everywhere. This integrates directly with customizable video players that you brand with your business logo and colors. 

WAN Optimization 

For bigger organizations, all employees tuning in at once can cause a huge headache. uStudio tries to reduce the stress by offering WAN optimization to alleviate pressure on your network. 


UStudio has recently introduced a playlist feature that allows your employees to compile personalized lists of content. This means they can come back to listen to important content when and if they need to. 

UStudio is good for Enterprise 

uStudio is emphatically for business. The entire platform is designed for enterprise and corporate clients looking for a solution to manage internal communications securely and efficiently. The platform’s focus on security, combined with its corporate-oriented features, make it the perfect solution for business users. However, if you’re an independent podcast creator looking for a podcast host and management platform, you’re in the wrong place. 

Final Thoughts

uStudio knows its audience. If you’re a podcaster who podcasts for a living or an independent creator, then uStudio isn’t for you. But, if you’re a business looking to streamline your internal communications, or amp up your in-house comms strategy, then uStudio definitely has a whole range of features to help you do that. Not only can you create internal podcasts, but convert your livestreams and meetings into recordings that are available on-demand with high-level security. 

FAQs on UStudio

What is uStudio app? 

uStudio is a business-oriented podcast host that also supports live streaming and on-demand video streaming. It allows businesses to host private podcasts that are available to their internal network, livestream conferences, and create a protected catalogue of video and audio that employees can browse and access from wherever they are. 

Is uStudio good for business? 

uStudio is great for businesses. Their entire range of features is geared towards businesses that want to produce internal media content and consolidate their management of live events and on-demand content into one platform.

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