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Record, edit, distribute, and promote your podcast with Riverside’s podcast creator software.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing podcast creator software

Are you a podcaster looking for your ideal podcasting app? Choose software that gives you all you need for podcast creation from beginning to end. Go for high-resolution audio and video recording and consider local recording to make sure your internet connection doesn’t ruin your podcast’s quality. If you’re someone recording on the go, opt for software that lets you host sessions remotely from any device. 

It’s worth checking out editing features as easy editing tools can save you a lot of time in post-production. Look for automated audio-tuning, quick customization, and for great promotional snippets look for a clip creator. Distributing your podcast should be simple and you should aim for software that offers integrated sharing to podcast platforms. Your podcast software is meant to be easy to use, saving you time and effort.

Why choose Riverside as your podcast creator?

Studio-quality audio and video podcast creator

Don’t let internet connection ruin the quality of your podcasts. Our podcast recording software records locally so you can capture 4K video resolution and
48 kHz 16-bit audio no matter your connection. 

Save time with quick editing and customization

Record and edit in one podcast maker platform. Create a ready-to-publish podcast within minutes with automatic audio fine-tuning, transcripts, and customizable backgrounds and logos.

Promote your podcast with distribution tools

Repurpose your content into short promotional Clips that you can distribute everywhere with a few simple clicks. Even share your podcast to YouTube or podcast hosting platforms straight from Riverside.

Podcast creator app to host remote interviews anywhere

Host and manage a remote interview with 8 participants no matter where you are, using our mobile podcast creator app for iOS. Guests can also join from their iPhones or via our podcast app for Android users.

Easy-to-use online podcast creator

Creating a podcast shouldn’t be difficult. Beginner, professional, or anyone in between can create ready-to-publish content with ease using our podcast creator.

Live audience engagement

Get your audience involved in your podcast with live calls. Host a live stream directly on Riverside or share your stream to any social media platform.

How to create a podcast with Riverside

1. Invite to studio

Create a new studio and invite your audience and up to 7 guests to join your recording from anywhere.

2. Record

Start recording your podcast, and if you choose to live stream, invite audience members to call in.

3. Edit

Customize your podcast with custom backgrounds and logos, polish your audio, and create shareable clips to promote everywhere.

4. Download

Download your ready-to-publish podcast, or you can also download separate audio and video tracks for your post-production.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is podcast creator software?

Podcast creator software or a podcast creator app is a program that helps you record, edit, and often distribute and publish a podcast. Instead of just being a podcast recording app, this software essentially gives you the tools to create a podcast from beginning to end. For example, Riverside’s podcast software offers high-quality recording, easy editing, and effective promoting tools that help you produce a ready-to-go podcast.

How do I start a podcast?

Starting a podcast doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right podcast creator, it can be simple. Once you’ve figured out a podcast name, planned your show, and have sorted out your podcast equipment you’re good to start. With Riverside, it’s easy. Our tools help you record, edit and make a high-quality podcast to distribute on any platform.  

If you’re looking for a step-to-step guide, check out our beginner’s manual on starting a podcast.

How do I create a podcast for free?

You could use Riverside's free plan to create a podcast at no cost. Our podcast software let everyone record, edit, and fully create both audio and video podcasts in studio quality. We recommend checking out our plans to find the best option suited to you.

What is the best podcast creator app or software?

The best podcast creator app depends on your preferences. Although, Riverside is an ideal podcast creator for recording, editing, live streaming, and creating distributable podcasts for both audio and video platforms. Read over our post on the best podcast creator apps if you're looking to learn more.

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