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Empowering a Global Community of Content Creators


Empowering a Global Community of Content Creators

Since we launched a year ago, we have had the privilege to serve a wide range of customers. Anyone from individual podcasters to enterprise brands and media companies uses Riverside to record studio-quality interviews with guests remotely.

It's thrilling to see the amazing content that our customers create every day. We feel fortunate to play a role by providing the platform that brings together different voices and empowers individuals to share their unique perspectives - from niche podcasts that someone hosts as a passion project to interviews with the vice president of the United States.

While we've achieved big things in the past year - we were the first online platform to record 4k video locally from the browser, landed former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton as one of the first 100 customers, revamped our whole platform to improve the user experience, invested heavily in the underlying tech infrastructure, were the first in the world to launch an iOS app that records locally while uploading to the cloud, and launched our magic editor - this for us is only the beginning.

Despite all these great achievements, there is so much work to be done. We're constantly working to improve platform stability, reduce support waiting times, and build features for our users. We still have a long way ahead of us but we have many really cool things in the pipeline that bring us little by little closer to our mission. That is, to improve the workflow of online creators by giving them the tools to easily create professional-quality content.

For this reason, we're proud to announce that we have closed a new Series A round of financing — led by Alexis Ohanian's Seven Seven Six with participation from, Casey Neistat, Marques Brownlee, Guy Raz, Elad Gil, Alexander Klöpping, and other strategic investors. We are excited about this because it allows us to roll out new platform features, expand our hiring efforts, and most importantly, build a better overall experience for you and your guests.

As such, we introduced this month several new features to help improve your workflow:

  • Magic Editor: this new editing feature simplifies and merges the independent processes of recording, editing, and uploading into one step. Until now it’s only been possible for producers to complete each step individually, but’s magic editor automates the process and significantly reduces the time typically spent from recording to finally publishing.
  • Smart Speakerview (part of the Magic Editor): this is normally completed manually in editing and post-production stages. Riverside now automates this process by analyzing the recording instead of the live call. The platform knows when to automatically switch the video to the person speaking in the recording and when not. It does this perfectly. For example, if someone sneezes or coughs it will not switch the camera, but if a person will be speaking for a decent time it switches and it even switches the camera one second before he/she starts speaking, making the transition really smooth. This is something that has never been done before and is the first to do it.
  • iPhone App:’s new iPhone app is the first iOS app to record and upload audio and video at the same time. As one records, footage simultaneously uploads to the cloud and the recording is downloadable instantly.

Fundraising is important for us because it allows us to keep innovating to build a great product for our community of global content creators. We are hiring across all areas, so if you are excited about our mission, we’d love to hear from you.

You can find all open positions here.

Keep creating great content!

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“YouTube has the infrastructure to introduce audio hosting and origination, and match it to video with all the rich analytics it already provides. A seamless creator experience, plus SEO marketing tools, plus the benefit of being a platform most have been conditioned to equal. Give it a turn-key opportunity to activate a more cohesive strategy around both video and audio, to the benefit of all parties.”
A.J. Feliciano | Head of Podcast Network
“People are working from home more and more. Audio-only is not as in-demand because the need to multitask while commuting is no longer there.”
Stone Roshell | Head of Podcast Production
“Live streaming may become the biggest way to grow using video for your podcast.”
Stone Roshell | Head of Podcast Production
“With major platforms like Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube putting more resources into video podcasts.. now is a uniquely opportune moment for smart creators to harness that energy by investing in video for audience growth.”
Ryan Duffy | Head of Audio Operations