We just launched a Media Board!

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A recording studio in your pocket.

Record HD audio/video from anywhere with our new iPhone app.

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Record any time, anywhere

Easily join a studio in a few taps and start recording. No need to worry about the stability of your connection, the recording is saved locally in 4K high-quality video and audio format.

Step 1

Invite guests

Send guests an invite link, they download the app and join the recording a few taps.

side by side animated video to compare video quality zoom vs riverside


Record in HD

As soon as you hit record get an HD video and high-quality audio feed.

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Step 3


Receive HD video and WAV audio file straight from the iPhone.

on the go

Upload local recordings

Riverside.fm is the first iOS app to combine local audio/video recording and uploading.
Making it even easier to produce high quality content.

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