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How to Record a Zoom Meeting on Your Phone (iPhone & Android)

Learn how to record a Zoom meeting on your phone, whether you have an iPhone or Android device. Capture and save important moments with ease.
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July 9, 2023
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Zoom meetings have become essential to the working world! But what should you do if you’re connecting via a mobile device and need to record your meeting?

Recording Zoom meetings on your phone is an excellent solution if you’re someone on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Zoom for a podcast interview, a customer testimonial, or just want to keep note of a meeting. Learning to record Zoom meetings on your phone allows you to capture sessions anywhere. 

If you need help on where to get started, here’s your quick and straightforward guide on how to record a Zoom meeting on your phone. We dive into a full step-by-step for both Android and iOS devices.

Can you record a Zoom meeting from my phone?

It’s definitely possible to record a Zoom meeting using your mobile phone! Phone-based Zoom recording tools can sometimes be challenging, but many software tools can help you capture meetings easily. 

By recording content directly on your phone, you can capture content on the go, giving you more freedom to record anywhere. You can also use your phone as a more affordable replacement to a higher-quality camera for online recordings.

How do Zoom meeting phone recordings work?

Mobile Zoom recordings work similarly to those you capture on a desktop device. You can record through the platform directly or using an external recording tool, benefitting from a large library of mobile recording apps. 

Requirements for recording a Zoom meeting on your phone

There are a few requirements to record a Zoom meeting on your phone. First, you’ll need a smartphone that supports Zoom login and recording functionalities. 

You’ll also need access to Zoom’s cloud recording feature. This is available on all of their paid plans.  Besides this, you’ll need recording permissions if you’re not the host. If you’d like to record for free you’ll either have to use a desktop or a screen recording app on your phone.

How to record a Zoom meeting on your iPhone or Android as the host

If you’ve got access to cloud recordings and are the host of a Zoom meeting, follow these steps to record directly from Zoom on your phone:

Step 1: Enter your Zoom call, and select the more button.

Step 2: Enable Cloud recordings, and choose the option to ‘Record to Cloud’

Step 3: Notice that the recording icon appears on your screen. 

Step 4: When you’re ready to stop recording, tap ‘more’ again, and choose ‘stop’ or ‘pause’

Step 5: Wait for your captured content to finish processing.

Then navigate to the ‘my recordings’ page to access and download files. 

How to record Zoom meetings on your phone as a participant: 

If you are not the host of your Zoom meeting, you cannot automatically access Zoom’s native recording tools. In this case, you must either request recording permissions from the host or use an external recording program.

How to record a Zoom meeting on your phone without permissions

If you do not have hosting or recording permissions within Zoom, you can record with external software. Your phone may already have a built-in screen recorder, or you may need to download one. 

How to record a Zoom meeting as a Participant on iPhone 

The process here will differ depending on what external software you choose to use for recording. If you want to record a Zoom meeting on an iPhone, you can follow these steps using the built-in recorder. 

Step 1: Free up enough storage space for your recording. You can do this by heading to “Settings” > “General” > “iPhone Storage”. 

Step 2: Your built-in recording button should be in your control panel for easy access.  If it’s not, you can go to “Control Center” and under “More Controls” you can check that screen recording is on your control panel. 

Step 3: Navigate to your Zoom meeting, and allow press the built-in recording button to start your recording.

Step 4: When your recording is complete, stop the recording and you’ll find your files on your device.  

Note that legally, you should always get permission from anyone you wish to record. 

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How to record a Zoom meeting on Android

If you’re recording with Android’s built in recorder, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Join your Zoom meeting on your Android.

Step 2: Go to your device’s notification panel and select the Screen recorder button. 

Step 3: Choose whether you want to record just your screen with ‘Media’ or whether you’d like to record audio as well by capturing ‘Media and mic’. Then select ‘Start recording’.

Step 4: A countdown will appear and your app will start recording. A tool bar should appear for you to stop, pause and edit the recording with annotations. 

Step 5: You can find your files in your gallery when you finish recording. 

If your phone doesn’t have a built-in recorder, you’ll have to use a separate screen recording app. Each has its own instructions, which you’ll simply need to follow to record. 

Recording HD meetings on your phone: Riverside

While Zoom is a popular choice, it’s not optimal for high-quality recordings. Instead, we suggest you try a platform like Riverside. 

Riverside offers a range of studio-quality recording tools that make it easy to capture professional content using your mobile device. 

Designed with a user-friendly interface, Riverside supports superior video and audio quality, all while making it easy to edit content, collaborate with others, and share recorded content widely online.

Key Riverside features include:

  • Up to 4K video resolution and 48kHz audio for professional standard content
  • Local recording so you capture audio and video directly from each participant's device instead of relying on internet connection.
  • Remote recording where you can record meetings with up to 8 participants people worldwide
  • Separate audio and video tracks for all participants, giving you more editing flexibility
  • Multicam recording where you can turn your phone into a secondary webcam
  • Remote iPhone camera controls so hosts can adjust their guests' camera settings
  • Cloud storage with progressive uploading, where everything saves online while you’re recording. You can then immediately access your files on a desktop.
  • Text-based video editor (available on desktop) for edits and cuts as seamless as reading through a transcript.
  • Automated editing tools for customizing your recordings and finetuning audio.
Start recording with Riverside
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Tips for recording a Zoom meeting on your phone

Want to get the most out of your Zoom meeting recordings? Here are a few tips you should keep in mind. 

Use wired internet connection

Using a wired internet connection can make a big difference to the quality of your Zoom meeting recording! While an unstable connection can be prone to dropping out and missing information or compromising quality, a good connection makes for a strong recording.

If you’re using a recording program like Riverside, you can easily avoid connectivity disruptions using local recording tools. Otherwise, it’s best to find a solution that helps you stay as connected as possible for the duration of your meeting recording.

Optimize your equipment

Next, it is helpful to optimize your recording equipment as much as you can. This can help you obtain clearer video and crisper audio content that support an overall quality boost for your content.
Whether you use an external camera and microphone or simply upgrade your phone, high-quality equipment supports better recordings. With the right tools, you can expect better content results than ever. 

Choose the right software solution

Similarly, you need to choose a recording tool that aligns with your skills and content goals. Selecting the right program or application can help you improve your quality and even simplify the recording process. 

While Zoom’s in-built recording functionality can be useful for complete beginners, you can get better results when you choose a purpose-built recording interface that promises studio-quality audio and video results. We recommend giving the Riverside mobile app a try!

Minimize background noise

Background noise can be detrimental to recording quality and clarity. This may make it difficult to hear voices and other recorded content. In the worst cases, it could compromise the professionalism of the content you create. 

As much as you can, minimize or even eliminate background noise. Record your meetings in a quiet space, and keep noise away from the microphone. It’s also a good idea to ask call participants to mute their mics unless they are actively speaking.

Be willing to edit recorded content

Sometimes, the magic happens in the editing suite! Many recording tools, Riverside included, offer great editing tools to help you enhance recording quality. Often, you can cut out irrelevant content and even repurpose portions of your recording for social media and other sharing. (Riverside’s Magic Clips feature is an excellent example of this!)

Don’t be afraid to edit your meeting recording after it ends. Learn how you can optimize editing to get the most value out of your content, and develop your editing skills over time to continue on a journey of improvement.

FAQs on recording a Zoom meeting on your phone

Still unsure about how to record a Zoom meeting on your phone? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions. 

Why can’t I record a Zoom meeting on my phone?

Sometimes, users may have trouble recording Zoom meetings on a mobile device. This could be due to a variety of factors. Often, this problem occurs when call participants attempt to access built-in Zoom recording tools. It could also be your mobile device is giving you problems.

We suggest making sure you have recording permissions or let the host know that you’re going to record the call using an external app or system. Keep in mind that you need an account with Zoom cloud recording enabled to record.

How do I record a Zoom meeting on my phone without the host?

It is possible to record a Zoom meeting on your phone, even if you are not the meeting’s host. You can request recording permissions from the host via Zoom, or you can turn to another recording tool or app to help you capture the content you need. 

Is it legal to record a Zoom meeting on my phone?

It is legal to record a Zoom meeting on your phone. However, people have a right to know when they are part of a recording and must provide their informed consent. You’ll need to inform other people on your call that youplan to record it and ask if this is okay before you begin. 

Why is Zoom not giving me the option to record from my phone?

If you are not the host of the Zoom meeting you’re trying to record, the app’s native recording tools won’t be available. If this occurs, you’ll need to obtain relevant permissions from the meeting’s host or use another recording option, such as an app that is compatible with your device’s operating system. You should also make sure you have cloud recording enabled, and this is only available on certain Zoom accounts.

If you're still not able to record you can always try other apps like Zoom (or better).

For the best recording experience and results, we recommend Riverside, which offers professional-quality recording tools and a user-friendly interface. Want to get started? Try the Riverside app today.

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