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Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing the best webcam recording software

With a lot of online webcam recorders, it’s easy to choose the first one you find, but we recommend you make sure your webcam software records in high-resolution first. Look for recording software that offers local recordings so you can get professional results without worrying about your internet stability. To save space, find software that records your screen, audio, and webcam all on one platform. It’s even better if you can download separate tracks to give yourself more editing control.

Look out for easy editing tools that help you customize your recording, split your screen, and fix audio with a few simple clicks. For an extra webcam recorder, choose software that comes with a mobile webcam app. This will give you the flexibility to turn your phone into a second webcam so you can have a second camera angle. If you’re live streaming, make sure your webcam software comes with streaming tools that help you push your content online.

Why choose as webcam recording software?

HD local webcam recordings

Don’t let software lower your webcam’s quality. Record 4K local webcam recordings that provide high-quality resolution no matter your internet connection.

No extra webcam software

You no longer need to download various webcam recording apps. Record directly from your browser with

All-in-one webcam and screen recorder

Screen share to record both your webcam and screen, all at once.

Multi-webcam video recorder in minutes

Use our mobile app to turn your phone into a secondary webcam on your desktop.

Quick customization and edits

Edit your webcam recordings with quick backgrounds or even customized logos.

Instant live streaming

Instantly stream your webcam live to various social media platforms.

How to record your webcam with

1. Create a studio

Open your dashboard and create a studio. Adjust recording settings as needed.

2. Invite your guests

Choose to invite up to 7 guests or skip this to record your webcam alone.

3. Record your webcam

Select webcam and audio inputs, then start recording. Screen share to capture your screen as well.

4. Edit and Download

Customize your webcam recordings or download your local webcam files separate from your screen recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to record a webcam?

Other than a good-quality webcam, you should have specific software for recording webcams on your device. Instead of spending a fortune on a professional webcam, you can use the mobile app to turn your phone into a high-resolution secondary webcam. You can even record directly from your phone and cut the need for a desktop altogether.

Check how to use your phone as a webcam if you’d like to try it out.

What program can I use to record a webcam?

The programs you can use to record webcams depend on what device and operating system you are using. If you’re using Windows, you already have a built-in Windows Camera. However, you might want to download software with better features such as Bandicam or Wondershare DemoCreator, which are gaming-focused. If you’re using a Mac, QuickTime might be a good webcam recorder already pre-installed on your device. Instead of worrying about compatibility, you can use, a browser-based webcam recording software. This means you can use any device without even having to download new applications. Simply record your webcam through your browser.

How can I record video from my webcam?

Once you have a camera set up and have chosen what webcam recording software you want to use, it’s effortless. You might want to plan what you’re recording beforehand. Then you should adjust your webcam input settings and general filming setup to suit your needs. Hit record and screen share if you’re planning on recording your screen as well. Download your files, edit as required, and you’re good to go. makes this process super easy with instant screen sharing and quick editing tools from our ‍Magic Editor.

What is the best webcam recording software?

There is a lot of webcam recording software to choose from, and all different suit needs. For example, some webcam recorders are better for gaming or screen capturing. is one of the best options for webcam recording software because it provides high-resolution and screen recording with easy editing and no extra software needed.

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