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Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing video podcast software

With the right recording software you don’t need to be in a fancy studio to record a professional video podcast. You can record everything from home, the office, or on the go. Find software with high-definition local recording that captures everything directly on your and your guests’ devices. In this way, you can record remotely without compromising resolution if your internet connection gets a little faulty. It’s worth checking how many guests can join your recording and we recommend also looking out for producer or host modes to help you run your video podcast smoothly. If you want all-one-one recording and editing software, consider the type of editing features that come with your video podcast platform.

Look for easy-to-use editing tools that polish your podcast and help you create shareable content or clips. If you’d like to take your editing even further with specialized editing software, look for a video podcast recorder with separate audio and video tracks. This will give you more flexibility and control in post-production. To completely streamline your video podcast production, a bonus to look out for is quick distribution directly from your software. Check for distribution integration with platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube, and more. Extra features you might want to consider include live streaming, cloud storage, and live effects.

Why choose Riverside to start a video podcast?

Create high-definition recordings

All recordings are local. This allows you to make podcast videos with up to 4K resolution without worrying about your internet connection.

Easy editing and producing

Podcast creation is user-friendly with our simple editing tools. Add effects as you record or make quick changes in post-production.

Separate audio and video tracks

Download separate audio and video files for easier editing and faster uploads to different podcast platforms.

Interview guests remotely

Our mobile video podcast app gives guests the freedom to join from wherever they are. No heavy equipment required.

Fast, secure downloads

Video and audio files are uploaded progressively on the cloud. This leads to quick downloads and securely stored content.

Live stream to an audience

Grow your audience by live streaming to up to 1000 people on Or, stream directly to other social media platforms.

How to create a video podcast with Riverside

1. Create a studio

Open the Riverside dashboard and create a new studio based on your needs.

2. Invite your guests

Send invites to up to 7 guests who can join from anywhere, even on their iPhones.

3. Record your podcast

Start recording your video podcast with your guests. Add effects as you go.

4. Download, edit, share

Download audio and visual recordings. Customize and share to video podcast platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video podcast?

A video podcast, also referred to as a vodcast, is like any podcast, except that it has visuals to accompany the audio content. This is often released in episodes and can cover any topic. Creators can film in studio, remotely, or even just use an illustration in conjunction with their audio recordings.

How to start a video podcast?

Starting a video podcast should be fun and exciting! The first step is to come up with a concept and plan what content you want. For instance, you might decide on different formatting, length, and the number of times you want to release a new episode. We have set out steps on how to formulate great video podcast topics to help you. Before filming a podcast, you might want to invest in good equipment. Our essentials of video podcasting equipment and our list of the best podcast cameras advise you on what to buy. However, if you're just starting, keeps you looking professional on a small budget. After recording and editing, you can upload your new video podcast on platforms like Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram.

Read our guide on how to record, edit and publish a video podcast for more assistance. You should also check out our podcasters’ tips on how to create a great video podcast.

How to record high-quality video podcasts from anywhere?

You don’t need to be a tech expert to know how to make a professional video podcast. With a platform like, the only video podcast setup equipment you need is a computer or phone and a microphone is recommended as well. As one of the best video podcast software, uses local recordings and smart editing tools to give you studio results no matter the status of your internet connection. This makes creating a video podcast remotely super simple. For more insight, read over how to record high-quality remote video.

Why is it important to know how to create a podcast video?

Podcasting is a flooded market and if you’re looking to grow your reach, video podcasting is a good way to do so. By adding visual elements, you not only make your content more relatable to audiences, but you can repurpose content to reach viewers on other social media platforms. This expands your scope and puts you in the front line of the podcasting world. Head over to our blog to hear more about why video podcasting is so valuable

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