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HD video capture software with powerful editing tools and automatic constant frame rate recordings.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing video capture software

To save yourself money and storage, it’s worth finding all-in-one video capture software that covers everything you need. Look for software that records your screen, video, and audio all in HD resolution. Make sure you can download these recordings in separate tracks for more post-production flexibility. For the best video resolution, choose software with local recording. Local recording technology captures everything directly on your device so you don't need to worry over internet connectivity issues getting in the way of professional quality. 

With high-quality recording software, you’ll have less editing to do, but we still recommend your video capture software comes with tools to fully polish your recordings. Choose software with automatic editing tools that help you fine-tune and customize your video. A clip creator could also help if you’re looking to create short shareable content. Lastly, check out video file formats to make sure it's compatible with what you need. MP4 videos are common and are generally accepted on social media platforms.

Why choose Riverside as video capture software?

HD video capture software

Record your screen in high-definition at 1080p resolution.

Record screen, webcam, and audio

Capture your screen while also locally recording audio and video from a webcam.

Constant frame rate recordings

Download your video capture files in constant frame rate MP4 for easier track synchronization.

Separate Tracks

Keep screen captures separate from local audio and webcam recordings for more editing control.

Easy-to-use editing tools

Easily customize, cut, and edit your video capture with our simple editing tools for all levels.

Record on any desktop’s video capture software is browser-based, making it suitable for both Windows and Mac devices.

How to capture video with

1. Create a studio

Open your dashboard and create a new studio.

2. Invite your guests

Invite up to 7 guests to record with you or skip this step to record alone.

3. Record your video

Screen share and record your video capture, webcam, and audio all at once.

4. Download files

Download separate files or customize your video capture with easy editing tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is video capture software?

Video capture software records video content from your display screen. However, software like this often includes editing features to help you polish and customize your recordings. is a good example and lets you record your screen, audio, and video from a camera simultaneously. For more on how to screen record, read our guide that covers how to do so on all devices.

Can I capture video from my screen?

Yes, you can capture video from any screen and any device, even a phone. While many devices already have built-in tools to do this, you might want to consider using reliable video capture software to make sure you get high-quality results. Video capture software like lets you, not only record in high-resolution, but it makes editing easier with constant frame rate recordings. To learn more, check our frame rate guide to understand how they work and why it’s so important to choose the right one.

What is the best video capture software?

When it comes to video capture software, some offer a variety of valuable features, whereas others are more focused on one aspect. Sometimes more features, however, are complex for beginners to use. offers all the features you need but keeps things simple so that even a beginner can video capture easily.

What is the best video capture for Windows versus Mac?

Fortunately, there are video capturing software options for both Windows and Mac. Windows 10 has a built-in video capture recorder, Game Bar, whereas Mac has a QuickTime player. Although, both of these might be limited based on your needs. saves you from having to download anything extra. Our video capture software is browser-based so that you can record on any desktop device.

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