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You can now use a cell phone as a webcam with or without a PC.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider before choosing mobile webcam software

Turning your phone into a webcam is easy if you’ve got the right software. You’ll want to find something that’s easy to use but doesn’t sacrifice recording quality. Look for software with high resolution so you can take advantage of your phone’s camera capabilities. If you’re looking to record on the go, make sure your software offers local recording to ensure maximum resolution without your internet connection interfering. We recommend checking the software’s compatibility to ensure you won’t have any issues with set up. Some apps are only iPhone-friendly whereas others are compatible with Android.

If you’re specifically looking for an app that connects your phone as a second webcam to your computer, check whether your phone needs to be connected via USB or wirelessly. USB connections keep your battery lasting longer, but wireless connections give you much more freedom to move around and angle your phone however you like. If you want to skip using a computer altogether find a dedicated mobile webcam app that doesn’t require PC software to record. Additional features to look for include editing tools for quick polishing, live streaming capabilities, and cloud storage for secure files.

Why choose Riverside for webcam recording from your phone?

No additional webcam apps

There’s no need to download multiple apps anymore. Record, edit and use a phone as a webcam all on one program and device.

High-quality mobile recording

Record 4K video and audio without expensive camera equipment. Our local recordings keep you looking professional even on a cellular internet connection.

Live streaming on the go

Don’t let a computer restrain you from going live. Our app is optimized for streaming platforms, so you can use your phone as a webcam wherever you are.

Host like a pro

Invite guests to join without worrying whether or not they have a quality webcam. Guests can join from their iOS or Android phones with a simple button tap.

Store on the cloud

We are the first mobile app that allows you to upload securely to the cloud as you record.

Edit video and audio easily

Make your post-production process quicker by simply downloading video and audio recordings separately.

How to use your phone as a webcam with

1. Download our mobile app

Install the Riverside mobile app and sign in on your phone or from your desktop.

2. Connect devices

Host directly from your phone, or send yourself a guest invite from your desktop to turn your phone into a second webcam.

3. Configure settings

Turn down your phone volume and mute its mic if you are using it as a second webcam.

4. Record

Hit record straight from the mobile app or from your desktop, if you are using your phone as an extra webcam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps are recommended to use a phone camera as a webcam for a PC?

The app most suited for you depends on what phone and computer you are using. Generally, for Androids, DroidCam is one of your best choices. Although if you want to use an Android phone as a webcam on a Mac computer, Iriun is recommended. To skip the hassle, you can also use Riverside’s mobile app to turn your phone into a second webcam without the need for additional apps or cables.

If you’d like more information, read over our use phone as webcam guide.

How to use a phone camera as a webcam for a PC via USB?

If your WiFi doesn’t work, you may want to use your phone as a webcam via USB instead. This saves phone battery but requires you to put your phone in debugging mode. To do this, go to your phone’s development settings. For other items you may want when recording, read our essential podcast equipment checklist for every budget.

Why choose over other mobile recording platforms? is not the only app that allows you to record from a phone without a PC. Although, it provides superior audio and video quality. All recordings are local and don’t rely on internet stability for clear and high-definition results. The app lets you live stream, edit and upload to the cloud with ease. To compare, read more about the best podcast recording software.

Can I use my Android phone as a webcam with Riverside?

Riverside’s mobile app is available in host view on iOS devices and, for now, only in guest view on Android phones. While you can only host and record directly from iPhones, you can still turn your Android into a second webcam. Simply, invite yourself as a guest from your desktop studio, and just like that you can turn your phone into a secondary webcam.

Turn your phone into a webcam

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