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High-quality recording software for professional audio, video, and screen capture.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing recording software

You don’t need to be in a studio for professional results. Look for recording software that records high-resolution audio and video. Aim for a minimum of HD resolution, but go for up to 4K video if you want top-quality recordings. With audio, we suggest a minimum of 44.1 kHz. Planning to record on the go? Choose software with remote recording features such as local recording, an easy mobile app, and remote guests. All-in-one recording software that simultaneously captures audio, video, and your screen will save you money and storage space.

Although, we recommend making sure you can download separate tracks. Separate tracks give you more editing freedom without having to record video and audio separately. Even though recording software’s main aim is to record, check out what editing features are available as well. Smooth automatic editing tools save a lot of time and in some cases, you can even create publishable content without needing specialized editing apps. Extra features include live streaming capabilities, automatic transcription, and easy clip creation.

Why choose Riverside as recording software?

Audio, video, and screen recording software

Record audio, video, and your desktop screen all in on one accessible platform. You no longer need to waste time finding different software for each of your needs.

Studio-quality resolution no matter where you are

Our local recordings ensure you receive studio-quality results regardless of your internet connection. Record in 48 kHz audio or 4K video resolution.

Easy professional editing for everyone

Fine-tune with easy automatic noise and echo cancellation tools and add finishing touches with quick customized backgrounds and logos.

Instantly receive separate tracks

You can download separate audio and video tracks for all your participants straight after recording to maximize your editing control.

Super simple remote recording

Guests can use our mobile app to join your recording from wherever they are. This is ideal for remote interviews, webinars, and podcasts.

Web recording software for PCs is browser-based and can be used without installing any new software on your desktop. Everything you need, all online.

How to record with

1. Create a studio

Open your dashboard to create a new studio.

2. Invite guests

Go solo or invite up to 7 guests via link or email to join you from anywhere.

3. Record

Start recording your video, audio, and screen in high resolution.

4. Download

Edit and polish with quick automatic tools, then download your final recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is recording software?

Recording software is programming that captures audio, video, and sometimes even a device’s screen. Often, this software also includes tools to edit and fix your recordings. For example, offers studio-quality audio, video, and screen recording software with easy editing tools all in one place.

What is the best recording software?

It depends on your needs. However, is the perfect recording software for all levels. We offer high-resolution recordings, easy professional editing, and quality results, no matter your internet connection. For more information on various options, read our best audio recording software guide if your focus is on audio. Read our best video recording software guide if your focus is on video.

What is the best free recording software?

While there are many good free recording software like Audacity for audio or OBS for screen recording, many of these are not suitable for everyone. Sometimes these are more difficult to use; they don’t always record in the best quality, or they can be limited with features. Luckily, Riverside has a free plan that lets you look professional no matter your level. We provide reliable audio, video, and podcast recording software, among other features.

What equipment do I need to record?

You don’t need much. You can record directly from any desktop or mobile device. Although, it might be worth investing in a good microphone for better-quality sound. This is especially important if you’re looking to podcast or share your materials publicly. Podcast equipment and higher-end recording devices can still all fit any budget.

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