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Start your Facebook Live Stream and simultaneously record it locally in 4K resolution. Create short promotional clips and stream with multiple guests anywhere, on any device.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing Facebook live streaming software

Want to stream on Facebook seamlessly? First, you’ll want software with an easy Facebook Live setup. Look for software that already integrates Facebook and lets you push your stream to Facebook live with a few simple clicks. It’s even better if this software simulcasts your stream to Facebook and other social media platforms at the same time. Make sure your live stream is in high resolution and we recommend software that records as you stream so you can repurpose your content after. 

You’ll want engaging live streaming tools to connect with your audience. Think of features such as live calls, chats, and live sound effects. It's best if you have behind-the-scenes producer controls so you can invite someone to help you without disrupting your recording. If you want to co-host a Facebook live with a friend, consider choosing software that allows you to invite guests to record in the same stream as you. Your software should be simple to use and accessible to all levels.

Why choose Riverside.fm for your Facebook live streaming software?

Locally record your Facebook live stream in HD

Automatically receive local recordings straight after your Facebook Live to repurpose your content in the best way. Download up to 4K video and 48kHz audio, all unaffected by your streaming internet connection status. 

Co-streaming anywhere on desktop or mobile phone

Invite up to 7 co-hosts or guests to remotely broadcast with you on any device. Guests can join through their desktop browser, or they can turn their phones into a Facebook Live app with our mobile studio for iOS and Android users. 

Push your FB Live across channels

Why stop at only live streaming to Facebook? Expand your reach and simultaneously stream your live videos to Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Live producer features

Don't get distracted by technicalities. Invite a producer to live edit with our media board so you can focus on what matters during your Facebook live stream.

Repurpose content, grow your reach

Easy tools to repurpose your Facebook Live into more content. Create short, shareable Clips in minutes to distribute and promote your Facebook live everywhere. 

Connect with your audience live

Have real conversations with your viewers and get them to be part of your live stream. Invite audience members to call-in live during your Facebook live video.

How to go live on Facebook with Riverside

1. Invite to studio

Create a new studio and invite your Facebook Live co-hosts or guests.

2. Connect Stream

Set up your Facebook Stream and copy the URL and stream key to your Riverside studio settings.

3. Live Stream

Start Facebook live streaming. Let your producer screen share and control your sound live.

4. Edit and download

Download HD local recordings or create shareable clips to promote everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get or watch a Facebook live stream?

You can watch a Facebook Live video through a link of the Live, or you can search for content under Facebook’s “Live Videos” section. If you’re creating a Facebook Live stream, you can also post to a ​​Facebook page, group, profile, or event to help your audience find your content quicker.

How does Facebook live streaming work?

If you’re streaming directly on Facebook, you can do so on the Facebook mobile app, desktop site, and Creators app. You need to go to the page or space you want to live stream from and start a new post from the mobile app and desktop. On the Creators app, you need to click the pen and paper button in the top right corner of the Home page. Select the ‘Live’ button and follow the prompts to start Facebook live streaming. 

Read over Facebook’s Live guide for more information. Or, if you’re looking for some tips on how to stream on Facebook or any other platforms, check out our advice on how to record a streaming video.

Is live streaming on Facebook free?

Yes, it’s completely free. Facebook does not charge anything for live streaming. Although, if you’re looking to simultaneously stream to various social media or looking for an all-around recording and streaming platform, it might be worth investing in streaming software like Riverside.fm.

What software do I need to stream on Facebook?

If you’re directly streaming on Facebook. You might want to invest in external streaming software if you’re looking for more control or options when it comes to streaming. For example, with Riverside, you can stream on multiple social media platforms at once, you can edit your recordings to repurpose them later, and you can download your Facebook live stream videos in up to 4K resolution. You can even automatically transcribe your Facebook Lives.

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