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Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing video to text transcription software

Converting video to text is easy with reliable transcription software. Instead of spending hours transcribing everything yourself, consider choosing a video-to-text converter that transcribes video fast and automatically after recording. Make sure the speed doesn’t affect accuracy though. Effective video-to-text software should always be accurate and produce transcripts with little to no errors to correct. It’s recommended to record your video’s audio in high-quality and remove any disturbing background noises to get more accurate transcripts. 

Transcribing video to text is great to repurpose content, increase your video’s searchability and reach new audiences. You’ll want suitable file transcripts to do this. Text (TXT) files are for turning videos into written content and SubRip (SRT) files are for subtitles or captions. Overall, your transcription software should make it simpler to convert video to text. All the tools should be easy to use and accessible. This is why we suggest online transcription which is compatible with your devices and doesn’t require any app downloads.

Why choose to transcribe video to text?

Transcribe a video instantly

Save time and money. We transcribe your video to text automatically after recording, so you don’t have to hire or download expensive transcribers.

Reliable accurate transcriptions

Our AI technology and high-resolution recordings ensure you get accurate transcriptions. For the best results, you can also remove background noise.

Increase your searchability

Repurpose your video content and increase search result rankings with quick subtitles and text transcriptions.

Make videos more accessible

Make your video inclusive to global audiences and those who struggle to hear. Convert transcriptions into easy-to-follow captions.

Suitable formats for all purposes

Download SRT files for effortless video captions and subtitles, even with multiple speakers. Or download TXT files for content repurposing as well as interview, webinar, and lecture notes.

Online video to text converter is web-based, so you don’t need to download any additional software on your desktop. Simply record, edit and transcribe your videos all online on one platform.

How to convert video to text with

1. Invite to Studio

Create a new studio and invite up to 7 guests to join your session.

2. Record

Start recording with high-quality 48 kHz audio for accurate transcriptions.

3. Transcribe

Pick a take to transcribe and in the three-dot menu select “Generate Transcription”.

4. Download

Download all your SRT and TXT files straight after they have finished generating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can video be converted into text file?

Yes. You can easily convert a video to text transcription with It’s instant, accurate, and much better than spending lots of money on a manual transcriber.

How can I transcribe video to text?

While you can transcribe video manually yourself or hire someone to do it for you, a much better option is to use an online or AI-powered video-to-text converter. With you can receive high-quality and accurate video transcripts without downloading any new software. To see how simple it is for yourself, check out how to transcribe video to text on

Is there an app that converts video to text?

Yes, many apps convert video to text, and all offer different features. is an all-in-one platform that can automatically transcribe your videos straight after you record and edit them.

How can I transcribe video to text for free?

You can transcribe video to text for free by doing it manually yourself. This may take a lot of time, though. Alternatively, you can get transcriptions from YouTube or through features on Google Docs. If you’re looking for something more accurate, we recommend using a more robust and more reliable video-to-text converter. We’ve listed various affordable video transcription services, but stands out for its speed, accuracy, and it’s high-quality recording software.

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