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Transcribe audio instantly into accurate SRT and TXT files suitable for all purposes.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing an audio transcriber

With the right audio transcription software, you can get quick, accurate results at an affordable price. Choose an audio transcriber that’s fast and automatic. Although, depending on the length of your recording, transcriptions should only take a few minutes. You don’t need to compromise on accuracy for speed, reliable audio online transcription software should still transcribe accurately. A quick tip is to go for high-quality audio recording software as clearer recordings lead to more accurate transcriptions. Once you’ve got that covered, look out for

audio transcript file formats. Text (TXT) files are ideal for repurposing audio into written content, and SubRip (SRT) files are timestamped, making them suitable for quick and easy subtitles or captions. Take into account if you’ll be transcribing audio with multiple speakers. You’ll want to make sure your audio transcriber comes with robust speech recognition that can differentiate between speakers. The software you choose should also be easy to use and accessible without complicated downloads.

Why choose Riverside as your audio transcriber?

Fast, accurate transcriptions

Receive reliable audio transcriptions straight after recording. Record in high-resolution 48 kHz WAV with background noise cancellation features, keeping your transcripts more accurate.

Multiple speakers

Invite up to 7 guests to join your audio recordings from wherever they are. Our audio transcriber will automatically differentiate between all speakers in transcriptions.

Automatic timestamps

Download SRT files to automatically timestamp your audio transcripts.

Easy formatting files

Download TXT files to quickly turn your transcripts into other content or materials.

Audio transcriber for everyone’s easy platform is suitable for podcasters, journalists, lecturers, or even businesses transcribing meeting notes.

Online transcription

No uploads or apps to download for your audio transcriptions. Simply record and get transcripts online through’s browser-based audio transcriber.

How to transcribe audio with

1. Invite to Studio

Create a new studio and invite up to 7 guests to join your audio recording.

2. Record

Start recording in high-resolution for more accurate audio transcription.

3. Transcribe

Pick a take to transcribe and in the three-dot menu select “Generate Transcription”.

4. Download

Download transcripts as TXT or SRT files straight from your audio projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an audio transcriber?

An audio transcriber is someone or software that converts audio into written text. is an excellent example of an online audio transcriber. Its online transcription services give you instant and accurate results, converting your audio into text in minutes.

How do you transcribe audio?

You can create audio transcription manually or through dedicated software. Manually, you can either listen and transcribe audio yourself or hire someone. This may be expensive, however. A lot of people save time and money by using audio transcription software. Although, these are not always accurate and rely on high-quality audio for good results. records in high-resolution WAV files to make sure audio transcriptions are reliable and accurate. For more on how to attain high-quality audio, check out our list of the best voice recorder apps.

How can I get free audio transcription?

You can get free transcriptions even through Google Docs' voice typing feature. Though, it's worthwhile trying other options if you’re looking for reliable, fast, and accurate transcriptions. Check out Riverside's pricing plans for an audio transcriber that's worth it.

What is the best transcribing software?

Unlike other software, transcribes audio straight after recording. It offers high-resolution WAV audio for more accurate transcription and is easy to use no matter who you are.

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