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Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing a YouTube Transcript Generator

Transcribing YouTube videos is great for reaching new viewers online and with the right transcript service you can do this with no extra effort. Instead of spending hours transcribing yourself, opt for a fast YouTube transcript generator. Choose software that offers automatic YouTube video transcripts straight after recording. You shouldn’t sacrifice accuracy for speed, though. Reliable software should give you accurate YouTube transcripts. To receive even better accuracy, we recommend using software that records high-resolution audio.

Clearer audio helps speech recognition software pick up words correctly for transcription. If you’re looking to repurpose your YouTube videos into blog posts, articles or social media posts look for software with text (TXT) transcripts. For greater searchability, add easy captions or subtitles with SubRip (SRT) files which are automatically timestamped for you. Don’t waste your time downloading apps, go for an online YouTube to text converter which you can use on any device.

Why choose Riverside as your YouTube transcript generator?

Make discoverable content

YouTube video transcripts and subtitles make your content easier to find in search results. Use quick SRT files to make your content more searchable. These files are already timestamped and are perfect for YouTube subtitles and chapters.

Repurpose your content further

Maximize your content beyond your YouTube channel. Download easily convertible text files to create blogs, learning materials, and social media posts to expand your reach further and cater to completely new audiences.

Immediate Transcripts

There’s no need to spend hours transcribing yourself. Simply click and download your YouTube transcripts immediately after you’re finished recording.

Transcribe YouTube interviews

Turn YouTube interviews into quick text files. Record with up to 7 guests and automatically receive a transcription differentiating each speaker.

Browser-based transcription

Our YouTube transcript generator is browser-based, so you don’t need to download any new software.

Accurate YouTube transcriptions

Record in high-resolution audio for better and more accurate transcriptions.

How to generate YouTube transcripts with

1. Create a studio

Open your dashboard to create a new studio. Invite up to 7 guests.

2. Record

Start recording your YouTube video in top-quality either alone or with your guests.

3. Download

Finish editing your final video then download your YouTube transcripts as TXT or SRT files.

4. Upload

Upload your video and transcript on YouTube in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a transcript of YouTube videos?

Yes, you can. To find the transcripts of YouTube videos, go to the video you want and click on the three dots next to the ‘Save’ button. A pop-up menu should appear that has an ‘Open transcript’ option where you can view what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can upload videos to transcript generators that transcribe for you, or even better, use transcription software like that gives you automatic transcripts straight after recording.

How do I transcribe YouTube to text?

YouTube has software that transcribes your video for you. Although this isn’t highly accurate and it might be more worth it to transcribe manually, even by hiring someone. You could save money and use a more reliable YouTube transcript generator. is a reliable option that automatically transcribes straight after you record. Our local recordings are top-quality, which makes transcription more accurate. Read more about how to transcribe video to text using our platform.

Is there a Youtube transcript generator I can use for free?

Yes, there are many YouTube transcript generators that are free. It's important to choose carefully though as some of these are not reliable, and it can take longer to receive transcriptions. We have created a video transcription guide to help you find the most affordable and suitable transcription service for you.

What is the best YouTube to text converter?

Unlike other platforms, transcribes your YouTube video to text automatically as you record. With us, you can download SRT files with timestamps for quick captioning and TXT files for easy content repurposing. Our easy-to-use software really stands out and provides you with quick reliable transcripts.

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