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Easy-to-use HD screen recorder with local audio and video recordings, simple editing tools, and customization.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing screen recording software

There are plenty of online screen recorders so make sure you choose one that covers what you need. To keep your recordings professional, go for software with HD screen recording resolution. If you can, find a screen recorder that captures high-quality video and audio simultaneously as well so you don’t have to download additional software. File formats like constant frame rate MP4s help make it

easy to synchronize all these recording tracks. To fully complete your screen recording experience, make sure your software comes with easy editing tools to customize and polish your recording. A clip maker is also helpful if you plan on posting short shareable content on social media. Software that comes with an additional mobile screen recording app is a huge plus if you or your guests are recording on the go.

Why choose as your screen recorder?

Screen recorder with audio & video

Record your screen online and capture local audio and video recordings unaffected by internet quality.

High-definition screen recorder’s high-definition recorder captures your screen at 1080p resolution.

Track synchronization

Download screen, audio, and video files as constant frame rate MP4s for automatic syncing between tracks.

Online screen recorder is a browser-based screen recorder that you can use on any desktop.

Webinar and conference recordings

Ideal for hosting and screen recording online webinars. Invite up to 7 guests, who can even join from their phones.

Simple logo customization

Look super professional with our easy editing tools. Customize your screen recording by uploading a custom logo or background.

How to use as a screen recorder

1. Create a studio

Create a new studio from the dashboard. Adjust settings to fit your needs.

2. Invite your guests

Invite up to 7 guests to join you. This is ideal for online webinars or meetings.

3. Record your screen

Share your screen and record your desktop with audio and video from a webcam as well.

4. Edit and download

Add a logo and polish your screen recording or download your constant frame rate files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app to record my screen?

Yes, there are many screen recorder apps. These applications screenshot and screencast your desktop display. skips the need for an app altogether. Our browser-based screen recorder provides you with simple tools to capture high-definition screen, audio, and video recordings.

How do I record my screen?

While many desktops have built-in screen recorders, it’s worth downloading or using higher-quality software. Different screen recorders might not work the same, but generally, you would share your screen, hit record, and then download your files afterward. For more, read on how to screen record using any device.

Does Windows 10 have a screen recorder?

Windows has a built-in screen recorder, Game Bar. However, this screen recorder can be limiting and requires specific hardware to work. Instead of having to download something else, you could use online. is a Chrome-browser screen recorder. This means that any Mac, Windows or alternative desktop with Google Chrome can use, no new apps to download!

What is the best screen recorder?

This very much depends on your needs. For example, OBS is a screen recorder with many tools, but it doesn’t cater to beginners. is one of the best screen recorders because it makes professional screen recording available to all levels with simple tools and top-quality results. It offers HD screen capture with local audio and video recordings that remain high-quality no matter your internet connection. For more, check out our list of the best screen recording software.

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