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Easily convert audio to text with Riverside’s automated transcriptions. Get accurate, reliable SRT and TXT files.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing audio-to-text transcription software

Want to convert audio to text fast and efficiently? Choose reliable transcription software. An audio-to-text converter should be fast and accurate. It can take only a few minutes to transcribe audio to text with robust audio transcription software but keep in mind that this depends on the length and quality of the recording. Crystal clear audio recordings lead to better accuracy. Besides choosing an accurate transcriber, find software with high-resolution audio recording. 

Pay attention to what audio files are compatible with your software. A top tip is that uncompressed WAV files generally are higher quality than MP3 files. Make sure your transcript files are suitable as well. Aim for text (TXT) audio transcripts to convert audio into written content and SubRip (SRT) files for quick time-stamped captions or subtitles. Your audio-to-text converter should be easy to use and the setup should be simple without complicated software downloads.

Why choose Riverside as your audio-to-text converter?

Fast audio to text transcription

No more wasting hours on transcribing long audio recordings yourself. Download automatic audio transcriptions straight after you’ve finished your recording.

Better recordings, better accuracy

Tune out background noise & record in 48kHz to accurately convert audio to text. Our local recordings stop internet connection from ruining audio transcriptions.

Make your content more searchable

Grow your reach for podcasts, webinars, or other audio recordings. Transcribe your audio to text files ideal for repurposing your content into more searchable material.

Instant timestamps for speakers

Record audio with up to 8 participants at a time. Transcribe the audio into an SRT file and receive automatic timestamps for easy differentiation between speakers.

Captions in a few clicks

Transcribe audio from video recordings into transcriptions ideal for captions and subtitles. No more hassles, all it takes is a few quick clicks.

Simple online software

Easy tools for transcribing audio—no apps to download, just everything you need on one speech-to-text online software.

How to transcribe audio to text with Riverside

1. Invite to Studio

Create a new studio and invite up to 7 guests to join your audio (and video) recording.

2. Record

Start recording with background noise suppression and high-resolution for accurate audio transcription.

3. Transcribe

Pick an audio recording to transcribe. In the three-dot menu select “Generate Transcription”.

4. Download

Download transcripts as TXT or SRT files for content repurposing and captions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert audio to text?

You can convert audio to text manually or through automated audio to text software. Transcribing audio manually usually requires more time, and if you’re hiring someone to do it for you, it can also be quite expensive. A better option is to use audio transcription software that uses speech recognition technology to convert your audio into text files. It’s generally faster but sometimes inaccurate, especially if the audio is not the best quality. 

We recommend you use dedicated audio recording software like Riverside. Here, you can capture audio in high resolution with tools to cancel background noise so you can get more accurate audio-to-text conversions.

How can I transcribe audio to text for free?

If you’re wondering how to transcribe audio to text for free, then using Google Doc’s voice typing feature might be your solution. This free audio-to-text converter isn’t the most practical to use and isn’t the most accurate either. For better quality audio transcription, it’s worth checking out software that records audio in high-quality, like Riverside. You also might want to use a proper microphone and check out other tips to sound better when recording. This seems unimportant, but better audio leads to more accurate transcription.

What is the best audio-to-text converter?

Some people might need audio transcription for something small, and in that case, any software to transcribe audio to text might do. Although, if you need fast, more reliable, and accurate audio transcription, is the best audio transcription software for you.

How can I use audio transcription to increase my searchability?

After figuring out how to convert audio to text, you’re going to want to use your transcriptions in the best way possible. Transcriptions are great for repurposing your audio recordings so that you get exposure. For example, you could convert your recording to a blog post, and with some SEO practices, your content could get more views.  Captions are also great in helping search engines to rank your content. Riverside gives you both SRT and TXT files which are ideal for this type of content repurposing.

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