About the maker

Which service do you provide:

  • Audio-only podcast editing
  • Video podcast editing


$100 for an episode up to 60 mins (audio only)

$150 for an episode up to 60 mins (audio & video)

How do you quote your prices:

Number of minutes recorded (length of the files)

Average Turnaround Time:

2 days

Relevant experience:

With a 25+ year history in the music industry with Sony, driven and passionate entrepreneur Chris Stone founded the Podcast and Live Streaming Consultancy Cast Ahead after the success of his own co-hosted podcasts changed his life. In the same way Chris was able to work with multi-platinum artists, record label executives and creatives of all levels – he’s found great joy seeing other Live Streamers, Keynote Speakers and Podcasters achieve their own creative, financial, physical and spiritual success. He’s produced videos for keynote speakers like Victor Antonio and Sam Silverstein, remote-produced virtual live conferences for corporations, consulted, developed and produced podcasts like The Sales Energizer, Sales Influence, Launch Your Live, Make Headway and Power Couples Rock.

He also co-hosts a weekly Amazon Live show “Dealcasters Live” with Jim Fuhs of Fuhsion Marketing.