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About the maker

Which service do you provide:

  • Audio-only podcast editing
  • Video podcast editing


$65 per hour of time it takes to edit audio

$75 per hour of time it takes to edit video

How do you quote your prices:

Length of time it takes to complete the project/work

Average Turnaround Time:

  • Audio-only podcasts: 1-2 days per round of edits
  • Video podcasts: 2-3 days per round of edits

Relevant experience:

I'm a freelance audio engineer turned business woman this year. I've been freelancing for a few years now. I graduated in 2014, and have interned at music recording studios, post production houses, and video production houses. I got my start in podcasting when I interned at NPR in 2017. I've worked on many shows such as Latina to Latina, Unstoppable Minds, Election 101, Ten Percent Happier, and Election 101. I work with an amazing team of female-identifying audio engineers and producers.