About the maker

Which service do you provide:

  • Audio-only podcast editing


$40/30 minutes of raw audio

How do you quote your prices:

Number of minutes recorded (length of the files)

Average Turnaround Time:

1-2 days

Relevant experience:

I have hosted and produced a group podcast for 3 years. This means coordinating multiple co-hosts and multiple guests at a time, which has given me a lot of experience mixing and editing together different tracks of differing quality, for a smooth, easy-listening finished product. This is in addition to the original music which I wrote and recorded. It's a fun, creative process which I enjoy and am keen to help others.

Before/After Samples:

Episode 42 - A complex episode featuring a live event reporter with multiple clips and different backgrounds. Numerous sections to splice together and achieve consistent levels.

Episode 55 - A group episode with 4 tracks to edit together, all remote recordings.

Episode 63 - An updated format with different sections and variety, and new music.