Understanding the Audience Mode for Live Streaming

Understand how to invite you audience to a live stream and make sure you are set for your live event.

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Riverside makes it easy to live stream to an audience in the Riverside studio and record locally as separate tracks at the same time for the highest quality recordings afterward. This is great for Q and A's live webinars, private podcasts, and paid communities where you can first live stream to your audience. Then download the high quality files to edit and post production. After the live stream ends to invite an audience to your show, click on invite people, then select audience in the drop. You can then share your audience link before or during your show. You can also invite your audience via email, have your side.


We'll send an automated email with instructions to join the show. Just note that Riverside supports up to 1000 concurrent audience members. So it's important to keep that in mind, when you post your link publicly, when your audience joins with the link, they won't see or hear you or your guests until you hit record. And as soon as you hit stop recording, you'll also disappear from the stream. Audience members will also be able to use the chat box on the right of the screen. This is a great way to engage your audience. Since you can ask them questions and read their answers in real time in the chat for even more engagement, your audience members can join your show by clicking start live call.


There'll be prompted to select their microphone, camera and speaker. Next there'll be prompted to enter their name and their question. Then they'll select whether they're using headphones or not. As a host, when you get a live call and request, you'll see a notification on the top, right of the screen, indicating that someone's trying to join your show. You'll be able to see their name and their question. You can choose to decline the call or accept the request to allow the audience member to join the show. Once the audience member segment is over, you can disconnect them from the call by clicking on the three dots. Next to their name live call-ins are recorded as separate local tracks, just like any other participant to download the recording, go to the recordings tab in the dash.


Here you'll be able to download the WAV or MP4 file for videos. We recommend downloading the constant frame rate file since will be synced up to the audio much better for more information and additional help. Head over to riverside.fm/support.

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