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Understanding the AI Speaker View in the Magic Editor

Learn how Riverside's smart speaker mode automatically allows you to select the layout you want to use for your video, inside the magic editor.

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The smart speaker mode allows you to select the layout you want to use for your video in the magic editor. It saves you a lot of time in post-production, since you don't have to manually cut between speakers anymore. And it becomes super easy to make professional looking videos in just a few clicks. The grid layout will display each participant side-by-side or in a grid. You can change the layout of the grade by changing the priority for each part. Priority is used for the grid layout, where videos are displayed from left to right. So choosing a priority, if one will display that participant on the left side of the screen with each increasing number, displaying that participant to the right full screen layout will detect which person is speaking and show only their track and full frame, then automatically switch to the other participant.


When they're speaking, this is different than the Zoom speaker view, where the smart speaker changes before you start talking and it won't switch cameras. If a guest makes a small noise, like a laugh or a couple. The sidebar layout will display the person speaking in a large window on the left and show everybody else on the right side of the screen, the overlay layout will display the person that's speaking in full frame. Then overlay the other participants over top of that video on the top, right of the frame, cascading down. You can also choose to fill the tracks to the entire screen, turning this on we'll crop, the videos to fill the screen for more information and additional help head over to

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