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How To Create Video Podcasts on Riverside and Publish Directly to Spotify

Riverside is the first video creation partner of Spotify. Watch this video to learn how to create your video podcast with Riverside and directly publish it to Spotify,

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In this video, I'm going to walk you through how you can create your video podcast on Riverside and directly publish it to Spotify through Anchor so that you can more closely connect with your listeners and create more engaging content all with just a few clicks. The Riverside and Anchor integration comes as part of Spotify's video podcast feature where creators can upload a video version of the recording alongside the audio. Listeners can then decide if they would like to watch the video for a more active listening experience or listen to audio. Only a couple things to note before we get into the walkthrough, you'll need Anchor to be your podcast hosting platform.


It's very easy to switch from another platform to anchor. You're also going to need to completely produce your episode using the Riverside platform. So this means using the media board to add in your intro in outro and using our editor to design and trim your video. All right, let's dive in when you're ready to record head to Riverside. Create an account. Now create a new studio for your show. Head into your studio in the green room. You can select your equipment when you're ready to record, click record. Now, if you're publishing directly to Spotify, then you'll need to completely produce your episode on the Riverside platform. So this means that if you have an intro and an outro, you need to insert these live using our media board, make sure to toggle the live button so that it's included in the final record.


When you're done recording, click stop recording. When the upload is complete view recordings, now you'll want to head to the editor. The tracks will be automatically merged together with your intro and your outro, where you included it during the recording. If you wanna double check this, you can click tracks and make sure that all of the tracks are selected. Trim the beginning and the end of the recording. If you need. and here you have the option to select different aspect ratios. You want the video to be in the landscape in order to upload, to anchor design your video, you can add a frame if you'd like, and then add your logo.


When the episode is edited to your liking, export the video. You can have Riverside remove background noise and match the volume of all audio tracks. Once the video is exported, it will say ready, this will take a few minutes. This is the export page where you can preview the video. What you see here. Won't be the quality of the final exported video click on the Spotify button to be prompted, to upload, to anchor you'll. Then be brought to Anchor where you can sign. Log in or switch your podcast. Anchor. If you already have a podcast on anchor, you'll be prompted to confirm where you want your episode to upload to.


If you are creating an account, you will also be prompted to create your podcast. When you fill out your episode details. Now you can add the name of your episode, your episode description, and play with any additional tools that anchor offers like polls and Q&As. When you're ready, hit “Publish now”. And your video podcast will be available on Spotify and your audio will be published to all streaming platforms that you have connected to your anchor account. While Riverside gives you all the tools you need for podcast creation, this integration allows you to access anchor's exclusive features like, as I mentioned earlier, polls and Q and as, as well as podcast, subscription and monetization.


We hope you're as excited for this integration as we are. And that this video has walked you through how easy it is to create with Riverside and directly published to Spotify. Make sure to subscribe to our channel before you go. And if you wanna know the easiest way to create a podcast episode with video content, then check out this video next, where I'll walk you through how to record a podcast episode remotely so that you can make the production process much more simple.

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