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Introduction to the Media Board

Explore the media board and learn how to easily add prerecorded sounds or videos to your podcast using the media board, when you are recording or live.

Overview Page


The Riverside media board makes it easy to add prerecorded sounds or video to your podcast recording or live stream. What makes this different than the screen-sharing feature is that all of the audio and video tracks get recorded locally as separate files and synchronized to your podcasts so that you can download it after you're recording for post production. The other benefit is that the media board is a lot less CPU intensive than using the screen-sharing feature. So let's jump right into it and see how it works.

When he first launched Riverside, you'll be in the studio tab to get to the media board, click on media. You'll be presented with a list of all these preselected sounds and videos from Riverside and you can also switch between it list view, and grid. Now, of course, if you have your own theme music, transitions, or videos that you want to share, you can upload your own files by clicking on the plus button here, or you can simply drag and drop your file into the library.


All of your imported media will be saved to the cloud so that you can use them for feature recordings. Once your file has been uploaded, you can click on the three dots to either delete or rename. So I'm going to rename this to: Theme music main. Hit save. Now I can preview my own music. You'll notice beside the plan, pause button that there's a looping button. So if you'd like to loop some sounds, you can do that by clicking on loop. Let's try it out with this transition. Yeah. You get the point. I'm going to turn off the looping. You'll also notice on the bottom left, there's two play modes. There's preview and live. By default it's set to preview.

So that way you can preview the sound without having your guest or audience listened to it. It also doesn't get recorded by Riverside. When you click on live, everything that you play in this media board, it gets heard by your guests, your audience, and also gets recorded to Riverside as separate files. So let's record a podcast and see how it works. So now I'm starting my podcast and maybe I want to start it off with my theme music.


I can also adjust the volume so I can play the music in the background while I speak. And then maybe at a certain point, I can turn it back up again. So now what I can also do is play a video. To play the video, simply click on the video. You'll see that there's another player here on the right, as well as the main video on the left, that's going to be shown in full screen as well as being recorded as a separate video file in the recording.

Now I can also pause the video and I can scrub forward. I can scrub backwards, hit play, and the video will be synchronized as such. So I'm just going to play this to the end. Once the video is stopped playing, it will go away. On the right here, you'll see that there is a video player. If you ever want to hide it, you can click on this arrow to hide it. If you want to see it again, just click it again.


So I'm going to hide it. So now that I'm finished the podcast, I want to end it off with my theme music. Let's just click on my theme music. So there you have it. That's the end of this podcast recording. Let's hit. Stop. Now just wait for your files to be uploaded, and we'll be able to see the recordings now. So to see the recordings go back over to the studio tab on the left and go down to view all recordings. So now you'll notice that I have all of the tracks separated from my recording.

We have the media board sounds. We have my audio and video. We have the media board video. All of these sounds are synchronized so when I hit record and when I played each sound, so now what I can do is I can either download individual tracks or my favorite video editor, or I can go to the magic editor where Riverside will combine everything for me.

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