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How To Screen-Share & Record on Riverside

Get a better understanding on how to share your screen with your guests or audience in real time, while recording your screen.

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Riverside allows you to share your screen with your guests or audience in real time and record your screen at the same time. So you can download the high quality file after recording. Your screen will be recorded and up to 10 80 P resolution, but quality will still depend on your internet connection to share your screen, click on the screen button on the bottom left of the studio. When you click on this, you'll need to give Chrome permission to share your entire screen window or Chrome. If you're planning on sharing something that has audio, make sure to click share audio on the bottom left of this pop-up then click share you and your guests will now see your screen in real time in a separate window.


When you want to stop sharing your screen, click that same screen button on the bottom of the studio to download your recordings, go to the recordings tab of your. Here, you'll see a separate track for your screen-share and you'll be available to download as a separate MP4 or constant frame rate MP4. And up to 10 80 P resolution, we always recommend using the constant frame rate file since will be sinked up to the audio much better for post-production. You can also download the internet recordings as a reference track, so you can edit all of the separate local tracks together to save time on post-production. The new HD screen shares can also be used in the magic. For more information and additional help head over to

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