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How To Prepare Guests To Attend a Riverside Recording

This video will walk you through how to get set-up on Riverside and prepare your guests so they feel comfortable before you hit record.

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If you're watching this, then chances are you're going to be a guest on a show using Riverside. This video will walk you through everything you need to know to get set up and feel comfortable before your host hits record. First make sure that you're using a Google Chrome browser. That's up to date. If you don't already have it, download the Google Chrome browser on your laptop or desktop.

If you already have it open, it's a good idea to quit Chrome and reboot the browser before you record and make sure to close all other open tabs, except for Riverside. One thing to note is that you should not be using an incognito window when recording with reverse. Check your internet speed to ensure smooth recording.


Using an ethernet cable is always preferred over using wifi. However, you can go and do a speed test to make sure you're up to par. We recommend a minimum of five megabits per second. For smooth recording, you can optimize your speed by closing any unneeded apps that are open. Make sure to close all apps like email clients, chat apps, and video conferencing tools and pause syncing for cloud storage apps like Dropbox or Google drive.

And if you're using a VPN, you might want to pause it while you're recording, because it can sometimes slow down your internet speed. Next turn off all notifications, turn on. Do not disturb on all of your devices. So notification sounds don't get picked up by your mic. Prior to recording your host should have shared a link with you to join the session.


Once you click on that link, you'll be in the green. If this is your first time in Riverside, you'll need to request permissions for your microphone and camera simply press requests, camera permissions. This will prompt a pop-up asking if Riverside can access your microphone and camera just select allow, make sure to give Riverside access to your microphone camera and even your screen.

If you plan on doing any screen sharing, now that Riverside has access to your microphone and camera, you can set up your audio and video settings before joining the session. If you're using an external microphone or camera, make sure to select the right ones in the down. Once your settings are dialed in, you can enter your name and select whether you're wearing headphones or not.


We highly recommend wearing headphones since this will improve the audio quality and reduce any potential feedback or echo. Plus it'll make your host very happy after the recording finishes, do not leave the session until you get a confirmation at the top that your recordings have been uploaded. In case you leave too early or have issues uploading go to to upload your recordings. Thank you for being a guest on Riverside. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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