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How to Generate Podcast Transcripts on Riverside

Learn how to generate transcripts so you can add them to your YouTube videos or website and give your podcasts an SEO boost.

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Riverside makes it easy to transcribe your podcast in just a few clicks. You can now generate transcripts to use for captions on YouTube videos. Add to your website to give your podcasts and SEO boost, or even turn the transcripts into blog posts. The possibilities are nearly endless to generate a transcript for a recording.  Go to the recordings tab of your studio. Select the recording that you want to transcribe. Then click the magic editor. During the last step in the magic editor before exporting your file, select the transcribed audio check box. This way, you'll get a transcript. In addition to the compose file created by the magic editor.


Once the magic editor finishes processing your recording, you can find the transcript under the magic editor projects tab in your dashboard. You can download the transcripts as an SRT or text file. You'll also get a summary of the transcript in the denim. For more information and additional help head over to

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