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Guest Experience on Desktop

Deep dive into the guest experience on Riverside. In this video, we'll go over how you can invite guests to your Riverside studio and go over their experience once they get your invite.

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Welcome to our Getting Started with Riverside series. In this video, we're going to show you what the guest experience is like once you invite them into your Riverside studio to record this will be their experience when they're recording from a desktop or laptop, we have another video on the mobile guest experience. Let's log into our Riverside account, go to a studio and invite someone to participate in a recording, I can copy this link and send it to someone in an email or text message, then they can just click it and load it in their browser. But let's invite someone directly via email.


I'll type someone's email here, choose to invite them as a guest because I want them to be recorded, and then click the Invite button. If you'd like to learn more about inviting audience or producer roles, you can learn about that in the links below this video. Any guests you've invited from the Riverside dashboard will receive an email like this one, there's a QR code to download the iPhone app if they'd like to join from their mobile device. And we have another video talking about the mobile guest experience below. When they're ready to record they can click the go to studio button as specified in this email let your guests know they should open this link in Google Chrome.


Once your guests click that link to the studio, they'll arrive in the lobby. This is where they choose their microphone, camera and speaker output and whether or not they're using headphones. always recommend your guests use wired headphones when they record it reduces latency and it allows them to both hear themselves and any other remote guests in the studio. Here they can select their microphone from the drop-down menu, their webcam or camera and the speaker options. If they're using headphones or an audio interface, it will appear in this list. They can customize their name and they'll see the guest tag next to their name meaning that they will be recorded but they are a guest not to host they can choose whether or not they're using headphones and then they would select join studio.


If you have your studio set to private then they'll need to be accepted into the studio before they can record any host or producer already in the studio will see the request here in the right hand sidebar, the guest name will appear and then a remove or admit option. Click admit and then your guest will be allowed into the studio to record before you start recording, your guest still has the option to choose their microphone, camera or speaker device. And this can be changed until you start recording. After you start recording, your guests will only be able to turn off their camera or mute their microphone and then turn it back on during the recording. Guests can choose to share their screen or presentation we have more information on that in one of our other videos and guests can enable echo cancellation.


If they're not using headphones and participating on the recording through speakers or their laptop speakers, they should enable echo cancellation. Again, if they're using headphones, you can disable this toggle and you'll get a better-quality recording. Guests do have access to the chat window so your host and other guests can communicate via text here even during the recording. And once the host has started the recording they'll see the countdown and now we're recording live in the studio. Your guests will be able to see that their recording here up at the top and the upload progress for their video and audio will be shown here in the top as well. Once all your guests have see that their recording has been 100% uploaded, they can close the tab leave the studio even shut down their computer.


Then you can go into your studio recordings and download all the separate video and audio tracks from all the guests in high quality. Thanks to Riverside. That's the guest experience tuning into a riverside studio from a desktop or laptop. And if you'd like to learn more about the guest experience tuning in from a mobile device or iPad, you can check out the video and the links below. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the riverside YouTube channel at We have lots of resources on podcast equipment recommendations, how to build a video podcast setup and a ton more. If you have any questions and you're watching on YouTube, drop a comment below. We'd love to help you there. And if you're on our website, contact our support team and they love to help you with any questions you may have as well. Thanks for tuning in. We'll catch you in the next video.

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