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Online podcast recording made simple with Riverside’s professional remote recording studio and easy editing tools.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing podcast recording software

When it comes to podcast recording the most important thing is professional video and audio quality! With the right podcast software, you can easily sound and look professional. The first feature to look out for is high-quality audio and video resolution. You’ll want software that records at least 44.1 kHz audio and if you’re a video podcaster look for 720p or 1080p HD resolution as a minimum. If you’re recording your podcast online lookout for local recording so you get high-resolution without worrying about internet connection interruptions.

Record your podcast with separate tracks to maximize editing control. Good software should offer this option and the option to merge tracks together. If you have editing tools already part of your podcast recording software you won’t need to worry about spending hours editing. Look for automated tools that include noise reduction, echo-cancellation, and customization. A clip creator could also be useful to create podcast teasers. Other features to consider include live streaming, mobile apps, and the number of guests you can invite.

Why choose Riverside for podcast recording?

High-resolution video and sound

Record a podcast online with 4K video resolution and up to 48kHz uncompressed audio. Download audio and video as separate tracks for more control in post-production.

Swift and secure uploads

All audio and video files are uploaded progressively onto the cloud as you record. This means your files are safe, and you no longer need to wait hours to download files after production.

Remote podcast recording

Riverside.fm records locally so internet connection won't get in the way of high-quality content. Invite up to 7 guests no matter where they are!

Quick podcast customization

Editing has never been easier! Our Magic Editor helps you professionally customize and polish your recordings with a few simple clicks.

The only studio-quality podcast app

Invite guests to record on their mobile phones while still achieving top-quality results.

Audience live calls in recordings

Keep your audience engaged with the option for them to call live during your podcast recording.

How to record a podcast with Riverside

1. Create a Studio

Open Riverside and create a new studio for your online podcast recording needs.

2. Invite your guests

Invite up to 7 guests and up to 1000 audience members through email or a shared link.

3. Record podcast online

Start recording a podcast and take calls, add effects as you go, or even live stream.

4. Download and polish

Add finishing touches with our Magic Editor or download separate files for post-production.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start recording a podcast?

If you’re thinking about starting to record a podcast, the best place to start is with your concept. You should come up with a topic, niche, and format for your show. The next step is to set up your equipment and begin producing your online podcast recording. Once you’ve recorded and edited your work, you’re ready to start distributing. Read over our beginners manual on how to start a podcast for more insight.

What equipment do you need to record a podcast online?

You don’t need expensive podcast recording gear to start. It is recommended, however, to have a good quality microphone and camera, to begin with. Riverside lets you record a podcast online with minimal equipment as it provides simple tools that make a professional impact. For more on what equipment might be helpful, check our essential podcast equipment checklist.

Can I record a podcast from my smartphone?

Recording a podcast from your smartphone is doable with Riverside. We have a mobile podcast recording app that lets you and your guests use your top-range phone cameras to record from anywhere. To find out how to use your phone to record a podcast online, check our guide.

How can I record a podcast at home?

With Riverside recording a podcast online from home is super easy! Our local recordings ensure that no matter your internet connection, you still receive high-quality podcast recordings.

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