How to Make a Split Screen HD Recording on Riverside

This video will show how you can make a split screen recording using Riverside's Magic Editor.

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Want to know how you can get studio quality recording that looks like this in less than two minutes? Let me show you how you can make a split screen hasty recording using the Magic Editor. Hi there. It's James here from, the platform that allows you to record studio quality video interviews and podcasts remotely. We do this by doing a local recording directly from your device. You might have seen video interviews that look like this. They look fantastic and set you apart from the other single track, low quality, unbranded Zoom recordings that you see all over the internet. Usually it takes a bunch of time to get this look, as you've got to download your footage, organize it, sync it, add your EQ, add your design frame, reframe your footage, and then render your vinyl file. Now, using the Magic Editor, we can do all of this for you in just a few clicks. Let's jump into the Riverside platform to show you how simple it is.


First, you want to have recorded your show. I have a show here I've already recorded. Press the magic compose button and you'll be taken into our editor. Then select the clips you'd like to add. If you have three guests in a call, maybe have a producer that wasn't used in producer mode, you can unselect them. You can also choose to do audio only if you prefer. Click add selected. From here, you can change some audio settings. We used our technology to do some automatic background noise rejection, and normalize the levels for you. I know for this recording, it was pretty quiet so I'm not going to worry about the background noise removal, but I will normalize the gain. Click next when you're happy. From here, I can opt to fill the side by side image to the 16 by 9 aspect ratio, which will do a little bit of cropping for me.


For my recording, I've created a custom frame, which accounts for the two 16 by 9 videos so I won't need to do this. Click next when you're happy. We'll then move into the customization options. If you don't have a frame, you can opt to just add your logo and add it to one of the four areas of the screen, top left or right, or bottom left or right. If you created a custom frame, I have one that I created in this video. You can use that. Now you've added your frame, click next. We're now ready for export. Type in your file name, choose your export quality and up to 4K and then click finish. Riverside will then work its magic for a few minutes and create your completed file, which will look a little something like this. You might be the first person I know to use a scissor to cut open a bag of snack.


How cool is that? In just a few minutes, I have a recording ready for me to upload to YouTube or any other place that I'm going to host my video show. This is going to save me hours in the future not having to worry about doing this all manually in my video editor. Have you tried out our Magic Editor feature? Let us know in the comments below. We're going to be producing a bunch more videos on this YouTube channel about podcasting, video interviews, and more. If you want to learn more about starting and growing your podcast, make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications so you don't miss an upload. Thanks for watching.

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