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Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing a podcast recording app

When looking for a podcast recording app, you’ll want all-round-software that can take your podcast from beginning to end. Most importantly choose software that records in high audio and video resolution. The best apps for podcast recording offer local recording which means that everything is directly captured on your device so internet issues don’t interfere with quality. We suggest you go for software that allows you to download separate tracks as this gives you more editing freedom. 

To save you plenty of editing time, look out for editing features that come with your recording software. Automatic editing tools for noise suppression, echo cancellation, and audio fixes can be a huge help. Some software also offer efficient repurposing tools such as easy distribution and short, shareable clip creation for social media. Other features to keep in mind include cloud storage, transcription, and live streaming.

Why choose Riverside.fm as your podcast recording app?

High-quality local recording

Record in 4K video resolution and in 48kHz WAV audio files. All recordings come directly from your device so that no internet connection can get in the way of high-quality results.

Easy seamless editing

Even if you’re a beginner to podcast recording, our editing tools make you look professional in minutes. Automatically sync files, normalize noise, and create Clips straight after recording.

Remote interviews on your phone

We have a mobile podcast recording app for podcasting on the go. Invite up to 7 guests to record a podcast with you from any desktop or phone.

Separate audio and video tracks

Make your post-production smoother with more editing control. Download separate audio and video tracks for all participants.

Fast progressive uploads

All files upload as you record so you can access them shortly after your session. We keep files safe from computer crashes and securely store them on the cloud.

Instant podcast transcriptions

Automatically turn your podcast into text straight after recording—download transcripts in both SRT and TXT files for easy captions and content repurposing.

How to record a podcast with Riverside

1. Create a new studio

Open your Riverside.fm dashboard and create a new studio for your podcast recording.

2. Invite

Send up to 7 guests invites to join from anywhere, even from our Android and iPhone podcast recording app.

3. Record and edit

Start recording your podcast. Add effects as you go or edit after with quick backgrounds, Clips, and audio adjustments.

4. Download

Download separate audio and video files for all participants and save transcripts in SRT or TXT files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to record my podcast?

You should use a reliable podcast recording app for the best results, and it’s worth investing in a good microphone for top-quality audio. Riverside.fm is an ideal option for podcast recording. It offers high-resolution local recordings that are perfect for any remote interviews. We made you a guide to show you that learning how to record a podcast can be super simple.

What is the best app for podcast recording?

There are many options for the best podcast recording software, but Riverside.fm is on top for many reasons. Riverside.fm is the best podcast recording app, which offers studio-quality recording from anywhere, even from a phone. You can create professional podcasts with a few simple clicks on our powerful software.

What is the best podcast recording app for iPhone and Android?

If you want studio-quality on the go, the Riverside.fm mobile app is the best podcast recording app for iPhone and Android. It’s the only mobile app with local recordings to make your guests stand out no matter where they are recording from. Check out how to record a podcast on your iPhone to see how simple this is.  While you can host and participate as a guest on the iPhone app, the Android app is only available in guest view for now.

Where can I record podcasts for free?

Anyone can record a podcast with Riverside's free plan. Although there are many free podcast recording apps, not all of them have all the tools you need, and not all of them produce the best results. Luckily, Riverside takes your podcast to the next level for free! It offers studio-quality recordings and easy-to-use tools for all your needs.

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