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Do I need a credit card to try
No the free trial includes all the features. For 30 minutes you record with audio and video, live stream it to your media channels and let your listeners call in.
What does locally recorded mean?
Locally recorded means that the recording takes place on the computer instead of over the internet. The advantage of this is that the recordings are in studio quality and after downloading the recording you won't hear the disruptions caused by bad internet connections. By recording locally you get individual audio and individual video tracks.
How is the quality of the recording?
The audio recordings are wav 48 kHz 16 bit format. We record locally and you can use your preferred mic. The video recordings are up to 4K per separate track. You can record 30 minutes for free and see how it sounds and looks for yourself :).
Does the guest need to send his or her local recording to the host?
No, we automatically upload the local recordings during the recording so the host can download all local recordings from the participants after the podcast.
How many people can record together in a session?
A show can have 8 streams total. 1 host + 7 guests
On what browser does work?
Our local recording engine works with Chrome on any laptop or desktop.
Do I need to download anything?
No everything happens in your browser, is built for Chrome on a desktop or laptop.
Does my guest need to make an account?
No, when creating the podcast you only need to fill in his or her email and that guest gets a link directly to the podcast recording.
What's the difference between a guest and a person calling in?
A guest is there for the entire duration of the podcast and a person calling is only in the show for a limited time to ask a question
How do I livestream to YouTube?
Watch the tutorial on how to livestream to YouTubehere!
How do I livestream to Facebook?
Watch the tutorial on how to livestream to Facebookhere!
What happens if I record more than my limit?
We don't cut you off, but if you record consistently more than your limit we will reach out to you and get you to upgrade your account.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can easily cancel your subscription from your dashboard