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Record remote interviews that look & sound amazing

The easiest way to record podcasts and video
interviews in studio quality from anywhere.
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Hilary Clinton Thumbnail - And a big thanks to Just imagine, we needed a recording platform that could help us make a podcast during a pandemic and boy did they step up.
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Uncompressed crystal clear audio

Record locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio for every guest.

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Recorded with Zoom

Local recordings up to 4K video quality.

Bad Wifi? Great Wifi? It does not matter. With RiversideFM your recordings always look and sound amazing. The quality of the recording is not dependent on the internet connection.

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Fast and Secure Recordings

We upload your audio and video while you are recording, so when you hit stop you can download the recording within seconds.  

Computer crashed or you reloaded while recording? No problem. The recordings are saved automatically.

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Easy for your guest and producers

Schedule and invite your 8 guests with one click. Guests and producers join with one click. All from your Chrome browser on laptop or desktop.

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All the basics + more

All the features to create a perfect recording at your fingertips

Producer Mode and Controls

Waiting Room

Screen Share

Your audience can listen in and interact while you record

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One more thing

While recording, livestream your interview to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and a custom RTMP destination simultaneously!
Decide to stream your interview live? No need for another monthly subscription.

Stream your show live to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter. All in your browser and with local recordings.